Saturday, March 5, 2011

Competitive Much?

We are not a competitive family - ha!
     One of my goals is to walk six hundred miles a year.  That translates into two miles a day, most of the weekdays, and one weekend day.  Not an impossible goal at all.  The walk we have been doing was 1.4 miles, not quite enough, but the steep climb made up the difference.  I wanted to lengthen the distance.  Because we live in an area of hillside homes, the streets are mostly cul-de-sacs or dead ends.  We took the car out and drove around, checking the odometer, trying to get as close to two miles there and back as we could.  One route, a street that loops around and returns back was 1.8.  We decided to use that route for a week, then increase it to 2.3 with an added street next week. It isn't as steep, and nestles in among some canyon homes - a pretty route, and still has a nice view.
     I walk with our son and his dog in the early afternoons after our schoolwork is done. Another daughter runs with the dog early in the morning.  And, another group of the kids goes out some evenings together, to run later after the older daughter gets home from work.
     It started when the son I walk with commented that we had walked the new route in 35 minutes.  The running group said, "No way, it takes us 34 minutes to run it!"
     We timed it the next day (yes, we did walk very fast and pushed hard), and reported we had walked it in 34 minutes.
     This morning, when our daughter burst back in the door from her run, the dog panting heavily, she called out, "24 minutes!  I beat all of you guys!"
      Competitive much?  Not us.

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