A Counting of One Thousand Gifts

This is a counting of daily gifts, of the small things in life to notice and be grateful for (the tough things, too); to pay attention to all the Lord gives to us each and every day.  

3291 potato soup, simmering
3290 pumpkins on neighbors' porches
3289 holiday plans
3288 chapstick on dry lips
3287 sitting out on the deck, talking. laughing
3286 some of the garden plants, purple mushy, frozen from the frost
3285 a flattened penny with a lion embossed on it from the zoo
3284 R, snuggled, asleep, cozy on his dad's shoulder
3283 grandsonR's eyes at the zoo - spotting, watching the animals
3282 a crowded table, all gathered around
3281 R,A,R arriving, dogs barking, such excitement!
3280 first freeze - 27 last night
3279 quiet moments to read
3278 letter from a daughter-in-law, appreciate her!
3277 pumpkins on the front porch
3276 Colorado sky
3275 Colorado clouds
3274 a cold drink
3273 an afternoon walk to the library
3272 cottonwood leaves, drying as fall is knocking at the door, clacking , clattering like the aspen leaves, reminds me of our mountain homes
3271 "I choose to look at the brain tumor as the greatest gift...because it made everything else possible..." Scott Hamilton
3270 a shovel, and the energy to dig out the weeds
3269 three foot tall weeds - can I be grateful for those too?
3268 first night in the 40's - fall is here
3267 one fresh pink bud on the rose bush, when all the others are withered blossoms
3266 scheduled our house rental for Christmas!
3265 an encouraging word from another writer
3264 details for the Christmas house getting finalized
3263 G coming for Thanksgiving
3262 H coming this weekend
3261 greater wealth (Hebrews 11:26)
3260 finish reading one book, anticipate another
3259 morning walks with our neighbor
3258 new buds on the cosmos
3257 my garden, still producing, still blooming
3256 first snow on the mountain peaks (and it's still September)
3255 tough news, but future hopes
3254 catching up with daily Bible reading - reading the current day
3253 photos from R,A's Alaska trip - inspiring colors, scenery, spectacular
3252 dinner, all together at the big table
3251 grandsonR's pudgy fingers, grabbing things, reaching out to me
3250 fun family times - football game banter
3249 purple clouds - frighteningly beautiful
3248 holding grandsonR out on the covered porch in the rain, watching the drops, listening to the rain
3247 getting lost, figuring it out (with help), arriving where I am supposed to be
3246 a few moments out by myself (rare)
3245 inspiration
3244 opportunity for me to go to a novel writing class
3243 H going with him to support, encourage, cheer
3242 P - completed triathalon! proud of him, grateful for him
3241 rain, a downpour, then a soft, soak-it-up rain, cleansing
3240 two good doctor reports - B's recovery and Harlow's counts
3239 streets, wet and shiny from the rains
3238 late night ideas, plans
3237 a fun series to read - the Ladybug Farm books (Donna Ball)
3236 a road trip, exploring (getting lost)
3235 the tiny stars exploding off the zinnia blossoms
3234 grateful we have the money to pay for it
3233 we bought a "new" Suburban, new to us, exciting!
3232 new flute music
3231 another amazing sunrise
3230 mind-mapping, a way to think deeply, process thoughts, learn
3229 Big Ideas to read about, think about, organize my thoughts, discuss
3228 Skype with grandkiddos and son, seeing their grins, listen to their chatter
3227 boys, growing inches
3226 the cat, chasing a spider down the hall
3225 home again
3224 a new season - Fall (my favorite)
3223 a new month - September
3222 fill the old journal, begin a new one
3221 grandchildren snuggles
3220 grandsonA's enthusiasm
3219 grandaughterA's eyes - deep and beautiful and full of heart
3218 safety in all the weekend travels, activities
3217 rental car to make the weekend drives more comfortable
3216 monthly bills, paid
3215 choosing to remember the good things
3214 Madeleine L'Engle's books - love her writing
3213 making Christmas plans already
3212 ordered V's new book - fun!
3211 a quick recovery for B
3210 Colorado blue sky
3209 zinnias, blooming
3208 baseball bat zucchini
3207 ideas for our Barn House (fun to imagine)
3206 the beautiful young woman in tears in the hospital hall, waiting for the elevator, wondering about her story
3205 hospital waiting rooms - full of stories, lives at crossroads, of families, friends, connections, threads, hanging on to hope
3204 nurses, doctors who do care
3203 time - together
3202 a good night's sleep - relief
3201 the volunteer, wheeling him out to the car in the wheelchair - going home!
3200 health
3199 a hand touch, a kiss, a smile
3198 the efficient hospital personell, very impressive
3197 B's hernia surgery, successful, grateful he is recovering well - very grateful!
3196 the luxury of being home, having a home
3195 N - talking halfway home - glad to hear his chatter
3194 grateful to H for entertaining N this weekend
3193 on-time arrivals
3192 plane tickets
3191 a pleasant, comfortable overnight together, to relax
3190 crazy freeway traffic, safety in the stop go stop go
3189 old folks' love stories - love to listen to them
3188 appreciate life
3187 old people, smiling, laughing, remembering
3186 ocean fog - memories of beach houses
3185 ocean glimpses - same color as the gray sky today
3184 eating meals outside, together. I love outdoor meals with the breezes, birds, trees, sky (and a fly or two)
3183 family visits
3182 safe flights
3181 cleaning, packing for trip, grateful to be able to go, grateful for home and family
3180 dinner out with friends
3179 gallery, mobbed with people, exciting to see E's art there with all the others
3178 zoo trip
3177 easy to sweep wood floors
3176 a new backpack, packing for weekend flights
3175 watering the garden, watching the wilted plants revive
3174 Living Will conversation - not pleasant, but needed
3173 fun chat with a neighbor about family, school, children, the Lord - took a long walk with her
3172 roast vegies with olive oil and Italian seasoning, makes the house smell yummy
3171 a tough school day for N, my impatience - I look to Your patience for us both, Lord
3170 bike ride at sunset
3169 a couple of busy weeks ahead - today, a day to rest
3168 a new camera, fun to experiment with, learn new tricks
3167 grocery shopping, meals planned, cupboards full - luxury
3166 zucchini - oops, how did it get that big?
3165 zinnias blooming
3164 work at the garden with the other gardeners - love to hear their conversations, share their love of plants
3163 the little lake at the garden, full of water from the rain, almost level with the walks
3162 gorgeous sunset
3161 Great Horned Owl release - very cool to see him fly off, free and silent
3160 exploring back roads of the reservoir, discovering new areas
3159 hail - fun to watch it bounce
3158 popcorn and a movie - snug in the basement while it rains outside
3157 listening to sons' banter
3156 enrolled in a math program online - N's enthusiasm for it
3155 schoolwork started for the year, good to have a work routine again
3154 early morning quiet
3153 making a quick dinner, easy and yummy
3152 excellent blog posts to copy, read, deeply think about
3151 quail, bobbing up the street
3150 my friend, a widow two years today, this morning
3149 dinner out, laughter, together
3148 another crazy thunderstorm and hail - a gift of water for the dry ground
3147 a rainbow against black clouds (had to take a photo)
3146 weeding out a huge pile of weeds
3145 a quiet afternoon, reading
3144 when the magazine arrives in the mail
3143 the view of the mountains
3142 huge thunderhead build-ups
3141 first bike ride on my new bike
3140 red winged blackbirds in the sunflowers - eleven of them!
3139 BBQ smells
3138 evening rain - again! enjoying this weather the last two weeks
3137 rain, blowing in gusts against the windows, running down the streets
3136 creamy sunrise
3135 encouraging words
3134 travel plans, flights scheduled
3133 a new bicycle - a gift!
3132 grandsonR, smiles, giggles, "talking"
3131 a surprise visit
3130 rain, again, a summer gift
3129 cooler weather with rain - pleasant days, comfortable
3128 a kind smile
3127 switching the computer to hibernate at night (me too)
3126 summer squash, yellow, like a curve of melted butter
3125 marigolds, seeds from a daughter's previous house
3124 wave petunias, volunteer plants
3123 cosmos, blooming
3122 a quiet day at home
3121 a bicycle ride with J - fun! Don't remember the last time I rode a bike - thank You Lord for the wind in my face, the sense of soaring
3120 B's doctor appointment, surgery scheduled - relief, prayers for safety
3118 birds, wavering in the gusty wind, attempting to land on waving branches
3117 J, bar-b-queing in the rain
3116 a hummingbird, flitting at the window
3115 a softer rain, watering a needy earth and garden
3114 sparrows hiding under the eaves out of the drenching rain
3113 a rock and roll thunderstorm, pounding rain
3112 new recipe success
3111 an afternoon to relax and read favorite books
3110 deep gray clouds rolling in, first raindrops, the smell of rain
3109 wind whipping branches, curtains gusting in the open windows
3108 food plan following the rainbow for fruits and vegies - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet - a fun challenge for variety
3107 expansive scenery-  forest to desert in an hour
3106 gift books make me smile
3105 road trips
3104 maps
3103 let grace show on my face, with a smile
3102 to take time to develop skills, not expect perfection on the first (or second!) try
3101 water, glistening like stars in the sunlight
3100 new ideas to think about
3099 willingness of the kids to help clean up
3098 cooking for a crowd - and the clean-up
3097 meals outside on the deck
3096 pontoon boat, kayaks on the reservoir - fun!
3095 family outings, time together
3094 watercolor skies
3093 rainbow yarn for dishcloths - reminds me of the rainbows we saw last weekend
3092 new IKEA ctalog - fun to browse and glean ideas
3091 Mary Engelbreit calendar quote: "Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons."
3090 a birthday party
3089 P home from summer camp, listening to his stories
3088 a favorite old hymn
3087 a yogurt treat on the way home - so many yummy choices of flavors, toppings, a bright cheerful place
3086 people watching
3085 standing in the rain to listen to fiddle music
3084 Fiddle music in the open air with good food smells and clouds overhead
3083 a beautiful,bright rainbow
3082 disappointing news - son's vacation time here shortened
3081 girl chats about easy crafts, cute ideas
3080 a hike in the woods, up a sandy stream bed
3079 a hat to keep the sun off my face
3078 muddy shoes
3077 working at the xeriscape garden - listening to the Master Gardeners talk about plants, weather patterns
3076 weeds - easy to pull after the recent rains
3075 a best shirt that becomes a favorite old shirt
3074 rain, much needed deep rain
3073 sat out on deck during afternoon rainshower, chatted with J, very pleasant
3072 grocery shopping, meals planned
3071 J, new bike, gift from R,A, exciting for him
3070 new CD, classical music, love it, have it on the computer to listen
3069 B's efforts to water while I was gone - almost all survived, some grew and flourished
3068 sitting at my desk, gift of scented roses from B
3067 Home. Seen with fresh eyes after being away - love it again, appreciate it more
3066 B's familiar face in the crowd at the airport
3065 safe flight home - N did great, relief!
3064 time to read while the kids are busy playing
3063 silver sunlight on upturned leaves
3062 lightning, thunder, rainstorm - kids watching, enthralled at the window
3061 older brother time with younger brother - very grateful he made the effort
3060 "Every moment I live I live bowed to something." -Ann Voskamp
3059 cicadas humming at dusk, lightning bugs blinking, sitting on the deck steps, watching, listening
3058 bookshelves to browse
3057 tweezers
3056 packing for the trip home
3055 squeaky stairs
3054 peek-a-boo with grandsonB
3053 a close moment with grandsonB, his pudgy arms around me
3052 working on the Quiet Strength study - new ideas and applications every day
3051 thunderstorm -watching it blow through
3050 exceeding a goal (it is possible once in awhile)
3049 N, alert and happy
3048 grandsonB scrunching up his face when he grins
3047 grandaughterK giggling
3046 playing Life with the kids - fun
3045 mustard and relish on hot dogs, ice cream cones, with the kids - still (at my age) a treat
3044 watching the kids play happily together
3043 able to see Daisy again (our son's 14 year old dog)
3042 peach tea, iced
3041 cardinals - two of them, showing off on the deck railing - wanted to run and get my camera - instead watched, hushed, still, quiet
3040 grilled chicken salad, a summer easy meal
3039 lightning bugs - a treat to see the bouncing flickers
3038 a cardinal red flash through the tree branches - heard its melody early am
3037 the strength to not be intimidated (when before I would have been)
3036 a moment alone
3035 mind-mapping: learning to organize thoughts, tie together multiple concepts
3034 S and K headed out for a bike ride on the new tandem bike, father, daughter, together
3033 a cute photo of grandkids, grinning together
3032 the other moms at the softball game - all so much younger - grateful that is behind me
3031 hydrangeas - some of the blooms a foot across
3030 beautifully landscaped, flowered yards
3029 a shower after a sticky day
3028 reading, playing, making things with the grandkids
3027 grandaughterK snuggling with me
3026 grandsonB smiling at me
3025 S driving - an adventure spinning out (intentionally)
3024 a sunset behind silos and barns and cornfields and farmyards
3023 Goldfish Graham Smore crackers - a treat for the kids (and me)
3022 clouds = a heavenward look
3021 cool breezes on a hot day
3020 N eating well, doing well on this trip
3019 boat trip on the river - he let N drive the boat - great fun for him
3018 grandsonB snuggling with me
3017 heard the use of the word, "perfect,' for a negative scenario/conflict - makes me stop and think, be grateful for what is
3016 safe, uneventful flight
3015 looking forward to time with grandkiddos
3014 plans for our next trip - exciting!
3013 volunteer petunias in my strawberry pot
3012 new plants to try, watching them grow
3011 flowers blooming, splashing color across the yard
3010 pulled out nasturtiums and peas - the beetles destroyed them - grateful for this too
3009 garden production - chard, lettuce, parsley, beans - planted zucchini and summer squash
3008 laughs, together
3007 games, together
3006 hike along the river
3005 exploring Bishop's Castle -an adventure (I don't do heights)
3004 birthday celebrations - our kids growing up (grown up)
3003 E coming for a few days - fun!
3002 H here for a long visit too!
3001 G arrived to visit - woohoo!
3000 this list - reading Ann's One Thousand Gifts again this summer
2999 ordered a book I've been wanting for awhile, Storyline - look forward to learning/working through it
2998 a how-to-think book from the library - new ideas to learn
2997 time with family to laugh and play and talk
2996 "It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful." -Brother David Steindal-Rast
2995 watching a couple of old movies together
2994 new blooms on the potted flowers
2993 tomatoes growing - blossoms!
2992 a nursery visit with H, love looking at plants, buying new ones to try
2991 prayer
2990 P home from Camp - missed him, too
2989 J and Harlow home - missed them
2988 time to sew
2987 laughter: take it and leave it
2986 making garlic juice for the beetle infestation
2985 thrift store - found the chair we needed and a wood Scrabble set for a craft project
2984 lunch out with old friends
2893 family visits - fun weekend
2982 N's fourteenth birthday - wow!
2981 lilies blooming out front
2980 my flute
2979 the lemon seeds, sprouted and growing in the mug on my desk
2978 good news from a friend
2977 my recalcitrant computer
2976 N - health complications
2975 thrift store for shorts for J,N - found a Vera Wang purse for me and a new blouse
2974 first day of summer, longest day of the year
2973 using the sticky notes on my computer rather than papers all over my desk
2972 little bunny, hiding in the grass like a rock, ears back, perfectly still, funny to see
2971 phone call chats with family
2970 Little R, smiling at me
2969 the guys, golfing together
2968 tacos and chocolate pie for Father's Day
2967 big pans of lasagna
2966 family weekends
2965 watching movies with a challenging message - "Make your mark"
2964 smoky sunsets, haunting
2963 dealing with nearby wildfires, breathe and trust
2962 sunflowers, growing
2961 trying a new recipe - Kale Chips, using up some of the giant kale in the garden
2960 summer plans for outings and family gatherings
2959 the neighbor's dog, "visiting" for the day until they get home
2958 watering the garden plants - love that time to watch them grow, appreciate them
2957 quiet time to relax and read
2956 reading a funny book about being a garden maniac, all too true, makes me laugh
2955 printed a hymn to transpose for the flute, It Is Well With My Soul
2954 a cold drink of water after being out in the sun
2953 my philedendron finally growing, found out it is rooted from our daughter-in-law's grandmother - love plants with history
2952 sunlight in through the windows
2951 my morning coffee (I know, I know, said this before...)
2950 sunshine, sitting by the pool as the kids wrestle and splash
2949 a weekend with the grown kids and grandkids - love the time together
2948 garden tours = my kind of fun
2947 wave petunias, love their colorful blooms
2946 the way the sky changes color during the day, earliest morning to late evenings
2945 listening to the excited kids as they watch the egg open up and the chick struggle to emerge
2944 watching a chicken hatch over live webstream
2943 listening to N telling his story time
2942 clouds, their changing beauty
2941 granddaughter, excited, anticipating our visit - encouraging
2940 music books, their notes across the page, waiting for the music to flow
2939 inspiration
2938 encouraging blog commentors
2937 a major organizing project (my desk) done and maintained
2936 a smile, a touch
2935 my piles = I'm not bored
2934 sunlight flickering through wind waved branches
2933 playing with words
2932 writing a poem (of sorts)
2931 brownies
2930 eating lettuce from the garden
2929 watering the plants, watching them grow and flourish
2928 a windy day
2927 good report from the doctor - healthy - no more high blood pressure - no more meds
2926 microwave popcorn
2925 handmade journal - a gift!
2924 photos of grandson wearing the same outfit his dad wore as a baby
2923 new grandson smiling
2922 siblings all having fun together
2921 wave petunias, pansies, geraniums in pots on the deck
2920 renewed our rental for a year - yeah, don't have to move!
2919 Starbucks frappuccino treat (said this before...)
2918 the big black music stand standing with open music books
2917 practicing my flute
2916 finishing a favorite Rosamunde Pilcher book (Flowers in the Rain)
2915 realizing I enjoy hearing the wind in the trees because it sounds like water
2914 eating meals, sitting, listening to the tumbling river
2913 sitting on the deck overlooking the river
2912 sunlight spotlighted through the clouds
2911 snow melt rivers
2910 mountain scenery
2909 seeing elk
2908 Three day weekend away, relaxing together
2907 38th anniversary!
2906 "Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift." Albert Einstein
2905 reading Psalms, my favorite Bible book
2904 looking through old photos, memories stirred
2903 seeds planted in the garden, new seeds started in the basement
2902 Grateful for my computer. Even when the wireless is not cooperating.
2901 Stunned. Oklahoma tornado. Pray.
2900 found a new blog to join, lots of fun browsing, ideas, inspiration
2899 flowers, blooming
2898 quote from the Mary Engelbreit calendar, "Opportunity never arrives. It is here!"
2897 my desk - is there a solution to the mess? Think creatively, find a fresh perspective
2896 finishing books - new ones from the library
2895 big weekend plans for our anniversary- looking forward
2894 BBQ lunch with family and friends
2893 weekend visit from RARBB
2892 native plant sale, found some I've wanted to try
2891 saw a wild  turkey
2890 driving P to the camp - so pretty
2889 working at the xeriscape garden with other gardeners - my kind of fun!
2888 settling in to our home routines
2887 the cats' eager greetings
2886 Home, home again
2885 calls from the kids on Mother's Day
2884 watching the variety of trailers on the road, wondering if we would enjoy trailer travel
2883 watching the plants, the leaves, the greenery change as we drive through different altitudes
2882 our dog, loving just to be with us, anywhere we go
2881 family connections
2880 saw a Gila Monster in the desert!
2879 spectacular scenery
2878 stopping for a meal on the road - fast food treats
2877 safe travels, 3,000 miles
2876 warm sunshine, green grass, green leaves changing the landscape
2875 the pansies survive the snow and go right on blooming with their perky smiles
2874 returning library books on time
2873 the kind words of a friend
2872 stopped snowing in time for the BBQ, but too cold to eat out on the deck
2871 three birthdays this week - kids turning 16, 18, 20
2870 an opportunity to work with other gardeners at the xeriscape demonstration garden
2869 reading Pollyanna aloud, hearing N laugh when she plays the Glad Game
2868 my seedlings, waiting for it to be warm enough to move outside
2867 late spring snow - I can be grateful for the moisture, the beautiful clouds, the changing scenery, the quiet, the funny icicles, the robins singing while it snows
2866 a new barbeque
2865 warm weekend, but snow predicted again
2864 sitting out on the deck in the afternoon, reading
2863 rhythm of sunrises, sunsets
2862 clouds - do not get tired of looking at them
2861 a celebration dinner out
2860 lamplight on my desk
2859 a mug of coffee
2858 purring cat in my lap
2857 cloudy, quiet
2856 Saturday mornings
2855 a beautiful sunrise
2854 time to read an old favorite, Pride and Prejudice
2853 shrubs I planted last fall are sprouting green leaves
2852 trees changing daily, opening up tiny leaves
2851 saw a meadowlark on a stop sign - remembered how they used to sing in the fields around one house where we lived
2850 snow predicted, but will soon be able to plant in the garden
2849 my seedlings doing great under the flourescent light in the basement
2848 back to the usual routines after the trip
2847 Colorado sunshine and clouds
2846 grateful to be able to help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, as my mom did for me at baby times
2845 seeing his first smiles, a sideways quirky grin
2844 holding a sleeping baby
2843 watching the dogs adjust to their new family member - funny
2842 taking lots of baby photos
2841 family visits, laughter and encouragement
2840 drive up to visit them at the hospital
2839 Mom and baby doing great
2838 new grandson!
