Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekly Savings Time

Yesterday, our son was commenting on how fast time is flying by.  The days rush together, the blur of the hours becomes the whiz of days and the whir turns into another week gone by. We've added quite a bit to our schedule lately, and it makes for whirlwind weeks. He had a great idea:  "We have Daylight Savings Time, why don't they set up a Weekly Savings Time?" 
How would we do that?  How about once a year, we "lose" a week, like we "lose" an hour?  Instead of Monday the 28th, it would be Monday the 21st again.  Ahhh, a chance to slow down and do it over, a chance to appreciate the details that were lost in the fleeting moments.

But, as I think back over last week, there are plenty of moments I would not want to "lose."  One son joining Civil Air Patrol and beginning what he plans as a career path.  Another son, also in a career path in a Sheriff Explorer Academy. Picking the kids and the dog up at the park after a muddy, several mile run through the hills (how I wish I'd taken a photo of that moment, them all sitting together, mud plastered up their legs, laughing and enjoying each other - "bring more towels, Mom!"), finishing a good book, phone calls with distant kids, projects actually completed, pleasant walks together, computer skills ventured, eating a yummy stir fry with chopsticks, shopping outing with my husband,...the more I think about all that happened in the last week, the less I want to lose it. Like a collage of photos all clustered together, the montage of last week's days becomes a piece of art displayed in my memory, bits and pieces of a treasured scrapbook of our family's journey through life. 

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