Monday, January 24, 2011

A Lighter Desk

This is my desk.  Before.  I resisted the urge to straighten it up before I took the photo - embarrassing, I guess.
Happy chaos.  Which is really the way I prefer to work.  Among and around the piles, with multiple projects going at once.  Random item list: my planner (note the sticky notes - I love sticky notes of all sizes and colors), cell phone, water, empty coffee mug,  empty battery container, notebook with a manuscript inside, embroidery project, more water, my son's math book and notebook, laptop, notes for a project, journal, reading glasses, notebooks of several more projects, another journal, yarn for a black dishcloth I'm knitting, kleenex, a flowered box with my Bible, devotional book and journal inside, a box of colored pens and markers, several mugs with pens, scissors, etc., a small jar of tiny pencils sharpened to near non-existence (a collection the kids started), a  lamp, a green decorative jar, and on the window sill, a plaque ("With God all things are possible"), my daily calendar with the little blocks I switch around each day, my small bulletin board, and a scent diffuser.
Boring you to tears, I imagine.

And, the AFTER photo.  After organizing, putting things where they belong, having out only one project at a time, with room to spread out a book and not be afraid of dumping over my water.  Much nicer.  But, an on-going process as I'll  get out another project, pile it on top of the first one, and be on my way to a cluttered desk again. For a little while, though, it is a nice change.  Much better, really.  A visual reminder to travel lighter.

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