2837 Easter and new beginnings, promise of more sunrises
2836 family gatherings
2835 walks together
2834 two pots of pansies - earliest spring flowers
2833 eating outside on the new deck
2832 sons working together to build the new deck
2831 special meals, everyone helping
2830 filling the house with good smells (and some not so good when things burn)
2829 listening to music
2828 letterboxing - searching, discovering like a treasure hunt
2827 a zoo expedition - fun to explore together
2826 trust
2825 relationship challenges
2824 watching grandkids grow
2823 time to spend together
2822 grandchildren giggles
2821 arriving family
2820 new gardening books to read and enjoy
2819 dark grey, cool clouds
2818 an exciting confirmation of hopes and plans and dreams
2817 my morning quiet time to read
2816 a clean oven
2815 N feeling better, not so feverish and sick now
2814 reading favorite Psalms
2813 hung a florescent light for my seedlings so they can grow happily
2812 attended a garden symposium - a full day of garden inspiration
2811 H visiting for the weekend - girl time!
2810 J has his driver's permit - first driving lessons - he did well
2809 beginning a new Bible study workbook
2808 Daylight Savings Time - the sunlight changing the mornings and evenings
2807 the sun coming up in a different spot, shining more directly thru the windows in the morning
2806 N's imagination
2805 kleenex
2804 fun outing with P at a feed and tack and cowboy boots type store and browsing at the thrift store
2803 the kitchen island, enjoy standing there as I work, cook
2802 my desk chair and time in it
2801 Skype with G
2800 desk cleared off (yes, again)
2799 progress in son's schoolwork
2798 a windy walk
2797 snowfall, beautiful on the mountains
2796 favorite dinners cooked, enjoyed together
2795 dishes done, counters wiped off
2794 tickets to a gardening symposium next weekend
2793 new bed frame put together, pretty new bedding
2792 an invitation to stay and help when the grandson is born - happy sigh!
2791 a friend's encouraging words, a gift
2790 trip to IKEA met R,A for lunch, shopping , a special treat
2789 no snow here, not as much as predicted in Denver
2788 wind rattling the house bones
2787 a Starbucks Frappuccino indulgence
2786 local Home and Garden show, learned about local gardening info
2785 sons coming in to the room to chat
2784 cozy sweatshirts
2783 re-thinking a way to organize my desk
2782 dark clouds moving in
2781 re-reading favorite old books
2780 remembering old hymns, rich words
2779 trying new recipes
2778 picking up fruits and vegies from Bountiful Baskets
2777 two nights without freezing temperatures!
2776 character studies, reading stories to study them
2775 a debt paid off
2774 snowing, H,J made upside down snowman
2773 H visiting for the weekend, fun girl talks
2772 reading glasses, so I can see the words instead of blurs
2771 thanksliving
2770 "...when in all gifts we find Him, then in Him we shall find all things." -George MacDonald
2769 making Valentines cards for grandchildren
2768 my pretty wallet (gift from H,E) even without cash in it
2767 chapstick on parched lips
2766 The Lord is my Shepherd cross stitch, reminding me of the Lord and G
2765 emails from friends
2764 calm (even if I have to dig for it)
2763 piles of paper [ideas] on my desk
2762 quick notes, ideas jotted down
2761 recalcitrant computer requiring patience - yes, even this
2760 bright, sunny days
2759 "The greatest treasures are thos invisible to the eye but found by the heart." -Maryanne Williamson
2758 deeply disappointing news - look to You, Lord, grateful even for this
2757 candle light
2756 acceptance = an open hand (not a tight fist)
2755 staying home
2754 a quiet morning, a quiet snowfall
2753 "Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty." -Doris Day
2752 the path to find courage and motivation
2751 a quiet afternoon with a good book
2750 anxious thoughts turned upside down to peace
2749 seagulls screaming at each other from the roof across the street - seagulls in Colorado - still puzzles me
2748 the boys, playing together, laughing
2747 the sun, blinding me through the blinds
2746 the words "be loved" something to be-lieve, not feel
2745 the gift of a smile
2744 telling a story with a photo
2743 walking - the afternoon sun warm and comfortable
2742 trust, love, say grace: hearing the theme song again
2741 N's health, discouraging, doctor's test, waiting for the results
2740 birthday gifts shipped - wanted to go, but not able to
2739 grocery shopping, the cupboards stocked
2738 time to organize my sewing corner and work on an old project
2737 discovering a fourth flower bracht on the orchid in the basement
2736 seeing old photos on the computer screen saver
2735 copying the words of encouraging blogs into my journal
2734 turning the planner pages to a new weeek, a fresh start
2733 reading Hemingway's short stories - mine are quite different
2732 writing a short story
2731 a short walk around the cattail pond taking pictures of the Canadian Geese, the ice, the grasses
2730 reading aloud, enjoying a good story, together
2729 a quiet Sunday morning with waffles and time to read
2728 catching a photo in brief moments when the light is just right
2727 special hand lotion for cracked hands, relief
2726 low afternoon sunlight illuminating the trees, closing down another day
2725 the guys, yelling, hooting together over the Broncos game
2724 good news from G
2723 reading Keep A Quiet Heart, by Elisabeth Elliot, like visiting an old friend
2722 an achey heart, turned toward the Lord
2721 A gift, a jar of happiness (this list)
2720 Time, remembering time is a gift
2719 ongoing plans
2718 Afternoon sunlight shining through the cheese grater, reminded me of Ann and her sunny cheese photo
2717 I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. I will be GLAD and exult in you...Psalm 9: 1-2
2716 writing notes to grandkids, wanting to connect with them
2715 a day of waiting to hear...
2714 P passed his ASVAB, relief (for both of us!)
2713 sewing new living room curtains
2712 quiet moments
2711 emails from friends
2710 reading a challenging book (The Freedom Writer's Diary)
2709 the heater purring, warming the house
2708 a beautiful pink and blue sunrise, and being up to see it
2707 coffee (have I said that before?!)
2706 chocolate (have I listed that before?!)
2705 games together at the table - some rowdy, some quiet
2704 a bothers' weekend together to goof around
2703 a new school semester and changed plans 2702 turning the calendar to a new page - a new year!
2701 time to read and enjoy the books
2700 quiet days
2699 Christmas cards coming in the mail
2698 phone calls with distant family
2697 waking up early to a white Christmas
2696 lots of new books to read
2695 discovering buds on the orchids in the basement
2694 washing dishes, cleaning up from big meals
2693 the dogs, wrestling, playing together
2692 J leaving for a week-long camp. Will miss him, but good learning experience for him
2691 a drive through the mountains; lots of memories, beautiful scenery, a light snowfall
2690 Christmas lights, colorful in the neighborhood
2689 a shopping trip, giggling over surprises, unexpected gifts to give
2688 packages sent, packages arriving
2687 lights sparkling on the Christmas tree
2686 the driveway full of family cars
2685 our familiar, favorite recipes
2684 experimenting with a new recipe
2683 cookies baking
2682 Christmas music playing all day
2681 long walks with the dogs
2680 laughing, playing games
2679 sharing recipes
2678 gathered around the table, together
2677 family hugs
2676 safe arrivals
2675 wind, blowing hard today
2674 plans for Christmas gatherings
2673 family on the road, traveling to arrive later today
2672 reading blogs with perspectives to trust and have faith
2671 hearing my guys laugh, thinking of other children who won't laugh, here, again, their families who won't hear them laugh, the ache
2670 the choice to not listen to the news
2669 a lesson about worry and trust
2668 news that takes my breath away, I reel, tears, my tiny troubles are pale in comparison 2667 unexpected delays
2666 life's speed bumps
2665 family fun
2664 smile, talk, laugh together
2663 cupboards full of food
2662 five inches of snow!
2661 a warm, snug house
2660 a pleasant evening of games, gathered around the table
2659 the realization my whining is incredibly insignificant
2658 each one of our children, with their own struggles and stories
2657 my need for grace and mercy and patience
2656 learning to manipulate (navigate?) my computer
2655 quiet words of encouragement 
2654 card games around the table in the evening
2653 outdoor nativity scene at a nearby church, with real animals (well, llamas for camels) and real kids dressed up and a lamb that wouldn't stop baaaaaing the whole scene (for atmosphere)
2652 our dog, happy prancing around lovin' the walks
2651 afternoon walks, talking of plans, dreams with son 
2650 Christmas music - love to listen
2649 decorating for Christmas - memories of different houses, different years, different stories of each item
2648 picture ledge on the stairwell - family photos grinning at me
2647 new amaryllis bulb pointing heavenward, ready to open up
2646 grabbing fleeting thoughts, putting them down in my journal
2645 cats purring
2644 pumpkin creamer for my coffee
2643 bare branches, restless in the wind
2642 "You think this is just another day in your life. It's not just another day. It's the one day that is given to you today...It's the only gift that you have right now. And the only appropriate response is gratefulness." -Brother David Steindl-Rast
2641 changed the blocks to say CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS
2640 long talks with grown children
2639 Christmas music playing
2638 watching holiday movies together
2637 new exercise plan - sore = it's working
2636 guys tossing the football back and forth
2635 walking together after a big meal
2634 Thanksgiving decorations scattered around
2633 amaryllis blossoms opening up
2632 laughing together around the table
2631 over abundance of Thanksgiving meals
2630 finding new blogs to read
2629 weeding out back - thinking about analogies in my own life, things to "weed out"
2628 blog posts done days ahead
2627 pumpkins cooked, bagged, frozen for bread and muffins and cookies
2626 re-using an old item, giving it fresh life
2625 skype with the grandkids
2624 projects done - freedon that comes when something is finished
2623 changed the blocks to say, CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING
2622 friendly competition among the guys
2621 silly laughs and crying giggles
2620 news of a new grandson on the way!! Very good news
2619 hope in the dark hours of night
2618 planning, preparing for family gatherings
2617 when my computer is being idiotically slow. Forces me to slow down
2616 plants growing, even in the cold
2615 sunlight shining through the windows
2614 "And I must treat every commonplace moment as though it were the home of the eternal." John Henry Jowett
2613 afternoon walks
2612 lessons to learn
2611 lots of coffee and hot chocolate on a cold day
2610 homemade pizza
2609 packing up the boxes, fun, together
2608 shopping for the Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes - fun! grateful to be able to share a little bit
2607 a light snowfall, quickly melted
2606 rain storm literally blowing through in a few minutes, leaving behind a gorgeous blue sky
2605 celebrations
2604 precision marching - discipline and strength
2603 Flags - blowing straight out in the wind, bold, beautiful, proud
2602 Veteran's Day Parade. So many thoughts, amazement at what these men and women have seen - my sufferings are nothing
2601 H coming to visit for the weekend
2600 B's birthday 
2599 smiles at the dinner table
2598 journal pages filling in
2597 creative ideas to write about
2596 rejection - reminder of the Lord's acceptance
2595 knitting - hands busy - time to think
2594 a deep breath (when I would rather yell)
2593 orange and blue sunset skies
2592 the smell of bread baking
2591 emotional challenges - for the strength to trust
2590 old photo of wagonload of straw - grateful my works are in Him, not piled up and wasted
2589 courage = be of good cheer (Matt 14:27)
2588 Say Grace (ask, accept the blessing)
2587 Love (Zeph 3:17)
2586 Trust (Habakkuk 3:17-18) Yet will I rejoice
2585 new recipes to try
2584 a smile, for me, an returned
2583 the leaves, dry and brittle, sound like a water fountain splashing in the yard
2582 aspen and cottonwood leaves, clapping with the wind
2581 the heater, humming on a chilly morning
2580 a challenging email from a friend, our dialogue answers
2579 good news - S got the job he wanted!
2578 progress for a son's life plans
2577 glimpses of sunlight through dark clouds
2576 not wishing I was somewhere else, content here
2575 chili and cornbread 2574 cooking, working in kitchen, slowly, with no sense of hurry
2573 fun outing with B, driving thru the mountains, seeing fall colors
2572 good news from a daughter, relief and happiness
2571 silly movies to watch, to laugh together with the guys
2570 walking on a windy day - leaning into the wind, the dog's ears flapping behind her
2569 trees - one day with colorful leaves, the next day bare
2568 My Daily Meditation - reading a couple of pages each morning, to learn and listen
2567 times to talk with P,J, listen, appreciate them
2566 wearing sweatshirts again - love the cooler temperatures
2565 a revelation, understanding
2564 pumpins on porches - love the fall colors
2563 the funny quail families bobbing around the yards
2562 grocery shopping, cupboards full
2561 a longer walk, a new route
2560 guys feeling a little better - this flu bug is a tough one
2559 the leaves of fall color - stikingly beautiful
2558 this list, about the Giver, not the gifts
2557 soup bubbling in the crock pot
2556 time to read and finish books
2555 sunlight warming the house
2554 discovering new blogs, encouraged by their words
2553 guys all have coughs, fever, stuffy heads - grateful for a warm house
2552 getting out my favorite bulky denim jacket
2551 wearing scarves again for the cold weather
2550 waffles for lunch
2549 "Collect moments, not things." from the Nester's blog
2548 32 degrees last night, but none of the plants frosted
2547 go for a walk while the dishwasher does the dishes
2546 N, writing his three things a day list, watching him smile while he thinks of them
2545 roses in a jar on the island countertop
2544 long phone conversation with my mom
2543 N's smile
2542 a roaring wind, bringing in much colder temperatures
2541 the last tomatoes of the season
2540 my vegie garden, covered in a snug blanket
2539 early morning birdsong as the light begins to change
2538 raking up the leaves - dumping them in the compost bin
2537 tree leaves, dramatic color changes in just a few days
2536 letters to form words to form sentences to form ideas to connect with others
2535 emails back and forth with a friend - fun, reassuring
2534 calm, quiet inside chaos
2533 evening walks, watching the sunset, the clouds glowing orange, pink, gold
2532 focus, learing to focus
2531 my stack of to-be-read books
2530 watched movie with N, ironing done while we watched - big project completed, relief
2529 dinner prepared, shared together, cleaned up afterwards
2528 remembering
2527 This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24) Morning sunrise, this is the day, be glad!
2526 one more warm day (85 degrees), but cold tonight, freezes predicted later this week
2525 First day of October, first day of the 31 Day Series - yipee!
2524 H's help setting up computer for Thirty-One, A Novel
2523 a quiet, snoring house
2522 tennis game cut short by dark clouds, lightning, first rain drops
2521 baking together, trying new recipes
2520 more rowdy games, practically falling asleep by the end of the game, got very quiet
2519 safe travels, hours on the road
2518 listening to the kids laugh and giggle and be silly
2517 sunshine, warm, air, cool
2516 outdoor lunch, healthy food, relaxed conversation with H
2515 cell phones for travel connections
2514 contrast - tall downtown buildings on one side of the highway, mountain peaks on the other
2513 long talks
2512 late night rowdy games with the kids
2511 fall colors in some of the trees, like a neon light
2510 first snow on the mountain peaks
2509 pretty drive through the mountains
2508 sun glaring through the foggy patches along the road
2507 Starbucks (need I say more?)
2506 huge round full moon low in the west as we left, very early morning 2505 family gathering, a fun crowd
2504 a smile from him
2503 my first red tomato on the volunteer plant
2502 seedlings up in the garden
2501 J coming out to talk, the dark falling over the yard before we went back inside
2500 sitting outside, writing in my journal as the orange sunset washed over me
2499 a reassuring sunrise, again this morning, and probably tomorrow, too
2498 wondering about the next step for P
2497 disappointment - a no, when hoping for a yes
2496 safe flights for K,D
2495 cafe latte
2494 open windows, sheer curtains to let in light and breezes
2493 P's second job interview - encouraging for him
2492 new recipes to try
2491 ability to exercise, be strong, build strength
2490 some of the trees beginning to turn color
2489 fat prairie dogs running around in the big field, they have their own city there
2488 a chilly walk in the evening - fall is filtering in
2487 first tiny lettuce leaves are up
2486 rain! 2485 this list - on-going heart and soul of gratefulness
2484 a tiny gold finch in the sunflowers
2483 a gourd (I thought) that turned into a cantaloupe
2482 a roaring wind
2481 drifting leaves, yellow and gold
2480 a slice of bread 2479 laughter
2478 my friend, her heart
2477 one encouraging word, with a smile
2476 challenges
2475 questions
2474 a deep longing ache for answers
2473 seeds planted, tomato moved, nasturtiums moved, exciting! Now I'm actually hoping for a little bit more warm weather
2472 3/4 ton of planter's mix, unloaded from the truck and moved to the raised bed 2471 a new header for my blog, a Colorado scene rather than a California beach scene
2470 a new computer skill, learned
2469 my journal
2468 smiles from the guys (my sons and husband, that is)
2467 time at the library to browse
2466 Russian sage plants, planted
2465 B built me a raised bed for my garden
2464 a new gardening book, inspiration, fun planning
2463 the sun, shining through my lace curtains
2462 windows that give us east light in the mornings, western light in the evening
2461 long talks, sitting in the living room, the sun streaming in the windows
2460 music
2459 late night lightning storm
2458 sunrise through the clouds
2457 J flying home tonight! safe, uneventful trip
2456 finished writing my short novel, now the editing process
2455 Colorado sky scenes
2454 special meals, together
2453 walks with the dog
2452 tennis games - fun! even with sweat running down my back
2451 phone call with R - pleasant, plans, time together
2450 time with H, tennis, games, help on my computer, talking, plans, grateful for her
2449 lessons, deeper understandings
2448 Family of quail (covey?) running around out front
2447 swept floors, clean bathrooms, dishes washed
2446 re-reading familiar, favorite garden books, with lots of pictures
2445 a dinner date, a smile, encouragement
2444 grocery shopping, cupboards stocked, frig full
2443 a stop at the nursery, plants on sale, bought three new perennials - yipee!
2442 a glorious, windy day
2441 a parade in town
2440 a new pizza recipe, yummy
2439 J, moving into a leadership position, watching him grow
2438 watched a couple of good movies this week with good Christian messages - glad the boys are enjoying them too
2437 reading aloud together, N wanting one more chapter
2436 studying clouds with N, God provided every type of cloud this week
2435 journal discoveries
2434 watching the guys learn - love that sense of thrill when they understand something new
2433 Skype with our son, granddaughter read me two books, grandson discovering his voice, making new sounds, giggling
2432 new, better jobs for two daughters!
2431 sunshine on my shoulders
2430 tennis with the guys
2429 putting down roots - planting my potted perennials in the ground, rooted, grounded
2428 seeing gifts in so many little things
2427 a good writing day
2426 cool and cloudy today
2425 wearing my cowboy boots for a walk for the first time!
2424 studying clouds with N
2423 a fingernail moon, low in the dusky sky 
2422 I AM HAPPY HERE (my new theme song)
2421 when I am grumpy and discouraged, check out this list!
2420 plenty to do to keep me busy
2419 learn, talk, laugh, grow
2418 three boys (young men) still at home
2417 coffee and milk
2416 paper and pens
2415 mountain views
2414 birds, trees, sunshine, space
2413 plants, gardening tools
2412 pots with flowers by the outside table
2411 my computer
2410 pets to talk to, snuggle with
2409 ability to go for walks
2408 sunflowers in the backyard
2407 skills to develop
2406 a few good friends
2405 a nice car to drive, able to pay for it
2404 challenging issues with those kids
2403 kids who love me and will talk to me
2402 B - for 37 years now!
2401 all my stuff (more than I need)
2400 This house, I am happy here.
2399 with J to the school track for his PE test, sat on bleachers, wrote out writing plans, then walked a mile
2398 talks, ideas, plans
2397 played tennis! chased the balls more than we hit, but it was still fun
2396 vegie mex burrito meal
2395 H's visit - to the Farmer's Market and the Riverwalk and the mall, (Boot Barn!)
2394 my desk chair, cool under the fan
2393 son's phone call - so grateful for him, his heart, his support
2392 the library, a short walk away
2391 clean, freshly mopped wwod floors (and sweating on a hot day)
2390 my friend's e-mail - I appreciate her friendship so much - a gift!
2389 my friend's e-mail - her husband died a year ago today. Bless her, Lord
2388 red-winged blackbirds in the sunflower plants, eating their fill
2387 quick stroll through the xeriscape garden, ideas, colors, shapes, touch
2386 a late walk, almost dark, around the cattail lake - birds nesting, noisy, settling in for the night (reminded me of trying to get our boys to go to sleep...years ago) 2385 reading The World of Rosamunde Pilcher, she offers me courage and feminine strength
2384 reading Winter Solstice, an old friend
2383 Patience, Henri Nouwen quote, "The word patience means willingness to stay where we are and live out the situation to the full in the belief that something hidden there will manifest itself to us." 
