Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2nd, One Year

This post has been harder to write than I thought it would be.  One year ago today, I began a serious program of weight loss and exercise.  For the effort, I have lost 42 pounds and dropped four sizes and twenty-three and one half inches overall.

Why is it hard to write?  Because I wish I had more to show, had done more, had worked harder, had been more consistent, had bigger results - the Perfection Monster rears it's ugly head!  Argh!  Must remind myself, this is a mile-marker along the way, I am not "there" yet.  On our recent six hour drive to Arizona, we could tick off the miles watching the mile markers as we neared the state border.  Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight, twenty-seven.  Which is what I'll be doing on the scale as I count off the last thirty pounds.  And, if it takes me another year, well, there will be thirty pounds less of me to cart around.

This date reminds me to re-commit and confirm my goals. It is an expression of gratitude to the Lord to care for the body He has given me.  This daily effort is not for vanity, but for strength and health and to be well-equipped to do my job as home-builder, mom, wife, writer, grammie, and any other hats I wear.

My nutritional goal is to eat for nutrition.  That sounds redundant, but it takes my focus off what I "feel" like eating, what sounds yummy, comfort food, emotional eating, or bored, restless eating.  Instead, I evaluate if this food I am putting in my mouth will build health, strength, energy and leanness. Sometimes, more often than it should be, the answer is no, but it is a direction, a goal.  Note: fortunately, chocolate is a nutritious, acceptable snack - occasionally.

These are the products we have used ( with our daughters) over the last year:
Shakeology, a powder mix for shakes (with fruit), once a day
Recovery Drink, a powder mix for replenishment after a tough, sweaty, intense work-out

Turbo Jam,  intense cardio kick boxing and strength building work-out DVDs
ChaleanExtreme, a program of weight lifting and cardio workout DVDs
TurboFire, a workout program of HIIT (high intensity interval training) DVDs.

I continue to do the modified version, just to be gentle on myself because of my age (OK, yes, I admit it) and because of weak abs, weak back and I want to be sure to build enough strength without injury.  It is still a good, sweaty, workout.
Also, walking almost every day, and an additional ab workout a couple times a week (AbJam from the Turbo Jam series).
All the above are from; if you have interest in any of it check out:

Losing weight and building fitness is work. I get sidetracked, out of balance, out of focus.  Often.  I am grateful for our daughters who have worked with me, one also losing forty pounds (click here for her link), the other working for strength and fitness.  The camaraderie is encouraging on the days I really don't feel like getting up at four-thirty.  Worth it?  Absolutely!  Still a long way to go?  Yes, but without looking back.

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  1. What you have lost (in the physical sense) is amazing! I understand the frustration of it no going faster, but it sounds like you're doing this sensibly and for the long term. And how awesome to have the support and companionship of doing this with daughters. Way to go:)