Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Reading Mom

   On Saturday, as we were driving to pick up our son, we drove by a vacant schoolyard.  Out on the grassy playground, a mom and a little boy, probably two years old, were together.  The boy leaned against a walk-along plastic toy sit-on car, the type he would push with his feet. He was climbing on to it, trying to swing one leg over the seat. Close behind him stood his mom, one foot on the back of the little car, balancing it, ready to push him along once he got on.  What impressed  me, caught my attention, was the book she was holding open, reading, while her son played at her feet.  A busy mom, with a busy toddler, making the time for herself to read.
     I firmly believe that the best way to raise reading children is to:
1. read aloud to them, and
2. be a reader yourself.
    Let them see you reading and enjoying books.  Read and enjoy books together with them.

embarrassing, but I'm actually reading all these
    So far this year, our children are far out-reading me (and they finish their books).  The books I've been working on are slow, savor-them types, ones that I like to read, little by little.  Since some of them are library books, I have to finish those first to take them back on time.  Last week, I had to divide up the pages left on one of them, and figure how many pages to read each day.  I finished it on Friday, on target. Now, there are two more I'm finishing up before we leave on our trip next week.  And, a few others I'm still reading, interwoven as time allows.  The concept of reading one book at a time eludes me.

     On our trip, we'll be visiting our grandchildren.  I will be sure to sit and read with them, as many times as possible.

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