2382 my friend's wise words, "Plant a garden!" and I will
2381 acceptance
2380 sunshine filtering through the clouds
2379 granddaughter's third birthday party - her sincere joy and fun and appreciation of a party for her!
2378 garden plans, putting down roots
 2377 curtains blowing in the wind
2376 a rain storm blowing in, watching the rain pour down
2375 a cooler day, windows open to the breeze all day
2374 encouraging words from other bloggers on my Friday post
2373 creating a photo log for the blog, deleting all the words, leaving the photos to speak, to tell the story
2372 french toast with vanilla and cinnamon
2371 celebrating the morning with a mocha latte
2370 sunlight through the blinds
2369 weeding - filling up the trash barrel with unwanted weeds
2368 mowing - the smell of freshly mowed grass
2367 new geranium plant, and an aloe
2366 new lawnmower - now the lawn can look less like a meadow, more like an ornament to the house 2365 being able to quiet B by taking him out on the back steps to look at the birds, the sky, the clouds, the trees
2364 grandson's onesie - The Very Hungry Caterpillar - reminds me of the quote Eric Carle had in his studio, "You don't plow a field by turning it over in your mind."
2363 a hummingbird in the sunflowers
2362 my Wyoming friend - her loyalty, her wisdom, her encouragement
2361 my grandmother's afghan to snuggle in
2360 the quiet awake in the middle of the night
2359 a soft answer turns away wrath (although I tend to over-use no answer)
2358 disappointment, harsh criticism = reminder to trust, to love, to say grace and not depend on myself
2357 being such a mess, but there is hope in You, Lord
2356 progress getting J enrolled in his online school
2355 fans in the rooms - cooler air movement
2354 reviewing, renewing my theme song of three: trust, love, say grace (with calm delight)
2353 feeling numb - turning to trust You, Lord
2352 fresh cherries
2351 guys giggling during a movie
2350 inspiration
2349 writing time
2348 my desk
2347 rain
2346 sitting on the back porch in the evening, watching the clouds, the first rain drops
2345 unpacked a few more special things, that make me smile
2344 lightning inside the clouds, spectacular
2343 the cat, watching the quail through the window. They are safe from him (but not in his mind)
2342 time with family, just to be together
2341 encouragement from friends
2340 Dinner outside - in the rain!
2339 outing day - visit to reservoir, Nature Center, walk along river, wading in the shallow rocks, soaking up the sunshine, listening to the water splash and ripple
2338 daughter visiting for the weekend, like old time chats
2337 Time
2336 Wind
2335 the cat, at my feet on his little rug (he doesn't like the wood floors)
2334 more stuff out the door to the thrift store - stuff not right for this house
2333 new coffee to try, enjoy
2332 my planner - planning and crossing out projects completed
2331 new cowboy boots!
 2330 copying meaningful quotes into my journal - interpreting their meaning into my days
2329 beginning a new book, an old favorite, My Daily Meditation, John Henry Jowett
2328 red, white, and deep purple petunias
2327 a birthday shopping trip - cowboy boots!
 2326 writing time on the computer
2325 emails from friends
2324 a new bean recipe for dinner - a topping for baked potatoes, simple, yummy
2323 weeding out front - makes the yard look clean and cared for
2322 early morning quiet
2321 mountain views from Colorado Springs - pretty
2320 quick visit with D, D and J working together
2319 time to help C with cleaning
2318 time with grandson, A 
2317 time with grandaughter, A
2316 a lunch invitation from a friend
2315 the sheer curtains billowing in the breeze
2314 the blinds, clacking in the wind in the opened windows
2313 the east, morning sun in the kitchen, dining room windows, enjoying this house
2312 my desk, with a window to the west, watch the storm clouds come in in the afternoon
2311 J couldn't get his permit - they wouldn't accept his CA driver's ed. Reminder of patience, to not grow up too soon
2310 transferred my driver's license to CO - love having a CO license again
2309 a rainstorm last night to cool things down
2308 furry little bunnies running around out front
2307 a breath of air, to drink deeply
2306 cleaning, really cleaning
2305 little projects completed each day
2304 sunrises = beauty and hope
2303 a morning cup (or two) of coffee
2302 the library, walking distance from the new house
2301 new library books to read, to learn, to grow, to think
2300 the huge sunflowers in our back yard
2299 saw a huge jackrabbit on our walk - know where the funny jackelope idea came from! he even ran like an antelope
2298 the mail came through with the forwarding address
2297 relationships, growing, stretching, growing stronger
2296 time at the library - the discovery of good books
2295 going for a walk
2294 last of the book boxes unpacked
2293 my computer - especially when it cooperates
2292 opening up the blinds to let in the morning sun
2291 his pleasure at being able to drive legally again
2290 son's (P) out-of-state driver's permit paperwork resolved, once we learned the correct terms to use ("Transfer")
2289 waiting, waiting, and waiting some more
2288 a flock of quail in the driveway
2287 time for brothers (P,S)  to spend together, to work and play together
2286 P flying stand-by, made it on a full plane!
2285 an answer to prayer
2284 I made a decision, acted on it, the choice was blessed
2283 a morning playing with the grandchildren
2282 smiles, shared together
2281 Wii games downstairs in the basement (appreciate they are not in the living room)
2280 afternoon treat at Sonic
2279 meals cooked in the new kitchen
2278 C's help on my computer
2277 A - watching him love the time with the guys
2276 C,A,A here for a visit - enjoyed having them at our house
2275 time with A (granddaughter) she loves to talk and sing
2274a day weeding at C's - fun! (yes, I actually enjoyed it)
2273 Four job changes in the family in the last week - four first days at a new job - grateful for the work
2272 first day of work for B
2271 the cat, sticking his head through the blinds to look outside. Must look funny from out front
2270 simple dinner, cooking in the oven, smelling good
2269 new local phone numbers
2268 temperature dropping thirty degrees
2267 deep dark gray clouds
2266 thundershower, pouring rain - love the CO afternoon thundershowers in the summer - glad we're here this season
2265 cooking, cleaning up in the new kitchen, pleasant, fun
2264 wood floors - so easy to clean, comfortable on the feet, pretty to look at
2263 blank spots I don't remember from the move - reminder to breathe, relax, I'll figure this out
2262 cats comfortable in their new home
2261 beautiful pink and blue sunrise to greet the day
2260 unpacking books, like finding good old friends
2259 our office and desks set up in the new house - exciting!
2258 red-winged blackbirds - seeing birds here in CO we didn't have in CA
2257 finished Reaching Higher - a fruitful, productive Bible study
2256 heavy heat just before the rain blows in
2255 cooking in my new kitchen
2254 watering my pots that survived the many miles move
2253 people are people. No matter where you live
2252 re-thinking, flexibility, willingness to change, adjust
2251 setting up my new office area
2250 no internet, the girls have their smart phones to look things up - what would we do without Google?
2249 red, white, and blue M&M's
2248 H's 21st birthday - special meals, games, walks, fireworks
2247 enjoying, appreciating the week off to spend time together in the new house, adjust to the new area - be together after the travels and time apart
2246 the sun, coming up in the east, creating striped shadows through the blinds
2245 morning Bible reading - back into routines after the move and travels and visits
2244 learning new cleaning techniques using natural products
2243 catching up, inputting this list on to the computer
2242 this house, our home
2241 all of us, collected together, here, after traveling highways many miles with a trailer, a big truck, safety and protection for all
2240 gratefulness for finding this house, this area, the blessing to move in quickly
2239 first meals cooked and eaten in our new home
2238 organizing, re-arranging, making the new house work - so much hard work from everyone (and they think it is fun!)
2237 cats survived the trip, now relaxing on a bed in air conditioned comfort
2236 B, P arrived safely! with an amazingly packed trailer
2235 a quiet house, sleepy breathing
2234 re-evaluating the kitchen, re-arranging the cabinets, H's help 
2233 truck unloaded
2232 special pizza dinner
2231 H,E here to visit, help unpack - fun talks
2230 beginning to feel our way around town
2229 beginning to feel "at home"
2228 easy meals (simple, don't have all pots and dishes unpacked yet)
2227 air conditioning on very hot days
2226 table, chairs, set up for meals together
2225 wood floors - love the easy clean up, clean look
2224 clouds, wind, afternoon rain
2223 first shopping trip to new store - week of "firsts" - contrast from last weeks "lasts"
2222 B,P, last day at old house - last projects, last packing
2221 quick visit with C - no tears good-bye because it's short term, "See you soon."
2220 a bouquet of sunflowers from our new yard
2219 empty boxes!
2218 a whole day unpacking, sorting, organizing, getting things to fit
2217 sleeping hard after hard work
2216 truck, half unloaded into garage, begin moving boxes into the house
2215 help from D - hard worker, fast progress unloading
2214 lease signed, moving in!
2213 challenge to get the funds cleared from the bank, B figured it out, solved it
2212 safe trip, arrival at new house
2211 the moving truck, sitting in R's driveway, waiting for the trip to Pueblo
2210 good cooking smells filling the house (A is such a relaxed, natural cook)
2209 pretty new wallet - gift from H and E
2208 having the phone numbers I needed for references in a notebook I just happened to bring with me rather than pack
2207 listening to the kids laugh together
2206 a quiet moment
2205 new ideas to think about
2204 Letting Go of something I wanted (without resentment)
2203 eager for a fresh start
2202 get utility accounts established, scheduled to start
2201 packing up from our visit at R and A's - move in to new house tomorrow!
2200 swimming near R's house, watching the guys with their rowdy fun
2199 reading Madeleine L'Engle {Herself}, inspiration, motivation, creative challenge, reminder to trust (from a different perspective)
2198 making plans for the new house, what furniture, where, creating a mood, a style for this house
2197 rental details worked out - we get the house! relief, excitement, gratefulness
2196 Fires in the mountains, terrifying scenes of homes burning, reminders to trust
2195 summer afternoon rain showers - love that about Colorado
2194 quiet, dark, cooler nights
2193 sleep
2192 the dog, so glad, delighted to have her boy back
2191 D,J arrived safely in the moving truck (almost) without incident
2190 evening walk, after it cools off, over 100 degrees during the days
2189 N staying at R,A's, their patience and time with him
2188 special lunch out with daughter
2187 miscommunications, misunderstandings, attempting to work with them, through them
2186 busy day on the cell phones, grateful for the communications
2185 mountain views
2184 attempting to see through the conflicts
2183 imagining our stuff, our lives in a new house
2182 two house appointments
2181 another day, another six hours in the car to visit two houses
2180 luxury to sleep lying down (not sitting up in the car)
2179 Trust, Love, Say Grace = reminder
2178 cell phones for travel connections - how did we live without them?
2177 moments to relax, recover from the trip
2176 realizing I live in a new state now (maybe it won't be the state of confusion and chaos)
2175 rain, lightning, thunder, a cool breeze blowing through
2174 scheduled the appointment to see the new house (hope it works out and we can move in this week)
2173 early bed after an extremely long day
2172 unusually hot. uncomfortable, appreciate air conditioning
2171 heavy traffic, the last hour of the drive. Two serious accidents caused the traffic back-ups. Grateful relief to safely arrive.
2170 a brief rain storm
2169 spectacular scenery
2168 water - the best thirsty drink
2167 crackers, munchies for the car
2166 fresh grapes - as good as a drink
2165 praying, trusting, for family still on the road - their safety and an uneventful trip (the best theme song for a trip)
2164 80 mph speed limits! clicking away the miles, our car, covering the distance without a complaint - very grateful!
2163 driving, the hours, the miles, watching the sky lighten as the sun comes up
2162 starts outside the city lights - I'd forgotten how intense they are
2161 the blind dog, helping her in new situations, watching her learn, feel her way
2160 a safe trip - 17 hours of driving
2159 separating into three segments for the trip to the new house. Not my ideal plan, but an opportunity to trust
2158 Good-byes and tears
2157 working together
2156 turning a stressful time into laughter
2155 B's amazing packing skills - a genius, a master at condensing, combining spaces
2154 the truck arriving, an empty space waiting to be filled
2153 a birthday afternoon, a calm in the chaos of packing
2152 major projects worked through, finished
2151 family helped with packing - brothers helping brothers
2150 vacuum fixed - a sock was stuck in the hose. Grateful B could fix it
2149 Smiles from the boys - hugs to comfort, reassure me, this will work out, we will be okay
2148 Found a lost earring piece
2147 Let Go. Go On.
2146 ...whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy...James 1:2 NLT
2145 lots of "lasts" this week
2144 watered the plants today - last time before we move
2143 will miss the view from this house - grateful for the photos I've taken - will be good memories
2142 emails from friends - one we're moving closer to, the others leaving farther behind
2141 eating dinner outside on the patio - hope the next house has a patio or deck
2140 J cleaning the shower - big job
2139 my dad, patching the nail holes, painting over them - no trace (except the fresh paint shows)
2138 pulling the command sticky holders off from behind the hanging stuff - leaves no trace
2137 scrubbing the kitchen cabinets with the afternoon sunlight streaming through the lace curtains. Hope our next house will have a window for the lace curtains (this is their third house)
2136 the heart of Traveling Lighter equals having a light heart
2135 sorting out priorities - what to pack, what to keep with me, what to let go of
2134 a cool breeze drifting in the window on a hot afternoon
2133 squeezing in time to read a few favorite blogs, ones that touch me heart and soul
2132 new pens - favorite colors
2131 more empty space in the house
2130 last grocery shopping trip before we move
2129 a bridal shower tea party overlooking the bay. Could have spent all day gazing at the water. Pleasant afternoon.
2128 ice tea, made in my glass tea pot
2127 finding good homes for my plants
2126 last weekend, here, together
2125 A deep breath of calm, courage and trust in the Lord
2124 huge stack of boxes in the living room. Empty shelves.
2123 my parents' help packing yesterday - got so much done. Will miss them. Terribly.
2122 a new book, a new author, fresh source of inspiration 
2121 privilege of grocery shopping - wisely planning meals to use up food we have, empty out the cupboards
2120 house hunting on-line
2119 still the early morning clouds, June Gloom, (doesn't make me gloomy at all)
2118 family all collected, home together after weekend activities spread us all out
2117 hard choices made, strength and growth from them
2116 privilege of watching our sons stretch and grow and mature
2115 tears, the relief
2114 talk with S, appreciate him so much
2113 finishing up projects
2112 count down the days until we move (17, today)
2111 morning quiet times, a time of literal quiet (guys still asleep) and time to think, read, pray, write
2110 a prayer, answered
2109 a tough workout- feeling strong
2108 supplies at the grocery store, and a wedding gift for the weekend celebrations
2107 boxes packed, stacked in the living room - progress toward the move
2106 the sun, setting through the trees, casting light across my desk
2105 discouragement = opportunity to trust
2104 moment of pleasant relaxing, watching the waves
2103 listening to the ocean waves - like a breath, exhale as they come in, inhale as they go out, a rhythm
2102 finalized plans
2101 an evening beach trip - one last visit before we leave
2100 Loyalty - its strength and beauty
2099 "they keep count and know the rhythm of trust..." Ann Voskamp
2098 Trust, Love, (say) Grace
2097 time to journal, to un-muddle my thinking
2096 our 37th anniversary!!
2095 new colored pens
2094 holding a warm coffee cup as I do my morning reading
2093 rice, simmering on the stove
2092 a change of heart
2091 Say Grace with Calm Delight
2090 studying conflict and confrontation. And, of course, the Lord provides opportunity to apply it...
2089 listening to the guys ramble on about their plans and dreams and goals
2088 throwing stuff away - the freedom of empty space
2087 watched a good movie - thinking about how to live a good story
2086 the shower cleaned!
2085 Forty books cleared off the shelves, in the to-go pile
2084 Trust, Love, Grace: finding theme verses for the crazy plans of the next three months
2083 a decision made
2082 a conflict, resolved
2081 finished a short story project = writing progress
2080 a skunk ran in front of me, but (gratefully!) it ignored me
2079 time to journal
2078 favorite photos scrolling through my screensaver
2077 a patient, slow effort to re-build a relationship
2076 a rosy peach sunrise
2075 finishing a good book
2074 the quiet, patient, slow, gentle unfolding of the rose in the bathroom vase
2073 planting a new pot of alstromerias - perennials - will hopefully bloom for years
2072 the ordinary extraordinary
2071 The sun is up so early now - long days
2070 When I am discouraged, I will trust in Thee.
2069 Loquat tree, a circus of activity with the birds and squirrels - haven't seen skunks this year, for that I am grateful
2068 rest
2067 facing the fear, turning it, translating it into trust
2066 emotional roller coasters - help me to pause and pay attention
2065 hummingbirds
2064 When I am afraid, I will trust in Thee. Psalm 56:3
2063 peace, in the middle of chaos
2062 take the afraid, express it specifically, translate it to trust
2061 talks with S, thank You Lord, for him, for his encouragement, I appreciate him
2060 space in the file drawers, the freedom of space
2059 sorting files almost done! Armloads of papers to the recycling bin
2058 Country Living magazine, Decorating Without Fear (library book) inspiration to plan and look forward to our next house
2057 morning time, early to read the Word, study and learn, pause and pray
2056 the beauty of a flower catching my eye when I feel overwhelmed - taking the pause to stop and see
2055 the confidence there will be a sunrise after the deep dark of night
2054 on discouraging days, the opportunity to trust and hope
2053 the cat, following me around
2052 getting up early for morning workouts, Bible and devotional reading
2051 afternoon reading - disappointed with the ending, but made me think about my own choices - grateful for a few good choices we have made
2050 Western Tanagers in the trees each day - amazing yellow and orange and black against our California gray/green. They're only here when the loquats are ripe, guess they migrate through
2049 rose buds in the bathroom vases
2048 family, collected at home again, together
2047 B - a safe flight home
2046 cell phones, for on-the-road communications
2045 an afternoon to relax and read
2044 his dog - so glad to see him
2043 son home safely from weekend camp - a good experience for him
2042 sunlight, late afternoon, shining through the trees
2041 full moon - bright night
2040 spotted a Western Tanager pair in the tree - beautiful orange and yellow and black - they like the loquats
2039 inspiration from other women
2038 questions to ask, think about, search for answers
2037 late night, a quiet, dark house
2036 steady, quiet, calm delight
2035 watching, waiting
2034 anticipating big changes this weekend
2033 B's flight - safety
2032 crazy changed plans
2031 tempered glass crashed in a broken sliding glass door, watching son choose honesty, stepping up to take responsibility
2030 communication - connection between two hearts
2029 a smile
2028 patience (an attempt at it, anyway)
2027 love these dark, gray, cool days before the heat settles in
2026 when I'm feeling like a bad friend, a friend calls and thanks me for encouraging her. Amazing. And she encourages me, mucho
2025 a rose bud, cut for the vase for my May Day flower
2024 hearing a woodpecker hammering its beak
2023 thinking about days ahead, looking forward
2022 goals, plans to work toward
2021 two cats, one with a dainty, tiny meew, the other with a deep, persistent comment for everything - animals making me laugh
2020 watching the guys play with the dog - she's happy even with her blindness
2019 reading Luke, rich lessons for life, encouraging, challenging, practical
2018 a misty, moisty morning
2017 looking forward to adventure of moving
2016 discussing together what we want in a house, exploring what we think works, what doesn't, what we need for our family
2015 looking at rentals on-line, new area, new state
2014 second interviews, job possibilities for B
2013 eating out on the patio - enjoy the outdoor meals
2012 special mealtimes together
2011 family game nights - close times to play and talk and laugh together
2010 birthday parties
2009 searching, learning a tiny piece of the heart of God
2008 blogging friends
2007 talking with, watching sons accept disappointment, changes, de-railed plans
2006 hearing the guys talking and laughing and working together
2005 the guys playing with blocks and trucks spread all over the floor, but close to my desk, grateful they want to be close, nearby
2004 reading about the discovery of spiritual adventures in the new devotional book
2003 ...joyfully giving thanks to the Father...Col 1:12 eucharisteo, chara, say grace with calm delight
2002 working together in the kitchen with the guys, making special desserts for birthday parties and cleaning up
2001 walking this road of saying grace (eucharisteo) throughout the day, all day long
2000 beginning a new devotional book, Reaching Higher, gift from a friend

1999 resolving a brotherly conflict
1998 grateful for the fog this morning - matches my mood
1997 listening to favorite music
1996 empty file drawers, the papers sorted out, recycled or re-filed in condensed form
1995 reading aloud, together
1994 new job opportunities, on the edge of an adventure?
1993 B's weekend with the kids and grandkids - grateful he has the time with them
1992 safe flight for B to Colorado
1991 shoulder pain - new rice heating pad feels good on it
1990 amaryllis buds opening up
1989 smiles and hugs
1988 healing, health, strength
1987 a major accomplishment, taxes done
1986 all day long bird and squirrel activity in the loquat tree - they're enjoying the fruit (and that our dog can't see to chase them away - how do they know that?)
