Friday, March 11, 2011

Take a Vacation

     As I sat in the car waiting for our daughter, applying for a job inside, I looked up at the distant mountains and thought of the people headed up there for their weekend get-aways.
     Why do people take vacations?  One reason is to get away, relax, change the pace and gain a sense of perspective.  If we are looking to make a change in our lives, we have to change our viewpoint: ask a different question, see the situation in a new light, be willing to look through a new lens.  Maybe we need to focus in closer, to ask, what actually is the problem here?  Or, maybe we need to zoom out and see the bigger picture, how does this fit into the overall scheme of things?
too close to focus and see the details

much better, can see the whole picture now
     In order for us to lose weight, we have to change what we eat and change how we move.  Less of one, more of the other.

     Another reason for taking a vacation would be to experience new cultures, or see new vistas, both to learn and expand our thinking.  For the weight loss, that means trying and enjoying new foods and setting new goals to keep our sights set forward.
     We might take a vacation to challenge ourselves.  To climb a mountain or ski down one.  To sail across the ocean or jump with a parachute.  To meet new people or volunteer in a community that needs help.  And calling it fun.

we can focus on the mud on our shoes, or...

set our sights on the path ahead
     As I'm writing this, I have to laugh.  Here I am, comparing weight loss to taking a vacation?!  Actually, the comparison is to making a change: gaining a new perspective, setting my sights on new goals, and for the fun of meeting a challenge head-on.
     Making a fresh start on my journey because I've re-charged my energy and focus, traveling lighter through life.  Take a vacation - make a change!

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