Monday, January 17, 2011

Be an Explorer

"At any given moment,
no matter where you are,
there are hundreds of things
around you that are interesting
and worth documenting."
Keri Smith
How to Be an Explorer of the World

I love this attitude of exploration - the wonder of discovery no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Right now, sitting at my desk, the low winter afternoon sun is shining through the tree branches, scattering light and shadows onto the wall, my paper and computer.  A water bottle on the file cabinet bounces extra light onto the wall.  Tiggy, our cat, is curled up in the sunny spot on the daybed.  The sunlight warms the room and makes it glow.  Pleasant, comfortable, a happy spot as I sit here at my desk and write.

Thinking about exploring this space and discovering this moment - without moving from this chair - helps me enjoy and appreciate and thrive, right here, right now.

This quote, from a very creatively written book, is on an index card tucked under the clear plexiglass sheet protecting my desktop.  It's a reminder whenever I sit down, to pay attention, to be alert to the little details and to comprehend the wonder of all that is around me, even just a shaft of sunlight across my desk.

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  1. I love this quote. How well you describe your moment in time. For me it describes the delight and the frustration of one plein air painter passing through an area with a multitude of 'snapshots' worthy of painting, and the time to stop and paint but one. So I content myself with enjoying and painting the one, and grateful for the opportunity.