1985 two projects - completed!
1984 photos from grandson's fifth birthday
1983 a calm moment
1982 the cat, curled up next to N, both in the same sleeping position
1981 sorting out life's craziness, like random piles of messiness
1980 comments on my blog - readers who encourage me - fellow travelers
1979 "Let It Go" quote, theme song from my friend
1978 an issue resolved (should have trusted sooner)
1977 my flannel shirts
1976 lightning and thunder
1975 facing a challenge = sailing into the wind
1974 chocolate chips
1973 an encouraging word
1972 rain - much needed rain
1971 sunlight shining on to dark clouds, the vivid contrast of light and dark
1970 Hyacinths - gift from friend, love their perfume drifting through the room
1969 communication with distant daughter - thankful!
1968 organizing progress - letting go of stuff
1967 to say grace - give thanks (all day long)= eucharisteo. Gave Ann's book to a friend
1966 good, hard sleep
1965 lying in bed, listening to the rain
1964 One more day
1963 Faith, Trust, Hope
1962 money issues - search for a hidden, unknown solution
1961 an ongoing conflict - frightening - a reminder to be calm and trust the Lord
1960"...for consider what great things He has done for you." 1 Sam 12:24
1959 afternoon sun shadows across my desk
1958 flowers - love flowers, their hope, joy, beauty
1957 emotional meltdown - cleansing of a good cry, though problem still exists
1956 Easter Sunday sunrise
1955 planning menu, special needs, short term nutrition, long term health
1954 the blender, a timely gift from my friend, perfect timing for  N's special diet needs
1953 planted an upside down cherry tomato - fun! Looking forward to tomatoes growing
1952 Time with [my friend] Deeply grateful for her
1951 Emily Freeman, Chatting at the Sky, grateful for her blog, her words, "even when the worst has happened there are still gifts. Hope. Life. (her quotes 1946 - 1950)
1950 "God moves through nature and souls like a whisper...life shoots straight out of death and no one can make it stop."
1949 "Trees and ground and garden are bursting with life and color..."
1948 "The mountains have not fallen into the sea."
1947 "The sky remains firmly overhead."
1946 "This great big world has not stopped spinning."
1945 Daughter's April Fools. Wasn't funny. Then it was.
1944 my amaryllis has a bud!
1943 the flowers blooming in the patio pots, so pretty and colorful
1942 soup for dinner
1941 my friend coming to visit - setting up the guest room with little touches for her
1940 projects done
1939 birdsong mornings
1938 an afternoon walk with J and his dog - walking with her happy gait when he runs with her
1937 call from A - new job going well
1936 sadness, disappointment - turning it into joy and gratefulness
1935 safe car trips
1934 foggy morning, the unique, pervasive quiet it brings
1933 another major test for N, late night MRI, hope it reveals something treatable
1932 grocery shopping, the cupboards full of supplies, menus planned
1931 The sun sliding in and out of the clouds
1930 Phil 4:8 from The Message Bible written on an index card next to my desk
1929 listening to the guys (young men) talk of all their future plans, dreams, goals
1928 quiet moments
1927 watching the scale go down when I weigh myself in the morning
1926 digging deep for gratefulness
1925 cleared off my desk (yet again)
1924 B re-caulked the sink - looks so much nicer and cleaner
1923 little cleaning projects around the house that make a big difference
1922 anxious waiting, working at trust, peace, calm
1921 sleep after an exhausting day
1920 Ann's posts, always so challenging, encouraging, thoughtful
1919 re-evaluating my home priorities
1918 learning new medications, schedule, planning nutrition
1917 healing continues, improvement obvious
1916 relaxing at home, appreciating home more than ever
1915 exhaustion, but relief to be home
1914 my own bed
1913 the drive home, pulling into our own driveway, walking through our own door
1912 the best news, "You are discharged to go home!"
1911 People caring, wanting to make the kids in the hospital laugh
1910 Acting group, telling hysterical stories
1909 Poet, making up poems with the kids
1908 Pet Partners - brought his little dog to entertain the kids on the pediatric floor
1907 the doctors saying, "I don't know." Wish they did, but grateful they'll admit it
1906 a long test, no new results (no bad results, either)
1905 the sunny, glassed in courtyard walking to the cafeteria. Soaking up the sun after being inside way too long
1904 A pretty courtyard outside the hospital window - flowers, grass, trees, fountain. Peaceful
1903 Honesty
1902 Time together, with B, working as a team, making choices together, sharing watch times
1901 Healing begins, like waves up and back down, but progress being made
1900 No surgery! Good news
1899 Laughter, even in a tough situation
1898 second hospital, professional opinions, specialists, myriad consultations, baffling parade of doctors and nurses
1897 ambulance ride - hope he remembers it
1896 Decline, then dramatic improvement with medication
1895 Emergency trip to the hospital with N. Frightening to see changes for worse happening so quickly. Grateful for prayer, for trust, for concerned health care people
1894 the cat - annoyingly in my lap, in my way, but love to hear his purring, feel his ridiculous kneading
1893 my desk - my favorite place to work
1892 pain - as a warning to slow down
1891 healing, beginning, seeing progress, slow
1890 awake in the middle of the night, listening to the rain with the blankets tucked under my chin
1889 planning my little spring garden
1888 pouring rain for an outdoor compost demonstration - fun!
1887 clouds and shadows, bright light and wind all day
1886 a frightening injury for N
1885 family conflicts - a challenging muddle
1884 a glass bowl of Easter eggs out on the patio table for decoration
1883 P, a productive school day, working thru the tough assignments, he's actually getting excited about his own progress
1882 a new recipe, with hidden vegetables - was surprisingly good
1881 reading aloud an old favorite, rich with descriptions and beauty (All On A Mountain Day)
1880 sunlight breaking through the fog
1879 time to play a card game with N (one we could both win)
1878 Time to read
1877 Time change - light later in the evening
1876 time to sew - the dress fits, the idea worked
1875 the sun, glowing behind the hill as it sets
1874 tasks/project success today
1873 bird chorus in the trees this morning - sounded like humdreds
1872 learning a new computer skill
1871 doctors to call when needed
1870 sitting on the patio, in the sunshine
1869 family meals- gathering around the bigger table, together
1868 walks each day with J and H
1867 more orchid blossoms opening up
1866 bees buzzing in the mock orange blossoms
1865 others, traveling on this journey with me
1864 a cleared off desk (again)
1863 Permission to slow down, not be so driven, nothing to prove
1862 Hope, Peace, Joy
1861 questions asked - our dog's health, caring for special needs, careful talks together, emotions swirling
1860 decisions, made
1859 flowers blooming on the patio - scent of sweet alyssum
1858 the gift of a warm afternoon, reading on the patio
1857 the gift of growth, the affects of meeting the challenge
1856 the gift of effort, facing a challenge, meeting it head on
1855 the gift of light, of sight, of shadows
1854 Progress as she (the dog) is adjusting to being blind
1853 dramatic life changes. Pause, stop to realize all we had, still have! Looking forward to new lessons, new challenges, new changes (struggling to look forward without fear)
1852 Light - what would it be like without changing light patterns all day, even the dark at night still has light
1851 appreciating my sight - thinking of how much we take for granted. Assumed blessings, "entitled" to so much (we think)
1850 H (our dog) - sudden blindness. For this too, I can be grateful (struggling with that)
1849 dinner out with B, outdoor patio - even the waitress took a deep breath and soaked up the sun and fresh air every time she came out
1848 major progress in the guys' schoolwork
1847 a new month ahead
1846 the stack of to-reads on my desk
1845 phone call with S - miss him
1844 trash pick up = one of life's luxuries
1843 confused plans, then resolved calm
1842 news of a wedding
1841 the gift of an extra day this year, February 29th
1840 a sewing project, a new dress  in a smaller size
1839 another journal, almost full
1838 a tooth falling out (helped out in a brotherly wrestling match)
1837 re-reading favorite books aloud to our youngest
1836 photos of family times, the memories they help me see
1835 old, long-time friends
1834 sleep - such a luxury
1833 thunder, lightning, a downpour
1832 water running in the house again after a plumbing breakage. Being excited to wash a counter full of dirty dishes, stacked up over the day
1831 rain - the blessing of a good rain
1830 a new, inspiring organizing book
1829 seeing their turtle lay an egg!
1828 wedding plans, feeling their excitement
1827 meals, talking together
1826 fun games, played together, thinking games and rowdy card games
1825 fun hiking in the Arizona rocks
1824 a safe trip, seven hour drive each way
1823 anxious waiting, working to not worry (trying not to worry or panic). the waiting is hard when there is nothing I can do
1822 new index cards, colored and plain
1821 clearing out, organizing a hidden stash corner of just stuff - joy of seeing it empty
1820 long talk on the phone with H - miss her
1819 new books - like opening a door to a new world
1818 Pleasant evening out, together
1817 weekend plans to visit son and his fiancee - a road trip
1816 early morning exercise sessions
1815 lemon blossoms next to the green leaves and lemons already on the tree
1814 fresh oranges from a neighbor for juice
1813 finished a favorite book -enjoyed it more than ever - very much a favorite
1812 e-mails, letters (snail mail!) with an old friend
1811 a friend hurt in a fall, but home now, recovering
1810 rearranged tables - eating at the small table now - cozy, different
1809 walks up the hill with P and the dog
1808 Time. Another day.
1807 the sun, dipping behind the hill behind us
1806 late afternoon sunlight glowing through the orchids on the patio
1805 windy - lots of motion in the air today
1804 see it snowing in the mountains across the valley, but sunny here
1803 playing with the camera - trying different light, shadows, angles to see what works
1802 trash pick up - a luxury of life (know that from years without it)
1801 looking ahead over the next four months, planning time
1800 a delay (again) in moving plans. Contentment with here, now, today
1799 snow low on the mountains - beautiful in the morning light
1798 clouds cleared, spectacularly clear after the rain
1797 a quiet day (three of us sick)
1796 crackers and peanut butter with the soup - salty/crunchy
1795 Kitchen Sink Soup - should be called Refrigerator Soup, a mix of whatever is available - yummy, guys all liked it, had seconds, thirds
1794 fresh snow on the mountains, glowing pink in the sunset
1793 rain, heavy most of the afternoon
1792 sit by the fire, trying to get warm (cold from the inside out), reading - finish one, start another old favorite I've been wanting to re-read
1791 runny nose, sore throat, head full of yuck, reminder to slow down, relax, rest
1790 the guys, sitting with me, chatting about anything and everything
1789 vitamins to help me get/stay well
1788 adding another layer of clothes on a chilly morning
1787 catching a cold
1786 time with B's mom and sister P. Encourage them with a meal, talk, pictures, time together
1785 reading Ann's blog - Lord, bless her - she reaches out to me, a stranger, yet a friend
1784 a gray, dark, cloudy, cold, quiet morning
1783 quiet piano music, softly playing on my computer
1782 dreams, imaginings, wondering about our next move - praying ahead
1781 N - fever, cold, then hot, fell back asleep, thankfully
1780 awake early, finally not so exhausted from the trip
1779 my bracelet with the four beads for the four grandchildren
1778 a big pile of dog hair behind the couch, remembering her, gone over a month now
1777 my red cell phone, for connections
1776 N giggling during the movie so much he was making it hard to hear, which made all of us giggle
1775 brownies, with walnuts
1774 a fun dream - to have chickens again someday - six, named Jane, Austen, Emma, Lizzie, Fanny and Elinor - in a cute coop
1773 cymbidian orchids opening more each day - watching them through the sliding glass door onto the patio
1772 a cool breeze jangling the wind chimes, making music
1771 "Get over it." relax, don't take it so personally
1770 took car in for repairs. Expensive, but needed
1769 Five Minute Friday for the first time
1768 designing a longer lasting (I hope) organization system for desk piles
1767 my desk cleared off (yes, yet again)
1766 wearing flip-flops, big change in the weather
1765 pleasant, familiar home smells and noises and scenes
1764 re-grouping after being away two weeks, reviewing goals, plans, the work ahead
1763 the cat, purring in my lap, calm
1762 energy to replace the exhaustion
1761 a new morning, a fresh start
1760 sleep - peaceful, deep sleep to soothe the exhaustion
1759 what is my story of today? Live that.
1758 my cymbidian orchids waited for me - the first bracht is just opening its flowers
1757 back at my desk, my favorite spot in this house
1756 time to journal, write, think
1755 P,J, semester done, new one begun, a fresh start
1754 S's encouragement - they don't expect me to fix their problems, if they didn't have struggles they wouldn't have character. Grateful for him, his words, his heart
1753 N's health progress on this trip - encouraging
1752 phone calls with distant children
1751 memories of close times, enclosing the distance in a big hug
1750 confronting inadequacy
1749 home, ah, home
1748 from snow to warm green in two hours
1747 games together, times together
1746 more snow as we boarded the plane to leave. De-icing, grateful for safety
1745 reading a good writing book - lots of inspiration, projects, ideas
1744 new plaid flannel shirts to wear
1743 warm knitted socks to wear in the house
1742 clear, crisp sunlight on the fresh snow
1741 long shadows drawn on the smooth, sparkling snow
1740 kids built igloo, snowball fort, seven foot snowman (with a Goofy hat on his head). Still snow on the ground
1739 neighbor's yards pristine, untouched. Ours looks like an elephant brigade went through
1738 lots of snow
1737 lots of change in the air
1736 talking goals, plans, dreams
1735 crazy, noisy fun
1734 family congregating - ten of us, with five dogs
1733 arrived in Colorado before the snow storm started
1732 broken-hearted frustrations, searching for the hope
1731 still struggle with packing a suitcase, a challenge for me to travel lighter
1730 S's work friends bringing meals - a blessing and encouragement
1729 job opportunity for S - exciting!
1728 baby cries - a newborn has a unique, heart wrenching cry
1727 the baby, his eyes open, beginning to  explore the world around him
1726 holding the new baby close, snuggling together, feeling his breathing, his little squirms and gurgles
1725 falling into bed at night, exhausted
1724 reminders to simplify, focus, use my time wisely
1723 playing games together
1722 cold, icy air
1721 hearing granddaughter read aloud
1720 twice at the airport, saw medics arriving to help someone on an arriving plane. Odd to see that twice in one trip. Grateful for safety.
1719 watching all types of boots at the airport, the contrast of a couple traveling in flip-flops in February
1718 foggy morning - very cold, the trees and shrubs all covered in a crusty layer of white
1717 heavy frost - sparklies in the morning light
1716 my little travel Bible - memories of the special friend who gave it to me, an older sister in the Lord, a sense of her traveling with me
1715 searching for the quiet answer in the clamor and confusion
1714 long talks with S
1713 fun, special times with our granddaughter
1712 meeting friends, family, coworkers who came to meet the baby and offer congratulations and support
1711 hospital visits to meet the new baby
1710 grandson born
1709 airport time to relax, read, knit, people-watch
1708 safe flights
1707 the timer going off in the kitchen downstairs. I'm grateful for its clamor. Otherwise I would forget and burn the rice...
1706 good hard rain, all morning
1705 early morning birdsong greeting the day - even a dark, cloudy, rainy day
1704 small size calendar hanging on the wall, reminder of the date today and days coming soon
1703 watching the guys as lessons are learned, maturity happens
1702 the guys, wrestling, their grunts and groans and laughs
1701 B's patience with me
1700 the Lord's patience with me as I fumble along
1699 rainy day again
1698 listening to CD's of powerful piano music
1697 closing the curtains at dark to close out the world, draw us all close, home
1696 opening the curtains in the morning to let the sun in
1695 water dripping from the roof, splashing into puddles
1694 our blue walls - thought I'd hate them, but actually like them
1693 scars that heal - a mark left as a reminder of the wound, healed
1692 cat snuggling up to N, climbing in his lap, such good friends
1691 N chatting away to me while I'm trying to read - a little annoying, but I do enjoy his company
1690 wind in the trees
1689 jets overhead, reminding me of upcoming flight
1688 tangerines from a neighbor's tree that is at least 50 years old and still going strong, producing loads of fruit - kids love to snack on them
1687 oatmeal with chocolate chips - mmmm
1686 early mornings
1685 rain! love listening to the rain
1684 took photos of flowers up close - appreciating their fragrance
1683 rain predicted - we need it!
1682 being able to thread a needle (hooray for reading glasses!)
1681 the orchid buds darkening, deepening color, preparing to open
1680 drops of dew on the grass
1679 the heater, purring, taking the chill off the air
1678 smiles and hugs
1677 trip plans made, flights scheduled, eager to see new grandson
1676 hearing sirens, listening, someone being helped, someone protected
1675 both son's excitement, eagerness at new skills, new adventures (like sheriff ride-along and leadership conferences)
1674 finish reading one book, start another
1673 yummy fruit and chocolate shake after exercise
1672 exercise session with son - neither of us were really awake and eager, but we did it and it was worth it
1671 pink tint on the walls, in the room as the sun was coming up
1670 Bible verses that patiently, repeatedly, remind me to rejoice
1669 wisdom, understanding, peace when I trust the Lord
1668 morning Bible time, to read, pray, think
1667 this morning, the beautiful clouds, low over the mountains, like wrapped in a cozy quilt
1666 thinking of our grandson, soon to be born, for his health and growth
1665 our youngest, this morning, making him giggle, attempting to wake him up
1664 sewing - time to enjoy
1663 wondering
1662 Ann's new Joy Dare for 2012 - her 31 idea generators for January
1661 blossoms, even in January, remembering pansies and dianthus blooming under a pile of snow
1660 a cold breeze
1659 sunlight shining through the clouds -deep contrast to the dark clouds
1658 waiting for my computer to do it's thing; time for me to think, too
1657 the moment the tension melts off and peace is restored (want to learn to find the peace in the tension)
1656 receiving comments on my posts - so appreciate them
1655 health and strength, grateful for the abilities they give
1654 beautiful clouds this morning after last night's rain
1653 too much good food all weekend
1652 guys picked tangerines and avocados - winter fruit
1651 my cymbidian orchid has four flower brachts - first time it has bloomed in years - excited to see them - encouraging, fun to see their blossoms - my care for them without blossoms has paid off
1650 laughing together
1649 safe trips home
1648 a surprise rain storm
1647 hearing an owl hooting during the night
1646 Christmas gathering with local family, the holidays are officially over, until next year. A fun weekend
1645 planning - enjoying planning ahead, planning a map, a direction for the journey of days
1644 talks with S yesterday - making plans for baby's arrival, visiting them
1643 Keep Calm and Count On. Need very much to hear this again today.
1642 Christmas letters from old friends, catching up, making connections
1641 new colored pens - my old ones keep running dry
1640 packing, clearing out at least half, finding the freedom to release more, keep less
1639 the gift of letting go
1638 Dr. appointment, testing for N, not new news, but not bad news, so "good news?"
1637 beginning a food journal in a new calendar (Mary Engelbreit) love her happy, colorful, humorous look at life
1636 early morning exercise, after almost a month off over the holidays - good to get started again
1635 patience - taken to deeper levels
1634 patience = again and again and again and again
1633 annoying cat on my lap - he needs the attention (just like me, somedays)
1632 plans made, action begun
1631 a new magazine to browse through
1630 breathing room
1629 a clear, crisp morning after a damp, foggy night
1628 new coffee mug with red leaves draped across it
1627 noisy welcomes from our cats and dog
1626 walking in our front door after being gone 2 1/2 weeks
1625 safe, comfortable flight home
1624 sad "good byes," but "we'll see you soons."
1623 so many rich moments, a wealth of time
1622 A, humming happily as she putters in the kitchen 
1621 inspiration from our kids - things they do so much better than me
1620 listening to their technical conversations - I didn't teach them that!
1619 job challenges, resolved
1618 gorgeous weather - the door left open in January!
1617 N's improved health and abilities
1616 time to stay, visit longer, relax, enjoy, have [almost] no responsibilities. An odd feeling (I think I like it)
1615 safe trips for those headed home
1614 2012, Twenty Twelve, Happy New Year!
1613 Christmas music
1612 exploring new neighborhoods, wondering if this house or that one will be ours to move into
1611 good news for B - new job?
