Monday, March 7, 2011


I am not a runner.  Never have enjoyed running.  Walking is a different thing.  I love to walk.  Our early morning DVD exercise sessions are great, but often they are just plain hard, intense, sweaty work. We feel a sense of accomplishment when we're done, but I am very grateful for the daughters who do it with me.  Otherwise, I might opt out.
Our walks, though, I really look forward to.  The schoolwork is done for the day.  The morning errands (if any) have been run (driven, actually).  Dinner is defrosting or in process.  We can go.

I can set down the burdens and the work of the day and soar. If there has been a conflict or a crisis or an emotional challenge, I can set it down and fly with the birds above me. 

 I do not carry a load for long when we walk.  I set it aside and enjoy the space and the air and the sun and the view and the breathing and the muscles moving and the time to enjoy, just enjoy. I can look up and gain a bigger perspective on my minuscule problems. I have the freedom, as I walk, to rise above and take wing with the birds. To catch an updraft and glide effortlessly, and to soar.

*Thanks to our daughter, FireCrckrGrl for her iPhone photos and assistance.

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