Wednesday, June 1, 2011


These nasturtiums are from seeds I planted at least two years ago in this pot, mixed with a snowball plant and some chrysanthemums.  We lived at a different house then, in a mountain climate, and they did not sprout and grow. Here, I was surprised to see their orange blossoms peeking out over the edge of the pot from underneath the snowball leaves.
This was an encouraging note, a reminder that the seeds we plant, even if they don't appear to grow or bloom, may just be waiting, lying dormant until another time, ready later when you are not expecting them to sprout and blossom. For me, that means pushing forward with the exercise and eating for nutrition, teaching the kids, and trusting the Lord for daily grace to move forward.  Even if I don't see visible results, the seeds are there, waiting to grow.
Be patient, have faith.

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  1.'re just zinging me right and left with good words of encouragement lately! Thanks:)