1610 walks with the dogs late at night (can't do that in Los Angeles)
1609 ping pong and pool tournaments, friendly competitions
1608 watching the kids' interactions, hearing their conversations, listening to their laughter and banter
1607 hearing the piano played - I miss hearing them play
1606 catching up on this list - bringing up happy memories of the past 2 1/2 weeks
1605 so much food - cooked, eaten, cleaned up after
1604 the long table, filling the dining room, all gathered around together, looking at their faces, smiling at the feast of faces
1603 sharing gifts
1602 family chaos and noisy fun
1601 so many of us, together again
1600 safe trips for those arriving for the holidays - from four states
1599 watching snowfall from a warm, cozy house
1598 fresh snow! exciting for the guys - they can't wait to get out and shovel
1597 a safe flight to Colorado
1596 a houseful, a table full, family gathering
1595 small projects, completed
1594 new calendars for the new year
1593 2011 winding down, ready for a new page
1592 the milk swirling into the coffee as I pour it in, the color changing to creamy latte
1591 morning Bible reading, the encouragement, hope it gives
1590 Acceptance, for today
1589 fears, searching for hope
1588 less than good news from the doctor
1587 prescription delivered, finally, the day before he ran out, grateful relief
1586 fun day with a friend, craft projects, last minute shopping, talking, listening to music, talking some more
1585 the dark, wet morning
1584 my desk cleared off
1583 a moment to pray, to think, to breathe
1582 a tough health issue for N
1581 discouraging news, a maze of solutions, more questions than answers
1580 Christmas shopping 0n-line, with free shipping, much better than the mall!
1579 waking up to raindrops outside
1578 returning library books, good to finish them up
1577 starting a new read aloud book - hearing him laugh
1576 cozy blankets
1575 emails with 2 old friends last few days - fun dialogues
1574 Christmas wreath and sign on the front door
1573 dishes done
1572 working on writing class - studying
1571 old dog doing better - postpone putting her down
1570 boys wrestling - guess they call it brotherly love
1569 a major step taken! (query)
1568 a late afternoon walk with  J, dog, comfy talks
1567 awake early - an early start on my day, a good thing
1566 a Starbucks treat, then to airport to pick up J, good to have him back
1565 sitting out in the yard in the late afternoon sun, just a little chilly, but the sun was warm, editing the final touched on the short story, then posting it
1564 changing the sheets with the kitties still on the bed, just scooting them over like some invalid hospital patient, they barely woke up - made me laugh, but I got the sheets changed in spite of them
1563 Spanish Rice in the crockpot - dinner is done, an afternoon to work
1562 plans for a Christmas get-together with a friend
1561 looking forward to J coming home tonight, anticipating his dog's bursting enthusiasm
1560 checking off the daily tasks, completed
1559 listening to N laugh watching an old Disney movie
1558 an orange rose peeking out through the neighbor's fence
1557 courage to take the next step
1556 finding new ways to travel lighter, in attitude, a lighter heart
1555 "What is your story of today?" from blog, breathe...shine...love
1554 phone call from J each evening - miss him much
1553 brisk morning air
1552 B set up a Christmas music file on my computer - love Christmas music, maybe I'll listen to it all year
1551 fall colors, changing every day on the trees along the street
1550 fall leaves blowing around in the wind
1549 mapping up dog pee - again
1548 reading a new blog
1547 the moon, shining directly on me through the window, watching, seeing, comforting
1546 weekend quiet
1545 sad letter from a sad friend, Lord help me encourage her and learn to deeply appreciate all I do have
1544 The lessons, applications from each Jesse Tree Day - insightful, thoughtful
1543 putting up the Jesse Tree Ornaments on our mini-tree. N's enthusiasm to learn and listen
1542 spilled my coffee, love the rug in this house that is so easy to clean
1541 experimenting with photos, playing with the camera - fun!
1540 late afternoon sunlight as the sun drops behind the hill
1539 playing piano solo  Christmas  music CD on my computer while I write (George Winston)
1538 making the grocery list, planning meals, stocking the cupboards
1537 finishing books, starting new ones
1536 tackled a tough project I've been postponing - so good to get it started, a relief
1535 encouragement from other bloggers
1534 Christmas lights going up on houses around town
1533 Christmas lights, bright inside
1532 made white fabric wreath - easy, fun, no cost
1531 finished a good book (needed "down" time this week)
1530 very windy
1529 leftovers again - easy dinners
1528 hitting a very empty, rocky spot. Tough to be grateful for this, too. To see beyond this point, to hope
1527 made a new recipe, Vegetable Soup with oven roasted tomatoes, a Tuscan recipe - good
1526 making a list - 20 small things to look forward to at Christmas - helped me shift gears toward December
1525 missing J - lost my exercise partner (temporarily) missing his presence at home
1524 recovering from a long, but fun, weekend
1523 watering the potted plants, watching their seasonal changes
1522 waking up to a pink sky
1521 Christmas lights - all sparkly
1520 decorating for Christmas, taking down the fall stuff, getting out the Christmas buckets
1519 Christmas music playing - the best part of Christmas, my favorite music
1518 I see much exercise in my future...
1517 leftovers
1516 appreciating my loft office, sharing the space with others, having them enjoy it too
1515 cat throw up too?
1514 cleaning up early morning dog pee - guess the weekend was too much for her, can I be grateful for this too?
1513 the good-byes are the hard part
1512 the holiday weekend is winding down
1511 planning the next week's work
1510 phone conversations with distant kids
1509 having a house for family gatherings: meals, talks, fun, games - together
1508 visit from a friend
1507 writing a special Sunday post, finding the photo and verse to match
1506 the pine smell filling the outdoor courtyard bordered by palm trees - love the contrast
1505 on the way home, stopping to see the over 100 foot Christmas tree at Fashion Island
1504 footprints in the sand
1503 long stretches of hard, wet sand at low tide, easy to walk in, casting reflections of people, birds, the cliffs
1502 seeing the mall parking lots full of cars and knowing we are not there, but at the beach instead - the perfect choice
1501 all of us playing with our cameras , the lighting, the photo ops
1500 ocean waves, late afternoon sunlight making them transparent just as they peak and crash toward shore
1499 driftwood
1498 lobsters shooting backwards, trying not to get caught
1497 the sandpiper, with its long beak and long legs, striding, hunting for food
1496 watching the snowy plovers scurry from the waves
1495 bird tracks across the sand
1494 wind designs in the wet sand
1493 hermit crabs scuttling along, making their mini tank-like tracks
1492 variety and colors of the sea grass and kelp and seaweed
1491 finding so many starfish, their beautiful oranges and deep purples
1490 Beach trip to the tide pools
1489 time to talk, to listen to their hopes and dreams and challenges
1488 the old familiar dishes
1487 safe drives over long distances
1486 playing games together, laughing, challenging, victory shouts
1485 gathered around the table
1484 connections, relationships
1483 Giving Thanks (Eucharisteo)
1482 Thanksgiving Day, a day of gratefulness
1481 consider (COUNT) it all JOY -James 1:2 This list, my counting
1480 train whistles, its distant, low rumble at night when all is quiet
1479 J, Bar-B-Q-ing hamburgers in the rain
1478 Ann's blog:Keep Calm and Count On; Lord, bless her!
1477 a layer of fog, hovering over the valley like a ribbon
1476 fog shifting, changing, playing with the early sunlight
1475 my morning coffee - pleasant, at my desk, with my morning Bible, journal and books
1474 songs on the radio - stirring up a wide range of emotions (from tears to laughter to changing the station)
1473 holiday plans - kids coming
1472 watching a gold lined sunset from the freeway, couldn't stop watching the cloud formations (I wasn't driving)
1471 heater purring, warming our rooms
1470 early morning posts (sometimes just scheduled for early, written the night before)
1469 cloudy, cold morning to snuggle under the covers
1468 beginning Sunday links with Deidra [jumptandem] - her encouragement, grateful for her
1467 conflict with son, frightening struggles, he relented and apologized (thankfully)
1466 J's gallery opening reception - went to see her paintings displayed. Very exciting for her, and for me to see her goals happening! A good turnout of people
1465 hearing the boys talking and laughing together downstairs
1464 plans for our family Thanksgiving
1463 bought a small potted pine tree for our Jessie Tree ornaments
1462 bought our first Christmas present
1461 fall leaves, turning neon red when the sun shines through them in the afternoon
1460 a vase with tall cut branches, fall colors on the leaves
1459 a treat with B (Starbucks)
1458 a tough workout session, building strength
1457 boys productive with their work, willingly (grateful for that!)
1456 dark, damp foggy morning, like living in a private bubble, sheltered, enclosed
1455 finishing a good book - like a fun outing with a friend
1454 locks on the doors
1453 turning away from regrets and looking forward
1452 the piles on my desk - projects underway, thoughts brewing. Should keep it cleared off, but I like the on-going clutter of writing/reading projects
1451 a comforting, encouraging word - it's like refilling my gas tank when it's on empty
1450 laughter, sharing smiles, and laughs together (real life and Skype)
1449 planning my reading list for the rest of November
1448 working together, cooperation
1447 coffee and tea, shared together
1446 tiny bottle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic cloves and a lemon on the counter - a Tuscan vignette
1445 impromptu meals
1444 family over to visit - a good day
1443 a lazy afternoon reading by the fire
1442 time; a new day each morning (even if they do go by too fast)
1441 encouragement from others
1440 beautiful scenery to enjoy
1439 creativity
1438 a mind and a body to think and work
1437 lessons, training, teaching I receive each day
1436 daily needs, abundantly met
1435 our home, it's shelter and the place it gives to us
1434 my family, the rich blessings each one of them pours out on me
1433 And God saw the sons of Israel, and God took notice of them. Exodus 2:25
1432 renew the basics: deep gratefulness in the Lord: "What more could be done than Thou hast done!' Valley of Vision p. 48
1431 new blog friends
1430 squirrel yelling at me, scolding me from the tree branch (I think it is funny, he seems to think it is serious)
1429 a deep breath when a challenge is resolved
1428 stepping out on a new venture (contacting book agent)
1427 Christmas ideas arriving in the catalogs, thinking how to make them, imitate, simpler ideas
1426 reading other blogs for inspiration and for fun
1425 Monopoly marathons with the guys
1424 big news, vacation time scheduled over Christmas/New Years!
1423 morning devotional/Bible/prayer time, a chance to set the peace; the pieces of my day
1422 beginning exercise again after a minor injury
1421 a pile of dirty laundry, soon to be clean, folded, put away
1420 flames reflecting on the tile hearth
1419 fireplace burning on a rainy day
1418 long conversations with distant daughters - happy/sad
1417 a tough medical challenge, beginning the dialogue with doctors
1416 the smells just after a rain
1415 the smell of rain, just beginning
1414 garden ideas, files, remembering garden plans from different houses, reviving old dreams, discarding others
1413 completed a messy organization project (papers all over the floor) got rid of armloads to the recycling bin, filed the rest
1412 a pleasant evening out with B, eating at a new restaurant with an outdoor patio - a little cold, but they had heaters going, watched the sun go down, shopping at a home improvement store (a favorite for me), time together, holding hands
1411 lying in bed, listening to the rain
1410 cut the rose hips the day before the gardeners hacked back the bush
1409 cooking ahead for an easy dinner later
1408 windy today - crisp, clear, cold
1407 sleep = a gift
1406 cozy snuggly blankets
1405 awake in the middle of the night, learning to use those hours for thoughts other than worry
1404 pumpkin bars baked, warm smells
1403 a physical strength accomplishment
1402 misgivings, shouldn't haves, wishing to un-do, push replay, then deciding to accept and go for it, with JOY
1401 long walk up the hill - someone had carried a wrought iron bench up the steep dirt path to the top to enjoy the view!
1400 celestial pumpkin project - drilling holes, Christmas lights, enjoying a new idea
1399 family lunch and dinner out on the patio, talks together
1398 my 200th post
1397 morning hugs
1396 the apples in the bowl that perfectly match the fall flowers next to them
1395 looking forward, in all of life
1394 thinking of all the gals at the Relevant conference this weekend - look forward to reading their blogs
1393 windy, makes it so clear we can see all the way across the valley
1392 morning cup of coffee (have I said that before?!)
1391 disappointment for J, but encouragement, too, watching him respond, carefully
1390 October drawing to a close - holiday months are almost here
1389 watching a squirrel outside my window bounce from branch to branch, run and climb like it wasn't two stories off the ground - fearless
1388 baked sweet potatoes, bright color and yummy
1387 kitty poking holes in my leg as he is purring and kneading in my lap
1386 pretty snow photos - remembering the deep quiet of snowfall
1385 snow for the Colorado family!
1384 washing sheets, clean bedding
1383 took photos of a favorite book to put on my screensaver - allows me to read it/be inspired by it all day long (A Sanctuary for your Soul) fun idea
1382 seemed all the birds were waking up, stretching their voices and singing when I took the dog out this morning
1381 little tiny birds flitting around
1380 making weekend plans
1379 major event for P, first ride along with Explorers, good experience for him
1378 productive writing time this week - fun!
1377 learning new vocabulary words (today's: redolent)
1376 successful Pomodoros - for me, with my writing, for P with the mountain of dishes done
1375 rain predicted
1374 eating dinner out on the patio - with sweatshirts on, candles lit
1373 boys working hard on their school work, putting out the effort - willingly
1372 early morning cup of coffee
1371 early morning darkness
1370 Knitting - clicking needles, feeling the yarn run through my fingers, seeing the rows fill in
1369 learning to enjoy the "interrupted" moments
1368 N up very early, chatting away to me while I'm at my desk
1367 J wanting to exercise with me
1366 N counting the days until Christmas (and it's still October)
1365 A Sanctuary For Your Soul, re-reading, like a long conversation with an old friend
1364 learning new things on my computer
1363 planning, setting up the path for a new habit, writing from 1 to 3 in the afternoon
1362 supplies collected for small dresser restoration, repairs, re-painting
1361 evening out with B, Chinese restaurant, Home Depot shopping (love the creative raw materials)
1360 looking through old photographs, memories that are good/bad. happy/sad, lessons learned
1359 sunlight shining through the holes on the cheese grater - made the cheese glow - made me smile remembering Ann's cheese
1358 rose hips
1357 boys snoring
1356 the last page in this notebook (handwritten copy of this list)
1355 time to pause and notice and enjoy what is going on around me
1354 the ability to listen
1353 sounds - breezes in the trees
1352 vanilla yogurt, a simple treat
1351 dinner smells filling the house - yummy flavors
1350 quote from Ira Glass, write, write, write, write some more
1349 productive day, on many levels
1348 conflicts, misunderstandings, challenges, attempting patience
1347 memories, so many to be grateful for
1346 attending T's golf tournament, loved the chance to watch him play, proud of his work
1345 treat foods, special meals cooked
1344 family dogs visiting, playing together like cousin friends
1343 a house full of family for the weekend
1342 "ten thousand delightful thoughts spring up, ten thousand sources..." Valley of Vision, page 15. How about a ten thousand gifts list?
1341 for a future to look ahead toward
1340 for feelings, even when it hurts
1339 eye, beginning to see as dark turns to morning light
1338 ears to hear
1337 a mind to think and learn
1336 a home to share with family
1335 the ability to work
1334 the ability to exercise, to build strength
1333 made it safely - all home together again
1332 B flying home today!
1331 finished a read aloud book, read extra chapters because he was eager to hear how it ended, discussing the solution of the mystery, fun talks
1330 whole wheat milled, ready for rolls and adding to recipes
1329 meat cooked ahead for the weekend
1328 a clean, cleared off counter
1327 cleaning up a pile that has been bugging me for weeks
1326 a new skill
1325 learning - the ability to learn, seeing the boys excited about learning
1324 time- to read, to think, to pray
1323 funny pumpkin candle glowing in the dark on the patio table
1322 potted dianthus for son's new house and patio
1321 impatiens rooted and potted for more blooms
1320 very hot last two days, over a hundred, one last summer heat wave (last one I hope)
1319 found my favorite scented diffuser (sweet pea)
1318 a full moon, bright in the evening, still brightening the early morning sky
1317 waking up in the morning - grateful for another day
1316 shopping for groceries, preparing for a big family weekend
1315 a quick, light lunch (chicken salad in pita)
1314 laundry, clean, folded, put away
1313 seeing a grove of fall colored liquid amber trees - already, early fall colors
1312 a long lost item, found
1311 quiet reading in bed by lamplight
1310 weekend plans, kids visiting from out of state
1309 "I can as soon count the sands of the ocean's 'lip' as number thy favors towards me..." Valley of Vision
1308 momentary friendships formed as part of a  waiting crowd
1307 crowd. people watching -love to "write" their stories
1306 mom's pride - big achievement, H, P running half marathon!
1305 re-listened to Ann's video (Chatting at the Sky blog) inspiring, challenging
1304 catching up with old piles
1303 a deep breath in the middle of a coming/going weekend
1302 P Explorer event - at this event last year he asked about joining, now he is there, working with them - exciting progress
1301 KD moving into their new house today
1300 so many questions, so hard to live in [just] today
1299 my computer down, then up again, relief (router problem)
1298 skunk in the yard when I let the dog out this am, stood between them so she didn't see it, then pushed her back inside - the skunk watched us (didn't spray, phew...)
1297 H here safely, good flight
1296 new life for an old car - new state, new weather, new house
1295 B made it safely - uneventful, the best kind of long drive
1294 dinner recipe experiment that worked - they liked it
1293 kitty curled up in my lap, purring
1292 chilly mornings and evenings - fall!
1291 adventure today, waiting to hear how it comes out
1290 cleaning, continual, repetitive maintenance, worth the work
1289 sun rays streaming down, reaching from heaven to earth
1288 I don't get tired of spectacular cloud formations and pastel sunsets
1287 at the store, heard an old, old song, made me smile and want to sing along (quietly)
1286 new timer for Pomodoro technique
1285 evening out, shopping
1284 ate lunch on the covered patio while it was sprinkling, chatting with son, comfortable and pleasant
1283 new small bowls from the thrift store for portion control
1282 trying a new conditioner, managing the curls
1281 checking off done items in my planner
1280 dark, cloudy, billowy morning
1279  love the smell of rain - just as it starts, a mix of dampish freshness
1278 First rain of the season -early for Southern CA
1277 a pumpkin spice candle burning, scenting the air
1276 sat down this morning to a cleared off desk - worth the effort
1275 thrift store stop - fun exploring
1274 autumn gourds, dried Indian corn, mini-pumpkins
1273 seeing a huge box of pumpkins when we walked into the grocery store
1272 unpacking the fall decorations from their storage bucket - some old familiar friends, memories from many houses where they have been 
1271 Fall decorations spread around the house
1270 inspiring quotes others have written that make me say, "wow!"
1269 shelves full of books 
1268 notebooks full of notes and ideas
1267 planning time - looking forward
1266 my desk cleared off - space for study and writing
1265 Fall - my favorite season
1264 October First, a new month, a new season
1263 Morning quiet time at my desk, reading, journal writing, thinking, praying
1262 Undaunted
1261 Finished a good book, Emily of New Moon. Want to write like that
1260 Plans changed - a free day today to catch up on projects
1259 spilled my whole cup of coffee - warm, but didn't burn (grateful for that). Big mess to clean up with humor, a spray bottle and a smile
1258 woke up to some bird singing his alarm clock for me (prettier than an alarm)
1257 dog baths today, much needed with a warm, sunny day for them
1256 success with a knitting project, learning a new stitch - perfect time of year to be knitting an afghan
1255 bright orange sticky pads - perfect for fall- scribbled notes
1254 funny pets, making me laugh with their antics
1253 emotions flooding like salt water waves
1252 test results back - all is well, great actually!
1251 cat sprawled out on the stairs, soaking up the sun streaming in through the window - makes me realize sun is getting lower in the sky, warming the stairs
1250 sun, coming up in the east, reflecting off a window in the west, bouncing onto a wall across the room - a solid wall, blocking the east, yet the sun still hits it- lesson on the power of reflecting the Lord's love
1249 happy, pleasant words
1248 the smell of coffee
1247 son's birthday, remembering the night he was born 29 years ago, pouring rain, doctor didn't come, his dad delivered him, special memories
1246 phone rings, caller ID says, "Phone Scam" Answer it? I don't think so! Makes me laugh
1245 boys playing more together - different now that the girls are gone
1244 oatmeal with chocolate chips, within the calorie count
1243 a quiet morning at my desk
1242 challenges of adjusting with different family roles, changing structure of the family as older kids leave
1241 H safe flight to CO
1240 saw a bumper sticker, "My grandkids are cuter than yours," texted daughter - her response, "But you haven't seen how cute my kids are"...not competitive at all
1239 clouds of conflict clearing
1238 new house for K and D, painting, cleaning, lots of work but excitement for their first house
1237 rooms all seem "new," interesting and exciting for the boys, fresh and different
1236 huge project completed - rearranging the boys' bedrooms, vacuuming corners and baseboards that haven't seen daylight in a (very) long time
1235 small projects completed
1234 learning to purl - H patient with me as I'm fumbling, as she helps me re-do stitches
1233 family conflicts - learning from them, becoming stronger from them
1232 enjoying the days with H before she moves to CO
1231 counting flower petals - appreciating the details of nature
1230 star of jasmine - soaking up the scent
1229 beautiful, colorful sunsets during our walks
1228 moon shadows on our bedroom wall
1227 looking forward to an evening out
1226 taking risks
1225 relief - a milestone accomplished
1224 thinking about joy - to learn to have a heart of joy
1223 relaxing meal, out on the patio, together
1222 Starbucks indulgence
1221 people watching at the airport - always interesting and fun
1220 the sun reflecting off of other high rises, turning them golden (seen on our way to the airport to pick up H)
1219 the huge golden setting sun shining through the windows of a high rise - could see it right through the building
1218 H back home - to pack and move, but home for a little bit more
1217 cool and cloudy - the season is changing
1216 Discouraged - quiet today
1215 phone calls, connecting with grown children, making plans for visits
1214 skunk in the driveway when we pulled in last night - looked at us like we were invading his place
1213 time to read, relax and learn (and try not to fall asleep while I'm reading)
1212 "I'm fine." FINE= Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. Ah, I can relate
1211 reading aloud to N, hearing him laugh and demand, "One more chapter!"
