Thursday, June 9, 2011


Do you know where the daylily gets its name?
Each blossom lasts only one day, then it fades and wilts, making room for a new bud to open the next day. In the photo below, this is the same blossom the next morning.  The new buds are waiting in line for their turn to bloom, each their own one day show.
The daylily is a reminder to me that today, this day, is all I have.  Like the manna, by tomorrow, today will be wilted, old and worthless, just history.  The value of today is irreplaceable.  How will I use it?  The choice is mine to waste it or turn it into gold.  Seeds sown today will bloom another day.  Actions taken today will be fruitful another day.  Attitudes conveyed today will sprout into other days.  Like this daylily (yesterday's bud in the back corner of the top photo), today is the day to live my life.  Today.

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  1. As always you take wonderful pictures - - and I love today's lesson :) Excellant reminder.