Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I could go to the store and buy a little spiral notebook, but I like using something I've made myself, that is personal to me.
We learned to make these mini-books in our home teaching, and have used them for vocabulary words, multiplication tables, learning the presidents, etc. etc.
Now, I make them for my food journal: to write down everything I eat, calories, our exercise sessions, the water I drink, and progress when I reach certain weight-loss goals.
For this example, I'll use three pages, which yields a ten page mini-book.

I like to use colored papers. Fold them in half, cut along the fold.

Fold in half again, insert together, in two separate piles.

Mark one inch from each edge, on the fold.

Cut one pile from the edge to the mark from each end, top and bottom, on the fold.  Cut the other pile between the marks, trimming just along the fold, from mark to mark.

Loosely fold the pieces with the edge cuts (not creasing) and tuck them inside the pieces with the center cut out.  Push it half-way through, then unfold, tucking the cut part over the center pieces, top and bottom.  Smooth out the folds. If necessary, trim edges to match.

Your mini-book is ready for - for whatever you want.  A letter to someone, project lists, book notes, favorite quotes, daily journal, menu ideas, party-planner, garden plans, sketches.....
What could you use one of these mini-books for?

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  1. How cute is that? I will try that. I always carry mini books with me.