Saturday, March 26, 2011


Announcing!  One of my goals in writing this blog is to create a platform for the short stories I write.  To make it work like I wanted, I couldn't configure the pages on my current blog, so I started another blog, WordsbyMo.  Click on this for the link, or click on the WordsbyMo phrase in the title bar at the top of this page.  Due to the length of the material and the type of content, I won't be updating it daily.  My goal is weekly.  I hope the new blog will be a constructive forum for comments and discussion.  Let me know if you have ideas you'd like me to explore for a story.
"The Crown Jewel" was written a few years ago, brought out of the file, edited and updated for my first story entry.
Yes, I will be continuing posting with Traveling Lighter, resuming on Monday.

Also, on the right, I added the "Follow by e-mail" tab.  Plug your e-mail in if you wish to subscribe (free), and you will receive an e-mail notice when I post to this blog. You will be able to read it as an e-mail, rather than going directly into the blog, if you prefer it that way.

So much to learn, new avenues to explore as I travel lighter through life.

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