1210 the moon shining brightly in the early morning sky
1209 busy day, but manageable
1208 boys working out their new school schedules, talking, working together
1207 old fashioned quilted heart card propped up on my windowsill - memories of a good friend
1206 reading September, variety of mom/child relationships, about letting go - good to read about right now as I am learning to let go
1205 really fat hummingbird in the pomegranate tree - guess he is stocked up for winter like a big old bear
1204 school starts today - new routines, new beginnings, new steps to take
1203 back to an exercise routine after being sick - good to be back, beginning again
1202 text from H of a Colorado sunrise
1201 a full moon setting in the west over still dark houses as the sky is just starting to turn gray
1200 also..."to say with Lady Julian of Norwich, 'But all shall be well and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well,' and then to add, 'No matter what.' That was the important part, the 'No matter what.'"
1199 from Walking on Water (L'Engle):"...the words of John of the Cross: 'One act of thanksgiving made when things go wrong is worth a thousand when things go well."
1198 bruise on N's thumb (closed it in the car door) cool to watch it change a little every day as it gets better
1197 chocolate chips
1196 watching the sunset from my desk, through the trees, settling behind the hill
1195 planning - big week ahead with new routines, new schoolwork
1194 J's computer arrived - big excitement - even the UPS man seemed excited
1193 finishing up Pilgrim's Progress - Christiana's journey with Mercy and her four boys
1192 enjoy seeing the corners, shelves I've organized, simplified - refreshing to see the cleared spaces - sense of achievement, relief, makes me smile
1191 J finally set up for on-line school - finally!
1190 boys' last day at the ranch - sad, but good to move on to the next step
1189 microwave popcorn - smells up the house but does taste good
1188 Dad and boys spending guy-time together
1187 working through piles of stuff - took load to the thrift store. Not packing (yet) but the cleaning and the organizing and de-cluttering will help when the time comes
1186 re-reading a favorite book (Winter Solstice) like an old friend, like a comfortable, cozy room
1185 catalog came in the mail - love the fall clothes, the colors, the styles (but the lined flannel shirts aren't too appealing when it is 105 outside)
1184 talking through the muddle to find clarity again
1183 deep, calm breaths
1182 new alyssum coming up in the marigold/lantana pot. New growth even as summer is winding down
1181 tiny birds in the lemon tree - smaller than the hummingbirds
1180 alone is not a bad thing
1179 sun setting low on the hill, watching the deep yellow light change across the walls of the room - yellow to gold to orange to purple to dim
1178 some days I need a sign like Wiley Coyote: HELP!
1177 found an old bookmark: "Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. It empties today of its strength."
1176 a quiet windy, cloudy day - makes it feel like fall is really right around the corner
1175 missing our daughters
1174 leaves on my snowball plant beginning to turn fall colors - seems early
1173 fall - school supplies - bouquet of newly sharpened pencils
1172 feeling discouraged, hearing the rain drops begin, thinking of showers of blessing
1171 hearing the wind in the pine trees even though the pruning cut them back so severely
1170 thumbing back through the filled journal - good memories, tough times, lessons learned, questions asked (some answered)
1169 early morning shopping - food to fill the frig and prepare for the family
1168 went for a short walk up the hill - good to get out after being sick for weeks
1167 beginning a new notebook for my journal - love the fresh, new, clean pages of potential
1166 sitting out on the patio in the afternoon planning months of schoolwork
1165 delays- answers delayed again - more waiting - haven't I been patient enough yet?? Obviously not!
1164 many hummingbirds in the yard - some very bold when we're out on the patio
1163 mockingbirds in the yard again - they've been gone most of the summer
1162 boys' excitement and exhaustion after a long trail ride yesterday
1161 re-reading menu plans for nutrition and focused eating to continue with the weight loss
1160 trying a new coffee drink - less calories
1159 waiting still, still hoping for good news, patience, calmness while waiting (in theory)
1158 desk cleared off - space to work
1157 phone calls with 2 of the kids, texts with another - reassuring
1156 productive day - lots of small misc. tasks done, grateful for the accomplishments
1155 a headache - reason to calm my mind, to rest, to collect the scattered thoughts
1154 hoping for good news - waiting quietly in heart and mind (attempting to)
1153 exhaustion - able to take a nap - really rest
1152 two daughters left home this summer - weaning for me this time
1151 journal: settled, secure, collected, confident, happy, sufficient, satisfied
1150 major organizing accomplished this week - motivating to do much more
1149 family together
1148 new exercise routine on my own - both my exercise partners left home this summer
1147 September First - new month, new season
1146 daughter on the plane, good to go!
1145 P doing well with his driver training, thanks to older brothers teaching him I can be relaxed
1144 parking the old car on the edge of the driveway - won't have to use it for awhile (relief)
1143 people walking their dogs at the park - happy tail wagging
1142 time, that passes so quickly
1141 daughter's last day at work, leaving for another state in the morning - excitement for her, sad for me
1140 rearranging - more space, fresh perspective, feels new and cleaner
1139 three sewing projects completed in one day (bench pad cover, sewing machine cover, quilted coasters)
1138 early morning fog - damp and cool
1137 early morning grocery store stop - almost no one in the parking lot or store
1136 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and FORGET NONE OF HIS BENEFITS (Psa 103:2). This list is my attempt to not forget His many benefits
1135 piles of stuff - whittling them down to a manageable amount with clear places/uses for everything or get rid of them
1134 sometimes it is good to save things and have them available for when you come up with a new idea to use them - sometimes
1133 getting the bulky unused foam out of the back of my closet and putting it to good, everyday use
1132 quickly sewing up a new, colorful cover for the foam padding for the bench
1131 rearranging - creativity - why didn't I think of putting that bench there before?
1130 finding long missing items
1129 rearranging, cleaning out the deep, dusty corners
1128 having a beautiful back yard for the dogs and kids and cat to enjoy safely
1127 the old dog's eye contact - she is still happy, even though she can't move around much
1126 letting the old dog out early, before she pees on the floor
1125 snoring kids and dogs
1124 plans to rearrange, deep clean the rooms
1123 Walking on Water, Madeleine L'Engle very inspiring, encouraging, challenging book to read
1122 fans going to keep the air moving (many people at WalMart buying fans - made me smile)
1121 quiet morning routine
1120 Cool morning air - but it will be hot again this afternoon
1119 motivating quotes from another blog on sticky notes (love sticky notes!)
1118 creative games the kids make up
1117 kid's campout - listening to their giggling
1116 fall flowers already - sedum, chrysanthemums
1115 sunlight glistening through a big spiderweb, rainbow sparkles
1114 planning for backyard campout - s'mores, midnight munchies, watermelon, candles (our version of a backyard bonfire), grilled pizza, card games, glow sticks after dark
1113 music to enjoy listening to, words to be inspired by
1112 school supplies at the stores now - love papers, pens, pencils, notebooks. "I'd send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils..." -You've Got Mail
1111 P's encouraging support during one of my melt-downs (he helped prevent the nuclear reaction)
1110 calm, deep breaths
1109 hot and muggy today - grateful for the sunshine
1108 doctor phone calls accomplished - been procrastinating big time, but got it done (thanks Pomodoro)
1107 thinking about the atmosphere of our home
1106 son's anniversary today - grateful for both of them
1105 my favorite chair at my desk (have had it since high school!)
1104 wondering, asking questions
1103 a smile
1102 deadlines
1101 the way the sunlight falls through the lace curtains onto the kitchen sink in the afternoons, pleasant to work there
1100 big task accomplished - finished, closure
1099 changed plans - frustration or blessing?
1098 Traffic Calmed Area - street sign in a neighborhood with speed bumps and round-abouts. Reminder that the speed bumps of life are to slow us down so we pay attention
1096 car to drive the boys to their meetings (and it works)
1095 an afternoon nap
1094 groceries to put away in the cupboards, have a kitchen with cupboards and counters and a place to cook
1093 time - time for today
1092 stretch exercise session, feels so good, especially in my shoulders
1091driving around looking at rental addresses - possibilities, imagining what it would be like to live there
1090 knitting - enjoy the handwork while watching a movie or while just thinking
1089 J got out his mandolin last night - wants to get back into playing it - I miss hearing the kids playing their instruments
1088 gardeners are here - I don't appreciate their noisy machines or the dog barking at them, but I do enjoy the freshly mowed grass and the trimmed edges, the leaves all blown away and cleaned up
1087 put my hair in a braid today, comfortable, "young" casual
1086 "number my days,"  the deadline of moving makes me appreciate, think more about how to spend the "last" days here (other than cleaning an packing)
1085 bought some new little plants for my blog photos, will be fun to plant something new in contrast to all the plants I'll have to throw away in this move
1084 key word = acceptance. Remembering Amy Carmichael, "In Acceptance Lieth Peace."
1083 going through old magazines - deciding what to keep (limiting it to a smaller number than I'd like, but accepting that)
1082 news of another friend moving in the next month - must be moving season
1081 news of an old friend's husband's death - read this morning of Christian and Hopeful crossing the river in Pilgrim's Progress, crossing into Gloryland
1080 relaxed restaurant lunch with B, outside on comfortable, pleasant covered patio
1079 thinking alot about home, about the time here "just passin' through" on the way to true home
1078 thinking of root pruning - it's value, purpose, how this move is pruning my roots - a good thing
1077 watched Soul Surfer - powerful, challenging movie
1076 summer winding down
1075 new recipe for steak fajitas in the crock pot - yummy
1074 watching B stand on the patio to watch and appreciate the sunset colors. We'll all miss this view
1073 news of another son moving to a new house - that's six of us moving in two months
1072 big adventure for the boys - scuba diving on Catalina Island - one close call, but love to listen to their stories and watch their reactions - exciting for me, too
1071 feeling glum this morning, not sure why
1070 gratefulness, just for today
1069 big adventure for P,J today, scuba diving on Catalina!
1068 feeling better, only coughing a little now
1067 a mom reading aloud to her son on a busy bench at the airport - love to see that!
1066 a once-in-awhile bowl of ice cream
1065 quiet, encouraging talks with B
1064 attempting to understand the new on-line school for the boys, attempting to not get frustrated with it - one more opportunity for patience
1063 money issues- hard to be grateful for them - they do demand attention, force confrontation, bring out priorities
1062 time to read
1061 change in schedules, activity shifts, exploring new possibilities to find what works in our days
1060 safely home, together again
1059 left Colorado Springs to a silver lining sunset with lavender rays beaming behind the clouds; changed over the hour drive to Denver - spectacular paint-worthy scenes, gold lined clouds over the mountains to a deep red and orange sunset. A beautiful reminder, all will be well, even when it seems a door is closing, finished, the morning will come. 
1058 good-byes, with a glance behind; hello with a long look ahead
1057 my favorite jeans
1056 writing in my head - wish I could capture more of the thoughts on paper
1055 feeling sad about events, helps me to appreciate the small things, to find joy more clearly
1054 this list - a journal in its own way - helps me think, sort out thoughts, the confusing and the happy
1053 thinking about the freedom that will come from getting rid of stuff (not the sadness of the loss)
1052 stability - not about a place, but about relationships and eternal values
1051 thinking about home - home is about people, the people who fill a house make it a home, not the stuff or the location
1050 hard news - we have to move - first reaction, feeling like we'll never have a "home"- rethinking, "This world is not my home, I'm just a-passin' through."
1049 excitement about a son's new house, moving in a month
1048 good-byes, looking forward to seeing them next time
1047 quiet moment - grandchildren playing happily together
1046 dark thunderheads building up - rain north of here
1045 Charlotte Mason/ Karen Andreola inspiration for the next school year
1044 Ritz Bitz crackers - great for travel munchies
1043 courage and confidence, "out there" goals for me
1042 other blogs that inspire, motivate, encourage me
1041 cough drops for a sore throat
1040 sweeping the patio and the porch, moving petunia pots to the shade
1039 watching daughter draw - thinking how I miss seeing that at home
1038 coaxing my computer to adapt to the new wireless setting
1037 marigolds blooming - baby marigolds volunteering, popping up all over the yard, even between the curb and the street
1036 grandson playing happily, quietly by himself in the yard
1035 sun on my shoulders
1034 weeding - made a huge pile for trash, made a big difference
1033 granddaughter running to me for a hug
1032 sore scratchy throat - caught it from the kids
1031 afternoon swimming in a pool (indoor) we used to swim in when it was snowing
 1030 mountain well water, cold and delicious
1029 news of a son's house paperwork nearing completion
1028 trip plans being finalized, more family coming!
1027 remembering the washboard dirt roads - rattle a car to pieces
1026 huge barn building - love the style, the color (red and rock), the way it blends into the hillside
1025 doe next to the building drinking from a bucket of water a camper had left out, later two speckled fawns watching us from under the tree branches
1024 lunch at the campground under the pines
1023 batch of brownies to share
1022 bright paints in C's house - a yellow room, a blue room, a green room, also soft gray and tan rooms
1021 doing word searches with N
1020 bright blue Colorado sky sprinkled with white puffy clouds
1019 driving up through the mountains - area where we used to live - familiar ground
1018 tubing is totally awesome! water in the river is higher and faster than it has been in years - got dunked under, but had a blast!
1017 grandson's scribbles on my gratefulness page - reminder to be grateful for him
1016 dinner smells drifting up from the kitchen
1015 air conditioning after being in the hot sun
1014 ice cream treats after the hike (mine? triple chocoholic)
1013 camera card to download photos to the computer (so glad it wasn't lost!)
1012 a hat to keep the sun off my forehead
1011 sunglasses on a bright day
1010 lost my camera - left it at a spot where we sat to rest along the hike, a lady picked it up, looked at our pictures, came along the trail and found us - so grateful!! wish I could have hugged her
1009 refreshing drink of water after hiking in the hot sun
1008 wind in the pine trees
1007 variety of bird songs
1006 bright neon blue dragon fly
1005 mountain views/ long distance views
1004 hike to 8,000 feet - overlooking Colorado Springs - mountain trail, people with their dogs, runners, mountain bikers - many athletic people here
1003 what could have been a bumpy relationship day turned out smooth and easy
1002 card games with N
1001 appreciating family; the connections connecting a wide variety of characters
1000 Finished with this list? Nope - just getting started!
999 my portable office - work wherever I am
998 older siblings encouraging younger ones, helping them with life plans
997 postcards to mail home
996 raisin bread toast with a pear for breakfast
995 together time with family
994 time to read
993 high altitude landscaping, russian sage hedge, people who put beauty touches in their yards
992 flowers in pots on the front porch - colorful, bright, a touch of beauty
991 sleeping hard - wake up feeling rested
990 sunlight breaking through the heavy clouds - vivid contrasts of light and dark in the late afternoon
989 hard rain - large drops, like hail
988 distant rumbles, rain beginning
987 dark thunderheads brewing, rolling in over the mountains
986 hiking - Garden of the Gods - spectacular views
985 grandkids playing together
984 conflict, confusion, tears
983 seeing kids again, happy hugs, happy smiles
982 safe flight, adventure for N
981 talking with woman at the airport (easy friends at airports) about curly hair, how she cares for hers, she said "curly hair is her signature" love that confidence, acceptance
980 talking with woman at the airport about raising dogs, rescue dogs, service dogs - would like to be involved with that someday - that would be my volunteer work choice
979 another trip to the airport - made the flight this time
978 calm packing (unusual for me)
977 flight full-stand by - didn't make the flight, means being home one more day, enjoy the time at home
976 rain - in July, in SoCal!
975 clocks ticking in a quiet house
974 watermelon, smell and crisp taste
973 cutting up fresh tomatoes from the garden
972 boys riding wagons around the yard, laughing together
971 early morning cloud cover - glorifying the sunrise colors
970 comforts of coming home, the house welcoming us
969 thunderheads building up over the mountains - power and beauty
968 my birthday - another year ahead to live and grow and learn and love all the Lord has given me
967 fun family times, swimming together over the weekend
966 new views opened up, new scenes, fresh view of the sunset, letting in the light
965 severe pruning of neighbor's trees - lesson on the value of strong editing
964 tough news, changed plans - lots of unknowns, waiting
963 Miss Rumphius, "You must do something to make the world more beautiful."
962 roses spilling over into the walkway (need pruning, but I like the loose garden look)
961 no hurry - slow down, relax, breathe, enjoy, find whimsy
960 hummingbird, red throat matches the pomegranate blossoms
959 said it before, say it again, I'm grateful for a computer that works (and requires patience)(guess I need the practice)
958 just being together
957 finding whimsy in the crazy moments
956 abundance thinking vs. scarcity thinking - much to think about, apply
955 quiet morning time for Bible and devotional reading
954 son's safe flight to another state to visit older brother
953 frightening/exciting changes this week - reminder to breathe
952 watching kids play together in the pool
951 time to read an inspiring home teaching planning book
950 productive vegetable gardens
949 butterfly on bougainvilla blossoms, beautiful contrast of colors
948 cool breezes keeping temperatures pleasant
947 flat of fresh strawberries from "strawberry land" - smell, taste, color, memories, yummy
946 family time weekend, swimming, talking together outside, special meals
945 found a small lost item (camera card with lots of photos) grateful we found it
944 plans, dreams, hopes, goals
943 opportunity to remember, revisit, review these gifts as I re-type the 869 gifts lost in computer land
942 traveling forward when I'd rather crawl in a hole somewhere and hide
941 confusion, mistakes, want to learn from them
940 frustrations, discouragements, accusations, misunderstandings
939 long talk with distant daughter, missing her, left me discouraged
938 lost 869 of these gifts on the computer, thankfully, have written in my notebook - will I have to re-type them?
937 finding wanted/needed items on sale, ordering them
936 opportunities for the kids to expand and grow their worlds
935 dog needing comfort, reassurance, schedule changes make her nervous
934 air-conditioning in the hot car
933 flip-flops
932 mud splashes on my jeans
931 watering plants - reviving the wilt from the heat
930 soaking up the Vitamin D on lawn in adirondack chair
929 summer quiet days
928 dreaded task accomplished - done
927 relationship challenges, feeling vastly inadequate
926 playing with the camera, watching boys play in the sprinklers, capturing rainbow photos without fancy equipment
925 breakfast together out on the patio
924 hummingbird playing in the sprinkler, trying to figure out the rotating spray
923 talk with son, true investments are in children, in home, in family, not money
922 eating dinner out on the patio - pleasant, comfortable, but we all fit on one of the small tables - hard to believe
921 talking to neighbor about the broken branch, we rarely talk, but she seems nice
920 Post Office, able to mail a package that will be 4 states away by Monday
919 watching the boys play in the sprinkler
918 son sitting across the desk from me talking (talking when I want to be writing) grateful he likes to talk
917 money issues - cause for trust
916 cell phone re-charging, ability to communicate with distant family
915 comfort of the morning exercise routine, getting up, putting on exercise clothes, tennis shoes, pushing play on the DVD, going through the motions, then feeling the release and relief of accomplishment
914 wondering at the bigness of it all, yet the smallness of my troubles
913 focus on priorities - time with kids (talking, reading together)
912 tough days on many levels, looking for peace, for trust, for love, for comfort
911 snore = sleep loud, funny phrase
910 lemons on the tree, colorful and soon to be lemonade
909 fresh strawberries, blueberries with breakfast, pretty and yummy
908 sharing writing with H, she reads mine, I read hers, discussions, suggestions
907 clouds, keep temperatures cool and comfortable, pleasant
906 one of those weeks
905 our big dog, struggling with age and her hips, she is twelve now
904 a funny old movie, comedy of a big dog turning the characters' lives upside down - literally
903 seeds to plant in my garden
902 freshly vacuumed rooms, clean swept floors
901 bug bites healing up (no more scratching)
900 seeking for, finding peace and strength
899 re-reading a good book, journaling notes
898 taking J to the equestrian center after three week break, love that ranchy, horsey smell
897 turning the page on a chapter of life - grateful to be able to "keep reading" keep turning the pages
896 dog's enthusiastic greeting when we get home (no person can match that)
895 well-stocked frig and cupboards
894 dinner out with B, outdoor tables, fountain with statues of children playing, water splashing, breeze blowing, orange chicken, fried rice, vegie eggroll, cool water
893 heart telling mind, mind telling heart, finding the balance point: Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the Lord (Psa 31:24)
892 tears, my friend says they are a gift, attempting to appreciate them
891 a huge disappointment, yet finding the good wrapped up, hidden inside
890 earthworm bin re-do, nature functioning, each part together
889 squirrels raining down pinecone pieces from the trees, chattering at each other
888 summer, relaxed days
887 waking up sleepyhead boys
886 rose bud, cut for the bathroom vase
885 watering the plants, refreshing for me and the garden
884 goals (accomplished, some not, but good to have goals to work towards)
883 wanting to quit, push to know I cannot, energy to push it through
882 frustrations, "it can't be done," then surge of excitement, contentment as peak is reached
881 Pomodoro Technique = productivity with a fun twist
880 love reading through the Psalms
879 fun, quick book to read this afternoon (Nim's Island)
878 listening to two sons cooperating, playing a game together (with lots of give and take struggles)
877 daughter motivated, challenged to excel, improve, grow
876 sunlight shining through cup of colored pens creating rainbow shadows
875 working at my desk in the afternoon, low sun filtering through the trees casting leaf shadows on my desk and work
874 new gardening idea (raised beds in kids plastic swimming pools)
873 reading through the Psalms - love the devotional joys and struggles
872 new menu ideas
871 feeling needed
870 early morning chats with H over breakfast
869 new books (25 cents) from the library
868 Saturday morning - a weekend ahead to enjoy
867 step-up-the-intensity exercise session
866 and a third cup of coffee
865 a second cup of coffee
864 fans humming, stirring the air
863 family photos hanging on the wall - makes me smile
862 two lists I found on-line - 101 Fun Things To Do This Summer, colorful, put it on the frig; and 101 Ideas (Keri Smith) inspiration for dull moments (are there any?)
