Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

Balboa Park in San Diego is a multi-cultural source of sensory overload on a weekend afternoon.  We did not hear much English spoken; it was interesting to listen to the variety of foreign sounds.  I have no idea how many different languages we heard. Many.
On a Saturday stroll through the park:

  • man playing jazzy tunes on his Saxophone
  • group of teens showing off their yo-yo stunts
  • chimes booming from the tiled tower, wondering how many years they had been ringing
  • water lily pond, koi swimming around
  • rose garden, colors, smells
  • young man strumming his banjo
  • Botanical building with palms, shade plants, ferns
  • photographers everywhere
  • bridal parties being photographed
  • old buildings, amazing architecture, artistry, creativity, style from a hundred years ago
  • quinceanera parties (please assure me they were too young to be brides)
  • little ballerina in her tutu and make-up, hair tight in a bun, like she had been performing her dance
  • picnics spread around, people playing cards, reading books, relaxing in the sun, sharing a casual meal
  • stretched back on his elbows in the sun, man foot-tapping to his i-pod plugged into his ears
  • magicians,  and a balloon man shaping animals

These are a small sampling of all that was going on around us, a tiny slice of the humanity happening at the park on a busy early summer afternoon.

On Sunday we went to the Oceanside Harbor Village.

 A fun spot of cute shops to wander through, with quaint little eating spots. Clam chowder in bread bowls, eaten on the harbor edge, being stared at by seagulls. The signs said, "Don't Feed the Birds," so we couldn't share with them.

We walked out on the rock jetty and sat awhile, watching the waves and the surfers. Pleasant and peaceful, enjoying the sun and water splashes.

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