Friday, January 14, 2011

Very Little is Needed

This wooden wall plaque was given to us by my brother the first Christmas we were married, 35 years ago.  It has hung on the wall of each house we've lived in since then, usually in a prominent spot, like near the front door.  Here, it is at the end of a short hall as you go toward the dining room and turn to step down three steps.

I love the sentiment, and it has caught my wandering want-ful-ness many times.  Wish I could say I have mastered the art of needing very little.

Not sure what the photo signifies.  Old wooden buckets, an axe and a chopping block, exposed pipes in a window, stacked wood, a rustic table, all in a dark, old shed.  I've looked at it closely, attempting to figure out what is lurking in the darkest corners of the shed.  Can't tell.  Doesn't seem like a very pleasant place to hang out.

The message though, is clear enough.  A happy life is enough.

What makes a happy life?  The answer, I think, is closely tied to attitude.  An attitude of gratefulness and abundance rather than want-ful-ness.

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  1. I like your term 'want-fulness' although I was looking for another 'l' (as I search for fullness). The picture reminds me of Andrew Wyeth: old structures evoking continuity, permanence, a place with memories. Here's one: our family reunion in a 100-year-old barn in Michigan. There's a certain smell of a structure built with heavy woods of old, long gone trees. It's a solid, 'I'm still here' aroma, like a living heritage. I like the simplicity of the sentiment. Is this blog brainstorming?