Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pruning the Excess

If I had known the gardeners (paid by our landlords) were going to prune the roses this week, I would have taken a before photo.  It is such a drastic contrast.  I know that it is a routine, annual procedure, but it is painful to see.  Since we moved in last April, I have been able to cut at least one fresh rose for a vase in our bathroom almost continually.  Some of them have strong fragrance, others are just there for their good looks or colorful blooms.

 The severity of the pruning is frightening.  From a bushy, full, green leafy plant several feet tall with bright blooms, to bare stubs less than a foot tall.  A dramatic, shocking surprise when I stepped out the front door. As a gardener, I understand the process, but it still startled me when I saw it.

Drastic. Severe. Shocking. Painful. Pruning.  A reduction, a trimming down, a thinning out for the purpose of growing a strong healthy plant and beautiful blooms and fragrance.  Of course, it is the same for me. Weight reduction, trimming, thinning and hard pruning for the purpose of strength and health and productivity. 

The fragrance analogy doesn't quite fit though - the exercise we do doesn't exactly create a pleasant fragrance...

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  1. Wow....that ending was unexpected! Made me laugh! Thanks!