Monday, June 13, 2011

Gifts of Change

The last three days had a distinct theme:  Change.  If there were plans or expectations, they changed. Each day, Friday afternoon through Sunday had unexpected surprises. Some good surprises, some not-so-good.  The events of this weekend had me thinking a lot about gratefulness and flexibility and paying attention to all the little things that surround me abundantly.  Not to focus on the disappointment or frustration, but to be aware and awake to the details of beauty and peace and love and contentment.

Since February I have been keeping a list, inspired by One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp's book of her own journey making a list and the changes that happened in her heart and mind and life.  I have mentioned this before, and post my list each day (click on the tab above).  For today, here is my list from this weekend; just a few of the blessings sifted and sprinkled through my days.

683 happy purr from the cat cozied up with son

682 quiet afternoon to read
681 breakfast with daughter after our exercise session, before she leaves for work
680 watching kids in new experiences, sharing excitement with them

679 texting connections with distant kids

678 sorting out my thoughts in a journal

677 matilija poppy blooming
676 seeds sprouting
675 late evening walk, sun setting behind the hills
674 yummy dinner smells as son is cooking the meal
673 weight loss milestone, progress
672 health scare, then relief

671 last three days about changed plans, the unexpected sifted in with the routine
670 long walks - good to be outside, moving, grateful for the scenery and the ability
669 one cat stalking the other, thinks he's such a tough guy - pretty funny
668 dishes washed, counters clean

667 clean swept floors
666 familiar Bible verses - still a fresh perspective - more to learn
665 new hollyhock blossoms
664 sweatshirts on a cool morning
663 feeling sad when events change or plans disrupted - yet points me to how much I have, how many blessings surround me
662 a son's surprise visit
661 evening fog rolling in over the hill
660 kids who want to sit and chat with me
659 son's school progress, achievement, personal best
658 books to read
657 tennis shoes for walking, exercising

656 flowers blooming, bright colors
655 determination, persistence = until you succeed, quote as a reminder on my calendar page
654 brainstorm session, ability to think, plan, change, grow
653 quick afternoon nap

This weekend, unexpected changes became unexpected gifts.

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