Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When I am discouraged with the weight loss, I get mad. For three weeks of January, I didn't lose any weight, even though we were exercising every day and I was eating carefully. It made me more determined than ever to make this work, to fight through this struggle, to not give up, and to win.  Which, in this case, actually means lose! And now, because I persisted, I am winning by losing.

By "mad," I don't mean angry. When I looked up "mad" in the dictionary, it didn't fit what I meant, so I looked up similar words.  What I mean is "grit your teeth, undistracted, focused and intense."  In the dictionary, grit is defined as stubborn courage, perseverance, or to clench the teeth in anger or determination.
After dinner, our dog gets a piece of bread.  In the routine, which she looks forward to, Dad holds the bread above her nose while she has to sit and wait until he says, "OK."  She makes such funny faces, trying not to look at the bread, while focusing on it all the time.

"I won't look, I won't look."  That's what I mean by undistracted, focused.  One thought, one effort, "I will do this thing."

Or, our daughter as she is drawing and is completely absorbed in her creative effort, completely "right brain focused."

Or, the intense effort of a runner, eyes ahead on the finish line, pushing one step at a time across the course.

That is what this task of weight loss takes.  A mad, firm, focused determination of tough grit.
When winning is losing, I will win, little by little, step by step.

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  1. Hi Maureen, I sent you an email...I came over to see what you were writing about today. I see you like books!...I told you about buying the book from the little book you had on your table..I ended up and bought 3 in was by this author. The book I wanted to order was "Traveling Light" hummmmmm I did need that! and there was a sale and got the other 2 in the same hardback book for $1 you see I am a bargin hunter too...I like it you home school and too like dogs! I wished I did like to read more books. I try to read my Bible daily as it comforts me so much! I would have love to peek into the books you were giving away to lighten your load. Are they back on the shelf? :) Losing weight too is a good way to stay healthly so we can work until our work is done.
    Hugs with many blessings!