Thursday, March 3, 2011


"Mom, my shoulder ripped out on this shirt."
"Throw it on the machine, I'll fix it later."
"Mom, my pants don't fit any more, can you take them in?"
"Toss them on the machine, I'll sew them up later."
This is the mending pile, after lots of "laters."
Today, I started by sorting the pile into hand-sewing (like buttons missing), seam sewing, and then by color.
Tackled the pile.  It only took me one hour, and I even took in the seams on some of my clothes (the best way to have to fix clothes).

Result.  Clean, uncluttered, peaceful - not just in appearance, but a lighter load on my mind, too.
Now I should make a cute fabric cover for the sewing machine rather than using the plastic carry case cover.

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