Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ladybug Luck

Our daughter made this ladybug for me, a token of good luck.  Of course, "good luck" is a this-world perception of the Lord's many blessings, of the gifts that fill our lives. The ladybug hangs next to the kitchen sink, in three different houses so far, reminding me of family and home and the people who grace our lives; I am grateful. As I stand at our sink in the afternoon, the sunlight casts a lacy glow across the room and the ladybug.

In the garden, ladybugs are friends. They eat a lion's share of aphids, devouring fifty of the pests a day ( Lots of fun ladybug facts, traditions and mystique here:, and here,
Next time you see a ladybug, thank her for the work she does protecting our plants, keeping this world beautiful.  A ladybug is one more of the tiny things of wealth and blessing that color our days.

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