About Me

I am at that fascinating age when I can order senior meals and tweeze gray hair out of my eyebrows.  Maybe the advancing years will bring wisdom, too.
As a wife, mother, grammie, home-teacher, Christian, gardener, goal-setter and writer, I love to learn, I love things creatively imagined and made, and open-spaces.  Traveling lightly through life challenges me to find the beauty in the people around me, not to take things too seriously, and to find the joy in everyday events.
Nutrition and exercise are a focus for me as I lose weight, gain fitness and maintain my hard-achieved goals.  Cooking for our family is fun and interesting as we try new recipes and expand our likes while shrinking our waistlines.  Traveling lighter through life is applicable to all areas of life.
My craft is writing, my medium words, pens, paper and a keyboard.  I also dabble in sewing, knitting, crochet, painting birdhouses, and growing vegetables and flowers.
This blog is an expression of my on-going process as I travel lightly through life, learning to travel even lighter as I go.