Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Gift

Yesterday I wrote about one of our cats luxuriating lazily in a puddle of sunlight. (OK, that may be over the top, but I like the way it sounds). Then, our other cat, Jaggy, caused a scene.  The warm, 80 degree January afternoon was wonderful, and we had the sliding glass door standing open onto the patio to enjoy the comfortable air throughout the house. Jaggy was outside, enjoying the sun and watching the birds. I was up working at my desk in the loft.  He came running upstairs and deposited a baby lizard at my feet, right next to my chair, then chased it as it scuttled under my desk.

I am tough and can handle a lot.  But, when it comes to small, fast moving hairy creatures with four legs and a tail or scaly reptiles with four legs and a tail, I lose my nerve and become a squealing chair climber. Embarrassing. Jaggy continued to chase the little lizard around the floor under my desk.  I suppose it was a gift for me, but I just couldn't appreciate it. He didn't understand. I had to rely on our daughter, who (almost) calmly caught the lizard in a cool-whip bucket and removed it outside.

I guess I really caused the scene with my over reaction, but I wish he would just leave the creatures outside where they belong. He can chase them out there as much as he wants - they are not welcome in the house.
The Innocent Culprit

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