Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More of the Same = Less of the Same

After Thanksgiving, I love to put out all the holiday stuff - the colorful ornaments, the greenery, the lights, and the decorations filled with memories.  For Christmas, I love the clutter and the colorful busy-ness, just like the busy days of the season.

In January, though, I love to have it all put away and have the uncluttered space on shelves and cabinets, the open space in the living room that was filled by the tree.  The pine needles were much easier to sweep up off the tile floors this year.  When we moved from the old house, we found pine needles in the carpet behind the couch from last year's tree.

January.  New starts, fresh beginnings.  A chance for progress.  Every day brings us fresh, new opportunities, but January somehow seems the most hopeful for change.

A lot of my goals aren't really new this year.  They are continuations.  Losing weight and exercising.  Thirty-eight pounds lost last year, and forty to go.  Daily writing.  Home teaching.  Developing expanded computer skills.  Enjoying more time with family.  Smile and relax more.  Continue to travel lightly through life. By doing more of the same, having less, and traveling lighter.

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