Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Denim Quilt

I made a similar denim quilt before we were married, thirty six years ago.  Over the years, it became worn and torn.  My idea was to take it apart and use the pieces to re-make it into a new quilt, but when I took it apart, it disintegrated into shreds.  A few of the denim pieces were redeemable, but most of this quilt is newly cut from old jeans and scraps from my fabric collection.  The old quilt was heavy and warm.  Not sure why, but this one is lightweight, a good summer quilt.  I switched it out today with the heavier winter quilt, ready for the warmer nights of the season.
 This quilt was made with old, unwearable jeans and random pieces of fabric.  The old and frayed and the random, with a little bit of work, becomes useful again. Hopefully that will be true for those of us (all of us) who are getting a little older and a little more frayed each day. Notice I did not  say more random each day...

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  1. I love, love the quilt :) Definitely feeling a bit frayed...glad you made the distinction between that and random :) Just getting my bearings after being out of town...must catch up on your posts!