861 phone conversations with distant sons
860 library books to return, new ones to be picked up - looking forward to new reads
859 fresh tomatoes from the garden
858 clothes shopping on-line fun to browse and not go anywhere
857 middle of the night quiet
856 time - learning to use it wisely
855 a fairly quiet week to re-group and plan
854 special flavored creamer in my coffee
853 reading for inspiration, motivation
852 early mornings
851 little things that make me smile and pause to enjoy them
850 son's toes peeking out from under the blanket
849 able to wear sleeveless blouses
848 wildlife in the backyard (skunks) reminder the world is not our own
847 air conditioning - luxury of cool air
846 sunrise, sunset, visual shifting changes each day, renewing a fresh start
845 I will give thanks to the Lord according to His righteousness = unmeasurable, eternal, gracious
844 Colorado trip plans
843 phone talk with daughter, grandson
842 special evening with husband
841 daughter turning 20, I was 20 when our first was born, grateful we have made it this far in our marriage and family
840 late evening talks
839 backyard chairs lined up along the hillside to watch the fireworks
838 grilled pizza - yummy treat
837 family gathered around the table, talking, laughing, eating together
836 quote from a friend: "Keep your attention on your intention"
835 a shower after the exercise session has me dripping in sweat
834 summer tans warming up our skin tones
833 a chance to sleep in (a little)
832 flags flying - fireworks!
831 birthday party (she is turning 20!)
830 Reminder - eucharisteo means to say grace at a meal - this list is my way of "saying grace" each day, throughout the day
829 taco salad out on the patio
828 walking around the garden, admiring the flowers
827 swimming - fun, cool, happy splashes
826 mockingbird singing loud its repertoire at top of the cypress tree
825 sunset, a calm part of the day, soft breeze blowing through the dying colors
824 kids, husband - a reading day, lost in the world of books (me too)
823 another birthday party
822 weekend plans
821 silly cat chasing its tail, growling at his own tail as he attacks it
820 last day of June, halfway through the year
819 ice cream sandwiches
818 dinner out on the patio, evening sun filtering through the trees
817 games with N this afternoon - time just to focus with him
816 discouraging news today, keeping a bigger perspective - trying anyway
815 friend here painting - our simple, familiar backyard scenes made beautiful and memorable
814 grateful for older kids interest, time given to younger ones
813 watched kids enjoy time together
812 new book completed - inspiration
811 planning for kid's schooling for summer (easy, casual) and next fall
810 digging deep to find contentment, calm
809 baby sunflowers opening on the potted plant on the table
808 gold lining on the clouds at sunset
807 interesting clouds, unusual, watching the formations change through the day
806 watching a great old movie - story line, characters, animation -great on so many levels
805 smells, flavors of cooking filling the house
804 family leaving for their homes, sad good-byes, hope to see them again soon
803 tired, but task completed, successfully
802 meals for a crowd - cooed, shared, cleaned up after
801 unexpected time to sit on the patio and start a book in midst of a busy weekend
800 book store browsing, finding that special book
799 special frozen yogurt treats with fruit toppings, sitting in the sun to eat them, people watching, fun gals outing
798 afternoon at a beautiful outdoor mall with fountains and greenery and flowers and aspiring musicians, casual shopping with no agenda
797 kids texting to each other from opposite ends of the aisle in the auditorium (too noisy to talk - sign language didn't work) hi-tech family
796 compost to throw peels and fruit gone bad
795 fruit pizza, fruit on coffeecake
794 fresh peaches and apricots
793 new game ideas to play outside
792 respect for law enforcement - their efforts and discipline and skills to protect
791 warm sunshine
790 big event - graduation milestone, family gathered, games, talk, food, fun weekend
789 colorful papers to write on taking notes, jotting down ideas
788 Lego men lined up on my desk - son playing nearby
787 letter from grandson, appreciate his work, his thoughts, his heart
786 HOPE
785 new light bulbs when the old ones burn out - lights up the room again
784 discovering new blogs to read and follow
783 eating out on the patio together
782 dogs rowdy play together - like cousins visiting
781 weekend meals made ahead so will have more family time
780 blossoms on the tomato plants
779 son's birthday - twelve years old!
778 fresh tablecloths on patio tables
777 pot of sunflowers blooming on the table
776 patio swept and cleaned
775 interesting conversation at the park - reminder that the Lord opens doors many, many ways
774 a cooperative computer (after it misbehaved for awhile)
773 renewing a library book I want to spend more time with
772 special pies for dessert
771 decorating with balloons for N birthday
770 hearing a favorite old song on the radio (Austin)
769 signs of summer - more people around town during the days
768 fixing a simple, easy dinner
767 a quiet house (unusual)
766 anticipating family visits this weekend
765 watching J paint the trees - building, layering each detail
764 visit from a friend - talks and walk and more talks
763 lady reading a book at the graduation - always a book at hand, at the ready, reading it in snatches at any waiting opportunity
762 Pottery Barn store and catalog - inspiration
761 Eddie Bauer shopping - love their outdoorsy, comfy styles
760 ladies with gray curly hair (like mine)
759 great exercise/stretch session
758 switching out heavy winter quilt to the lighter weight denim quilt
757 frozen bananas with chocolate and nuts
756 multi-colored buildings at harbor village
755 dogs riding in the car - look excited, taking their people out for an adventure
754 happy dogs out for a walk with their people
753 safe trip home
752 hope for our country - young people striving, working, growing
751 son's graduation - honor award, proud of him, pleased at his encouragement
750 sun glistening on a path across the ocean
749 listening to wide variety of languages spoken foreign sounding words
748 sea birds to watch - pelicans, seagulls, snowy egrets, fighting over the fish scraps, playing king of the mountain on a fishing boat
747 smells of the harbor - fish, seaweed, diesel, salt air
746 warm sun mixed with ocean breezes
745 sand in my toes
744 clam chowder in bread bowls, sitting next to the marina, ocean air, being stared at by the seagulls
743 stroll through the village, cute shops
742 beach trip, sitting out on the rock jetty, waves crashing around us
741 chimes from the tiles tower, wondering how many years they've been ringing
740 smell of the rose garden
739 beautiful old buildings, details, creative construction, artwork
738 busy park, sensory overload
737 small balcony with a pool view
736 coffee dripping in the pot
735 a full night's sleep - luxury
734 two cool photos in the hotel room - an old style phone pn a desk; an old fashioned fan with a journal and a pen and an ink bottle. A writer's world.
733 ocean breezes - love the smell
732 security getting on to the base - protection provided
731 beach/ocean views driving down the coast to San Diego
730 e-mails from friends
729 a smile from the kids
728 longer route - muscles working hard, so grateful they can
727 evening walk - love to see variety of flowers and greens and plants at houses along the way - getting ideas
726 houses landscaped with native, natural xeriscape - grays and greens and blues of the plants
725 tiny birds playing in the bubbly water fountain
724 houses landscaped with flower power
723 palm trees swaying in the wind
722 wind soughing in the pine trees
721 late evening sun glowing through magenta bougainvilla blossoms
720 favorite song on the radio
719 fresh strawberries
718 trash truck picking up our trash
717 special weekend plans
716 summer plans
715 Parcheesi, Phase 10 games together
714 out on the patio after dinner, warm low sun fingering through the trees
713 pomegranate hand soap - the delicious smell
712 reviewing a favorite gardening book
711 foggy morning
710 poached eggs for breakfast
709 fresh fruits and vegies - variety of colors, textures, tastes
708 buying gifts for coming birthdays - imagining person opening them
707 new diffuser - scent wafting through room
706 watching son achieve major milestone, responding to his enthusiasm
705 dinner out, shopping evening
704 seeing reflections: a crisp reflection must be from a clean, clear surface (interesting analogy)
703 playing with the camera, finding interesting scenes
702 learning more about the computer that works
701 a computer that works
700 the loft, large and open, my special desk spot
699 our comfortable home with windows and space
698 inspiring Bible reading this morning (heart health)
697 health
696 remembering old friends we've lost touch with
695  looking through old family photos - funny and sad memories
694 sewing on a missing button
693 love the colors of paint chips (but didn't bring any home)
692 love the smell walking through the lumber department
691 trip to Home Improvement store - creative raw materials
690 happy dog, tail wagging, tongue lolling
689 horsey ranch smells filling the car when I pick the boys up from their volunteer work at the equestrian center
688 birdsong
687 a new blouse to wear
686 windows open, fresh breezes
685 blocks spread all over the floor - creative play, imagining what his farm will look like when he grows up
684 good news from family
683 happy purr of the cat all cozied up with N
682 quiet afternoon time to read
681 breakfast with H after exercise session, before she goes to work
680 watching kids in new experiences, sharing excitement with them
679 texting connections with distant kids
678 sorting my thoughts out in a journal
677 matilija poppy blooming
676 seeds sprouting
675 late evening walk, sun setting behind the hill
674 yummy dinner smells as P is cooking
673 weight loss milestone - progress
672 health scare, then relief
671 last three days about changed plans, the unexpected sifted in with the expected, surprises in with the routine
670 long walks, good to be outside and moving, grateful for the ability and the area and the scenery
669 one cat stalking the other, thinks he's so tough - pretty funny
668 dishes washed, counters cleaned
667 clean swept floors
666 familiar Bible verses - still a fresh perspective - more to learn
665 new hollyhock blossoms
664 sweatshirts on a cool morning
663 feeling sad when events change or plans disrupted - yet points me to how much I have, how many blessing surround me
662 a son's surprise visit
661 evening fog rolling in over the hill
660 kids who want to sit and chat with me
659 P, school progress, achievement, personal best
658 books to read
657 tennis shoes for walking, exercising
656 flowers blooming, bright colors
655 determination = persistence, until you succeed, quote as reminder on my calendar page
654 brainstorm session - ability to think, plan, change, grow
653 quick afternoon nap
652 family sitting, chatting, laughing together
651 inspiring photos - ideas to tackle myself
650 tickets purchased - daughter flying home
649 "June Gloom" early morning foggy, damp coolness
648 sweat = work accomplished
647 early morning high energy workout - the amazing ability to move with energy
646 son recovering from flu - relief
645 husband's ring catching the light - grateful he wears it
644 the sense of contentment-we have enough, don't need more [ ]
643 ladybugs, protecting the beauty of our flowers
642 packages coming in the mail
641 colorful bright envelope to mail cards to grandkids
640 finished a book we were reading aloud (Mik-Shrok) beginning another - appreciate that the boys love to listen, together time
639 snack of nuts and chocolate chips
638 laundry done - clean clothes folded, put away
637 leftovers - abundance for dinner
636 good news - encouraging
635 letters from a friend, two this week
634 rainbow prism across my page from the afternoon light
633 salmon impatiens, trimmed, rooting in water to produce more plants and flowers
632 ability to take a deep breath, pause, to really breathe
631 warm, cozy cup of coffee this morning
630 early morning quiet
629 cold, wet grass on my feet as I stood outside to photograph the sunrise
628 low clouds, shapes, colors, designs, a cover pulled over  like a warm cozy comforter
627 misty, light rain last night
626 sunrise - a fresh start for a Monday morning, a beauty reminder to awake my week
625 garden plans and hopes and dreams
624 new recipe - brownies with sweet potato - yummy and gooey
623 broken window repaired, cleaned and new
622 email from a good friend
621 my planner - watching the days fill up, highlighted off (new color each month)
620 watched a tough movie - heart challenging
619 encouragement from others regarding my blog posts, challenging and motivating
618 new experiences for the kids, growth and adventure for them
617 "This world is not my home,
          I'm just passin' through."
616 pleasant walk - warm sun but cool breezes
615 Content to Rent
614 neighbors that wave hello
613 windows to see outside, but shelter and protect
612 bookshelves full of books
611 persistence = until you succeed
610 sweaty workout, building strength
609 my favorite "HE IS ABLE" verses
608 Bible verses that "speak aloud"
607 watching agapanthus blooms slowly unfold, unwrap
606 many tasks today - grateful for productivity
605 watching the sun set below the hill on my walk last evening
604 sunlight changing in the mornings, light much earlier now
603 early mornings, how much I missed by sleeping in
602 new chore chart for the month - the kids helping out around the house
601 one year of weight loss, 365 days - amazing how fast time comes and goes
600 new yellow roses blooming: delicate, lacy, ornate, fancy, frilly
599 son'e creative recipe attempt - his excitement at success
598 news of a coming grandbaby!
597 sons who fit this category (young and adults) training and being trained
596 adult leaders willing to work with motivated young people, generously giving their time and energy
595 young people wanting to make a difference, willing to be different
594 an idea brought into focus by a good writer
593 noisy play (at the other end of the house)
592 cooperative sons (especially when one has not been so cooperative lately)
591 cleared off desk - much nicer to work on
590 a nasturtium blooming from seeds I planted in a pot several years ago - it finally decided to grow - sometimes we plant and then wait - lots of waiting
589 the ability to think and learn and grow
588 watching a mama hen tuck her chicks in under the wings - the funny little chick's face poking its head out around her feathers
587 fresh eggs from the neighbor's chickens
586 this notebook list filling up - amazes me to see it all, re-read it, be more aware of the Lord's grace in my life
585 planning for the new month, moving into summer
584 late afternoon - golden sunlight spilling through the trees, glowing in long shadows
583 great news from a son - exciting!
582 BBQ hamburgers, love the smell of BBQ cooking
581 watermelon
580 time to read out on the patio in the adirondack chair
579 shopping trip - (sale!) new tops, shirts, a rare event, extra fun, time with daughter
578 trip to the office/stationery store - notebooks, pens, papers, sticky notes, all great inspriring stuff!
577 re-reading a favorite, comfortable book, like renewing a good friendship
576 cats - quick to claim a lap
575 cat rubbing against my legs, following me around, sitting by my feet
574 driving through the park to pick up the boys at the equestrian center, a green oasis
573 cloud shadows on a sunny day
572 hummingbird's high pitched twirp
571 smells of oven-baked chicken, corn on the cob
570 dripping sweat exercise session, but feels great
569 new vocabulary words to use
568 sending and receiving e-mails from friends
567 sending and receiving letters
566 the song of the breezes in the wind chimes
565 finishing a book
564 colorful pens to write with
563 sunglasses on bright days
562 exuberant exercise session - great way to wake up
561 pears with breakfast - yummy
560 sleep - much needed sleep
559 a smile from my husband
558 boys hanging the flag out front every day
557 new ribbons for a Memorial Day wreath
556 finding a shard of encouragement through my foggy thoughts
555 beach fog rolling in over the hills this morning
554 finding JOY in little things
553 time to journal - rare lately so I appreciate it more
552 reading aloud to the boys - "One more chapter!"
551 chocolate
550 reading glasses so I can see
549 sweatshirts - the best to cozy in
548 shoes to wear
547 phones, computers, mail for communication, connection with others
546 raw materials to create things like yarn knitted into dishcloths or flour kneaded into bread
545 a messy kitchen means we have plenty to eat
544 tools to work with, use
543 peaceful, calm, quiet
542 inspiration, encouragement from so many sources - grateful for those ahead of me and those traveling with me
541 morning time to read the Word, study, plan, think, journal, re-group, be peaceful, calm
540 another year - 36th anniversary tomorrow - exciting, frightening, amazing, and incredible, mostly grateful we've been able to come this far - together
539 another month almost gone by
538 looking through old photos - memories sing, most are happy songs
537 music - encouraging, comforting, challenging words
536 son sleep talking, not quite awake, all mumbly
535 first gray light of day
534 sitting at my desk, early morning with the birds singing good morning
533 tough exercise session, but feel strong
532 seeing a new place fill up with the people and stuff that make it home - even if temporary
531 watching the rooms empty out of personal touches
530 returning home, re-appreciating the familiar
529 time to talk, enjoy family
528 warm sunshine - (very warm)
527 water, cold water to drink, water plants, swim in, shower with
526 green grass - appreciate its beauty in a desert scene
525 colorful buildings, rainbow arrays, creative paint colors in a gray brown landscape
524 spots of color in the desert
523 wide open vistas
522 boxes, boxes, boxes full of blessings
521 strength on all those stairs
520 helping D,K with their move
519 safe drive, hundreds of miles
518 cupboards full of groceries
517 sunlight, breaking through gray, dark, clouds
516 another rainy morning - very pleasant
515 distant rumbles, threatening storm
514 pleasant afternoon walk
513 a surprise gift in the mail to comfort and reassure
512 a hot steaming mug, rain dripping outside, cool, cloudy, damp day
511 E - safe trip
510 family texts, back and forth
509 warm lamplight on my desk, just getting light outside
508 rain - in May - in SoCal!
507 a very quiet house, letting the kids sleep to hoard some of the quiet for myself
506 discouragement - learning (on-going) to face fears and conflict and confusion
505 morning stretches, to limber up, work to deepen stretches
504 bad news/good news day
503 awake very early, before the birds
502 wanting to challenge others, push them forward on their journeys (myself too)
501 watching the kids with a major accomplishment
500 half-way to 1,000 - still much, much to learn "Further up, further in."-Aslan, The Last Battle
499 funny, companionable animals
498 minutes ticking by on the clock, time moving on, ahead
497 rain splashing into puddles
496 sweet peas blooming
495 quietly knitting a dishcloth
494 my denim/leather pencil pouch that travels with me, and in my purse
493 unpacking, settling back in
492 cool. comfortable, pleasant day
491 progress - P advancing through a difficult program
490 home again
489 time to read and write, waiting in airports
488 all the workers who make safe flights possible
487 safe flights, a relief
486 camaraderie in airports, people drawn together
485 fast food - yummy treat once in awhile
484 late evening chats with C
483 house hunting with C- envisioning each place as a home
482 warm room when it's icy outside
481 story line in my head
480 promotion, new job and move for R
479 courtesy from others
478 a smile, even from a stranger
476 HOPE
475 cash in my wallet
474 good tasting cold water
473 park outing with grandkids
472 swimming with grandkids
471 hotel breakfast, simple and plenty
470 time to myself
469 simple home cooked foods
468 lights reflecting across wet streets
467 fresh clean air after a rain
466 sunlight shining through the clouds
465 pansies in the snow
464 open doors, closed doors
463 painting of doors on the wall- thinking, imagining where they lead
462 new skills, new frontiers
461 strength, creating, finding courage
460 facing fears
459 resilience when things don't go as planned
458 scarf to wrap around my neck on a cold windy day
457 coffee, deaf in the evening
456 English muffins with jam
455 maids to clean the hotel room every day
454 white sheets (hotel)
453 card from distant daughter
452 email from an old friend
451 muscle strength, muscle stretches that feel good
450 exercising with C
449 home with the kids
448 wanting to be in two places at once (home and Colorado Springs)
447 A, smiling at me
446 reading to A
445 playing Legos with A
444 ACV rinse, soft hair
443 three new herbal soap shampoo bars to try
442 hair tied back in a bun, too windy to wear down
441 "I'm happy you're here, Grammie"
440 wind, remembering the Colorado winds
439 grandson, climbing into my lap
438 CoSp, familiar ground
437 spring snow low on the mountains
436 gold fuzzy blooms on the tree outside my window - interesting, unique, not sure what they are, but very pretty
435 music played on my computer, relaxing background while I work
434 the birds singing again, their quiet, settling in sunset songs
433 birds singing in the trees outside my window - good morning songs
432 busy day - errands, taxi service, groceries, bed will be late tonight, but a productive day
431 trip planned - CoSp in three days
430 desk cleared off, space, room for new ideas
429 enjoying reading aloud to the boys
428 more heart lessons
427 kids needing my attention, all their needs
426 my planner pages - new month, fresh start, potential
425 notes to myself, scattered papers, reminders
424 alarm clocks, otherwise I'd miss the early morning hours
423 row of white roses - beautiful
422 tiny hummingbird playing in the water from the hose
421 cell phones for talking with distant family, keeping the connections
420 time to leisurely water the flower pots, watch them grow and bloom
419 sprinklers going early morning to give the plants a needed drink
418 time to sit on the patio in the afternoon sun and read a great book
417 B home safely, 4,000 miles!
416 relaxing, pleasant, comfortable day spent together
415 exhausted dogs, exhausted kids
414 safe trip for B, 2,000 miles away
413 safe trip there and back home
412 crackers, chips, snacks - munchies on the beach (with no greedy seagulls hovering)
411 "sand"wiches for lunch
410 dogs having a blast together in the sand, in the water, with their people
409 kids playing in the water together
408 shells, their colors, shapes, variety, broken pieces and whole
407 pelicans flying overhead in long lines, patterning themsleves in a fluid line
406 sound of ocean waves crashing, I could listen to it all day long
405 sun, wind, warm sand
404 ocean, beach smells, like coming home
403 beach outing, driving closer, feeling the fresh ocean breezes
402 splatters of yellow mustard blooming across the hills
401 distant train rumbling, whistling
400 wow - four hundredth gift!
