Saturday, March 12, 2011


     In response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the devastation there, we have a strong, vivid reminder to be prepared for disasters and emergencies.  Here, in southern California, we are part of the same Pacific Ring, with a very real potential for earthquakes.  The government posts lists of items we are to keep in our homes, procedures to take to prepare for disaster and steps to take with your families to be ready.  Not paranoid, but ready.  However, even living in an earthquake prone area, I hadn't taken specific steps.  This morning, as part of our regular shopping trip, we bought extra canned goods to store in a low cupboard near the back door.  Some fruit, some vegetables, chili beans and some soups.  Not a huge amount, just something set aside as a resource if we need it.  I dated them with a sharpie, and plan on rotating them out, as I'm sure we'll find uses for those items along the way.  But, at least it's a start.  I put a can opener with them, too.
     Also, we have a large empty trash can sitting outside.  It is specifically for water storage, but I've never managed to put it high enough on the priority list.  It is today.  I rinsed it out and filled it up, adding a little bleach to disinfect(1 tsp per five gallons of water).  Again, it isn't enough to last us for weeks, but at least it is something.  We have rice and beans to cook, but they would take a lot of water and we might need that water for drinking. Water would very quickly become a critical issue.
      Our supplies are very dependent on the city systems.  My plan, is that our family could be self-sufficient, at least for awhile, and not need the aid of others, which could then go toward much needier families.  By preparing our family, we may not be doing much, but at least our efforts could alleviate some of the strain on a society under dire circumstances.
     Is your family prepared for disaster?


  1. Such a great idea... We are not in an earthquake area, but, I am feeling the nudge to be prepared for "whatever". Do you also have a backpack handy with items needed in case you have to evacuate? Just curious...

  2. No, Kimberly we don't, but that is a good idea. I have a first aid bag in a closet upstairs. I will get that out today, check it's contents, and put it next to the box of the canned goods near the door. It is a challenge to be prepared for "whatever," as you say. But even the little things could make a big difference, even if it's just in our mental peace of mind. Thanks for your comment!