399 "The greatest of poems is an inventory." G.K.Chesterton This list, my inventory
398 boys talking on phone - aeronautics, flight principles, lofty thoughts
397 chatting, sitting out in the cool/warm evening on patio
396 a book, a notebook, a pen - a favorite combination
395 so many tasks completed
394 freshly mown grass
393 funny play between the squirrels and our dog - teasing, tempting, guarding, chasing
392 crow perched on a swaying branch
391 enjoying, learning a photography book from the library
390 research - Google
389 luxury of an afternoon nap
388 page 209, "I began to see that nothing I am counts for anything; but all that I count of Him counts for everything - seeing eyes might illuminate the glory of Christ in all."
387 shopping trip with the boys
386 flower smells
385 warm, soft breezes
384 wispy clouds, drifting high
383 trees in bloom - spectacular
382 yogurt pies, holiday meals together
381 long shadows racing ahead of us on the way home in late afternoon
380 familiar, favorite music to listen to
379 phone conversations, texts with the grown kids
378 an open door
377 a friend, reaching out to help
376 a very "un-quiet" day yesterday, but was given the gift of encouragement, the result, peace
375making this list - the pause, searching for the heart, the joy, the love, the wonderful gifts in my life
374 reassuring words from B
373 a special family night out at a restaurant
372 "comfort tech"
371 unpacking after a trip, settling back in to my familiar drawers, closet, desk, computer
370 three birthdays and Easter in the next six days, about growth and change and hope
369 Time - the choices we make, the ability to use it well, or not
368 creativity - thinking about it, attempting it
367 being told I am BOLD when I'm really just timid and fearful
366 sitting in the warm afternoon sun, the tasks done
365 cardinal teasing me when I was trying to get his photo
364 able to help daughter with projects, remembering all my mom has done for me
363 friendly, protective dogs
362 sitting at the table, eating a meal together
361 granddaughter falling asleep on my shoulder - delightful
360 more hugs from grandchildren
359 safety on the road
358 safety from the storm
357 flashes of lightning
356 watching sheets of rain blow across the lighted parking lot
355 flag standing straight our in the wind
354 clouds rolling in with the wind
353  dry leaves blowing across the grass
352 creek running over the stones, water swirling in little pools
351 hints of spring in the leafless trees
350 walk in the woods, wind in the treetops
349 K learning to swim underwater
348 S shoulder injury, his healing
347 Frisbee Golf
346 thunderstorm, tornado watch
345 photos/art displayed in the hotel, creative touches of simple, common things: trees, wheels, musical instruments, stairs - interesting angles, encouraging photography
344 small travel Bible - reminds me of places I've been
343 questions, plans, hopes discussed
342 sports store shopping for b-day gifts - inspiring, energetic place
341 rain, dark cloudy skies
340 seeing granddaughter - big hugs
339 comfy hotel room - kitchen, nicely decorated, home-away-from-home
338 Texas Roadhouse birthday meal - ate too much
337 cardinal singing in the trees
336 safe flights - usual crowds (even the sparrows flock to the airports)
335 sparrows in the airport
334 beginning a new book
333 lists - making lists - sorting out plans and ideas
332 jets overhead, reminder of upcoming trip
331 wafts of scent from the diffuser
330 sunlight filtering through the trees
329 fresh baked pizza - wonderful smells and tastes
328 lots of quotable quotes sprinkled in this weekend's conversations (wish I'd written them all down)
327 little mini books from Ann's website, challenge to write 7 a day on gratefulness list
326 steam curling up out of my coffee cup
325 picking up, cleaning, vacuuming - like a fresh space, a clean canvas to paint our family's lives
324 time to journal - rare lately
323 comments from others noticing the weight loss - encouraging, watch the vanity - mostly motivating and challenging to continue on
322 having a house with space for a crowd - love it, appreciate it, enjoy it
321 D,T here visiting, talks of aeronautics, nano seconds - makes me proud (and confused)
320 papers filed away, desk cleared off - a fresh workspace
319 a new month (April)
318 wave petunias - love the colors
317 watering the garden flowers - watching the colors open up to the spring
316 wondering, thinking
315 crows - raucous in the trees
314 adventures to try something new
313 looking forward to family times this weekend
312 scrubbing grout in the kitchen, cleaning the cabinets - a brighter difference
311 vegetarian enchiladas - new varieties of tastes
310 long talks over the phone with our daughter, grandchildren noises in the background
309 early morning heart lessons
308 looking up words in the Strongs - Greek, Hebrew - copying out the Greek letters - looking for lessons of the heart
307 walking, fresh air, cool breezes, talking with son, dog's happy friendly wags, valley views
306 son leaning on my shoulder, "I love you Mom"
305 hearing the neighbor's chickens squawk - cluck, like country noises
304 courage - even when I don't actually have it
303 Big Breakfast, a new eating pattern, reminds me of my mom's big breakfasts on school mornings
302 Monday morning - fresh start for the day and a busy week ahead
301 fog rolling in over the hills - reminds me of beach living
300 this list - makes me stop, pause, think each day, and smile
299 Taking the courage to plow through a scary project
298 starting another good book, saying hello to a new friend
297 finishing a good book - like saying good-by to a friend
296 ideas, hopes, plans, dreams
295 a messy desk - many projects, having much to think about, learn, work toward
294 an old movie - have faith in yourself, don't be afraid to prepare
293 remembering another house where I could hear the ocean waves miles away in the Sunday morning quiet
292 Sunday morning quiet - no traffic, gardener's noises, no neighborhood bustle
291 eating with chopsticks, a chicken stir fry made in the wok, many textures, tastes, colors
290 discovering a new blog, a new author I love to read
289 major achievement - a three month goal accomplished
288 walking around the yard looking for photos, noticing, seeing much more than I normally would
287 taking photos - discovering something in the camera lens I hadn't noticed before
286 laughter, kids playing together
285 raindrops, gray light, quiet morning
284 lunch out with a friend - an exceptionally rare treat
283 taking a walk, fitting in the time on a busy day
282 funny stories about the grandchildren's antics
281 news of a very special woman who died - brings memories of how wonderfully she challenged and encouraged me by her powerfully quiet example - grateful for women like her
280 contacted by old friends - lots of memories
279 a clean refrigerator (finally did the cleaning)
278 first day of spring (and it's raining hard)
277 keeping windows slightly open to hear the pouring rain
276 heater purring, keeping the house warm
275 family communications - being able to connect over the phone
274 successful craft project - new colorful curtains for daughter's bathroom
273 happy dogs - close by, friendly companions
272 funny cats - stalking and chasing each other
271 weight loss - encouraging progress!
270 a new (thrift store) small cutting board so I don't have to get the big ones out each time (and bleach to clean it)
269 our kitchen - a comfortable work space
268 windows to watch the wind and the rain from a warm, dry spot
267 tile floors - so easy to clean up muddy dog prints and wet foot prints
266 we don't have to move
265 understanding, learning - how does this list change my heart, and how my heart perceives
264 low clouds, rain predicted
263 lessons of the heart
262 early morning Bible study time in a quiet house
261 another day survived...but not at the best, still much to learn
260 computer skills - learning, but still much more to learn
259 talking with the kids, being inspired by them
258 learning to enjoy exercise sessions - esp time together with H and  E
257 the lamp illuminating my desk in the early morning darkness
256 facing fears
255 early morning rain
254 stairs - up and down exercise all day long
253 ironing caught up, boys learning to iron their own shirts and pants
252 another week, fleeting past
251 new spring decoration on our front door wreath
250 flowers, bright colors of spring
249 reading of other women and their encouragements to continue writing their lists
248 reading aloud to the kids
247 purple coasters I crocheted - a round of deep color
246 learning to not be too hasty, not jumping to assumed conclusions, waiting, thinking, trusting
245 learning to relax, to trust, to allow the kids room to grow
244 phone call from a vacationing son - family connections - they're visiting another son today
243 challenging goals
242 several books I am reading, reading them all slowly, savoring, thinking, absorbing
241 coffee smell floating through the house
240 cat asking for attention, not considering I wouldn't want him in my lap
239 being tired, looking for energy
238 watching the kids meet new adventures
237sunlight later in the evening - daylight savings time
236 flexibility - willing to change and grow with the kids
235 change - frightening, but beautiful
234 water, drinking a gallon a day again for weight loss and hydration (much better than coffee all day)
233 learning to be thankful for curly hair
232 a trip planned, scheduled to visit children and grandchildren
231 J growing, venturing out, beginning a new life path
230 dinner date
229 a yummy treat - coffee shop cafe mocha
228 Gift Moments, this moment
227 magic moments - being aware of them
226 apples and oranges, sliced up in the afternoon sunlight
225 HOPE- would be hopeless without it
224 chocolate
223 clean counters - the dishes done, put away
222 cooking, baking smells from the kitchen
221 inspirational authors - grateful for the work they've done to encourage others
220 time to write, think, imagine
219 boys playing quietly together, only arguing a little bit, but still playing
218 jet overhead - looking forward to flying soon to visit family
217 a longer walk today - blowing off some steam
216 paper - blank paper
215 a cool walk, comfortable, fresh air
214 a cool drink, refreshing
213 a goal accomplished today, several actually
212 birthday party tomorrow - family time together, relaxing, laughing
211 noise - that I can hear
210 special chips and snacks from Trader Joes - humus and avocado
209 grateful we are on solid ground, but a reminder that the earthquake could happen here too
208 a late evening walk, almost dark
207 hearing a younger brother with an older one on the phone, talking, laughing, sharing together even through the distance
206 evening air, birds making their evening settling in sounds
205 husband and daughter home from work - all collected at home together again
204 a cupboard full of cooking supplies and food
203 cookie trays that have baked countless mountains of cookies and rolls and foods
202 5 chairs and a bench pulled up around our dining room table that has seen so much
201 comfortable chairs
200 loyal dog whose tail won't stop wagging when he gets home 
199 loyal dog pouting when "her boy" is gone
198 a headache - reminder to relax and drink some water
197 a new magazine with inspiring photos
196 the yard, freshly mown grass, the smell in the air
195 cats snuggled together in a ray of sunshine
194 many more birds singing now that it is warming up
193 warm (not too hot) sunshine
192 clean shower walls
191 planning ideas - looking forward
190 switched around some of the framed wall prints - makes me appreciate the wall space and paintings again
189 trash can pick up service each week - such a luxury
188 sweet peas planted months ago growing, climbing up the bougainvilla with new tiny leaves
187 nasturtiums, 4 inches tall
186 tiny kumquats turning orange
185 lemons on the tree
184 new blooms on the wave petunias - bright splash of color
183 challenges toward accomplishing my goals - not easy - can't take them for granted
182 new experiences for the kids - watching them grow
181 a better school day with our youngest - he was working and trying today
180 sitting with my daughter - she's in the chair on the other side of my desk, just chatting
179 sweet potatoes baking - sweet, syrupy smell
178 acceptance - with JOY (Hind's Feet on High Places)
177 early mornings
176 criticism, receiving it gently
175 weekend change of pace, varied routines, more time together
174 my impatience with the kids, a reality check to stop, be grateful for each one of them and for the Lord's patience with me as I still struggle to learn
173 my reading glasses, so I can still enjoy reading
172 bright, almost neon green new spring growth in the plants
171 coffee with creamer (I could say this every day)
170 kids schoolwork being checked off - completed
169 piles of neatly folded laundry
168 warm clothes, fresh from the dryer
167 our view of the mountains and valley (I could say this every day)
166 weekend morning quiet
165 bookstore shopping, finding new treasures to explore between the covers
164 stripes of light coming through the blinds
163 light breezes, fresh breath of air
162 sitting at the table together for mealtimes
161 emotional challenges to help me grow
160 patio for sitting outside, eating outside
159 And yet He did not leave Himself without witness, in that He did good and gave you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying your hearts with food and gladness. Acts 14:17
158 cleaning supplies that make work easier
157 photos - seeing scenes through perspective of a camera lens
156 long afternoon shadows
155 geraniums blooming in an ivy hillside
154 the light shining into the kitchen in the afternoon when we're cooking
153 a new library book to read
152 homemade pizza cooking
151 messy, strewn books and papers = kids learning and thinking
150 refrig and freezer
149 inspiration, motivation, ideas floating around, some grabbed thoughts
148 pillows and warm blankets and soft flannel
147 memories, old and recent
146 for a challenge, and meeting it
145 the ability and the place to go for good long walks
144 a simple dinner of lentil chili on baked potatoes
143 the ability to type - quickly clicking the words onto the computer screen - love seeing the sentences and paragraphs unfold
142 imagination - possibilities
141 new exercise routine and taking a longer walk, finding new muscles
140 changing calendars to a new month
139 enthusiastic children
138 time
137 journaling - putting words to scattered thoughts
136 writing a note to our granddaughter, thinking of her, smiling
135 colored pens, love the pretty colors across the page
134 paper, notebooks
133 putting on an old favorite dress I haven't worn in a long time - fits me baggy now
132 moments of inspiration
131 the cool tile floor - easy to clean up muddy footprints and paw prints
130 the rug underfoot
129 seeing moments, scenes as a photo; wanting to remember them like a photo in my mind
128 our camera - learning new photography skills
127 being able to call and talk to grown children, grandchildren
126 turning on a lamp in a dark room
125 a major project completed (relief!)
124 gardeners doing the yard work - keeps the yard looking nice (paid for by our landlord)
123 a letter from a friend
122 coffee with lots of creamer
121 a quiet card game in the evening together
120 children slowly waking up in the morning
119 smell of popcorn cooking
118 washed dishes in the drainer
117 a clean stovetop
116 flowers in a vase on the table, from B
115 saw the first hummingbird
114 the sun coming up across the mountain tops, the tree tops, then onto the valley
113 achieving goals, setting new ones
112 creativity, watching it in our children especially
111 smell of banana muffins cooking - mmmm
110 starting a new journal - love all the blank pages - wonder what words will develop on them
109 the strength - to walk and exercise
108 reading an old favorite book (Pollyanna)
107 washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, my quiet "servants" humming away
106 gorgeous clouds, with silver lining
105 the clock ticking in a quiet house
104 the rain giving life to the plants
103 health, even illness, but life
102  the cat who thinks he's a dog and always at my feet
101 baby chicks the neighbor brought over to show us, to let the kids handle them, get them used to handling, their little wings and chirps
100 memories - so many family memories to remember happily
99 photos of our family to enjoy, remember them, to think of them
98 lamps to light up inside while it is dark outside
97 warm, cozy inside, rain pouring outside - glad I'm inside
96 learning to catch the fleeting moments that make me smile and enjoy them
95 peeling potatoes for potato soup on a dark, rainy afternoon
94 sharing new skills with the kids (them teaching me)
93 learning new computer skills
92 reading aloud to N - winding down the day
91 a crunchy apple, a sweet pear
90 a walk in the soft rain - wonderful!
89 a brisk walk in the cool air, talking with J as we walk
88 scented candles burning, sending their aroma thru the house
87 warm rolls, fresh from the oven
86 warm soup, bubbling in the pan
85 being able to offer intelligent helpful words of advice to the kids
84 watching the kids love to meet a tough challenge head-on
83 a fresh ball of yarn for a new project, a bold blue
82 reading other blogs, of how others are growing and changing
81 listening to the kids talk and laugh in another part of the house
80 pillows, lots of comfy pillows
79 my sewing machine and the pile of mending needing to be done (we do have clothes)
78 library books, being read and returned
77 Ann's vimeos of her book chapters, encouraging, needed words
76 pine trees covered with new baby pine cones (squirrels will be happy)
75 hot shower after a sweaty workout
74 warm socks on a cold morning
73 a blank page in my notebook
72 a car that runs, with gas, with room for all of us (and the dogs)
 71 early morning sunlight filtering through the trees, a new day, a fresh start
 70 my planner notebook, love the pages, the organizational help it gives
#69 notebooks, papers, pens - writing tools to explore with
#68 games we love to play together as a family
#67 favorite old movies to watch
#66 a drink of cold water after (and during) a strenuous walk
#65 discovering new books, and re-reading old favorites
#64 birds happily singing, flitting through the trees outside my window
#63 reading other women's inspiring blogs
#62 the basket of colorful yarns under my desk
#61 coffee to drink in the afternoon, a luxury
#60 time today for planning and thinking
#59 an easy dinner to make, but yummy, to enjoy together at the table
#58 everything is so clean and fresh after the rain
#57 time with my husband, shopping, eating, talking
#56 watching the kids with their imaginative play
#55 conversations with family
#54 an encouraging word
#53 sweatshirts
#52 comfy crocs I can wear all day like slippers
#51 exercising with the girls, motivating each other
#50 going for walks with the kids
#49 infectious giggles
#48 dog that stays close by, a loyal friend
#47 cats curled up with a sleeping child
#46 wind, gentle breezes
#45 spring growth in the trees, new leaves forming
#44 laughter, lots of laughter
#43 fresh snow on the mountain view - gorgeous!
#42 being able to walk in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine
#41 the ability to learn and change and develop new skills
#40 USB/card reader cord for putting photos on to my computer
#39 the garden painting on my wall, my little scene of peace and calm where I can "go"
#38 the dog snoring noisily while she sleeps
#37 children quietly breathing while they sleep
#36 birds singing just as the sky turns from dark, unseen to pale blue, visible
#35 cloud formations, of all types
#34 sunrises
#33 sunsets
#32 my computer
#31 music
#30 books
#29 words
#28 my desk spot for working and thinking and writing and gazing out the window
#27 hearing the tinkling windchimes
#26 laying awake in bed, listening to the dripping rain
#25 I love the rain
#24 the beautiful, deep color purple of the yarn I'm knitting for a scarf
#23 early morning quiet - love that time of day
#22 lotion that sinks into dry skin like a refreshing drink
#21 grateful for children who love to read and enjoy books
#20 sunlight shadows on the wall in the late afternoon
#19 chicken grilling on the BBQ - love the smell
#18 grocery shopping - what a privilege!
#17 the smells of a big batch of meat cooking to freeze up in smaller portions to make meals easier
#16 a warm cup of coffee to hold in my hands
#15 time to be home to spend with the kids and my husband
#14 sunlight coming in the windows, and the way it changes during the day
#13 the quiet pattern of most of my days
#12 watching our children grow and change and learn and grow and change
#11 love and enjoy the encouragement of reading Ann's blog every morning
#10 a good night's sleep, such a luxury
#9 being able to pay the rent and bills
#8 last minute post on my blog that "came together"- fun process
#7 lessons of the heart
#6 early morning Bible reading, devotional reading time
#5 able to skype to see and talk to grandchildren and grown children
#4 weight loss - an exciting process
#3 warm, wonderful bright blue spring day
#2 KGCRTSDAHEPJN,KAA (family initials, in case you're wondering)
#1 B


  1. So,so, so much to be thankful for. Your list made me smile as we head into October, into this season of gratitude, and thanks for counting gifts along with us all.

  2. Wow, Maureen! You are over 3-thousand in your listing...God is SO good! I am blessed by reading your blessings!! Thanks for sharing.
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

    1. Thank you! I am grateful to be able to share a small piece of all the Lord does in our lives. Glad you could visit.

  3. Hi Maureen,

    Wow, do you just keep adding to this post? How exciting to see God's many gifts, huh? I'm hopping over from Ann's link up, and grinning with you over mammoth zucchini, spicy nasturtiums, storms, family and more.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing with my list! Yes, I keep adding, sometimes it seems to bog down the post, but, I enjoy scrolling back through them occasionally myself. Once I get started, turning my heart to the Lord and His many daily blessings, the big and the small, His love overflows.