Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exercise and Motivation

This week we are finishing up the first month of a three month stretch with Chalene Extreme, a program of weight lifting and two days of cardio training each week.  If each month steps up the pace, we are in for a heavier load next month.  We exercise in the morning - it is actually great to have it done early, with the whole day ahead of us, getting off to a good start. Don't worry, you're not going to see me on the cover of the latest muscle magazine, this is strictly a lean fitness program.

Also from Chalene Johnson is a program I'd highly recommend.  Her 30 Day Challenge is a condensed time-management, motivational, goal-setting program.  She has taken all the best from a wide variety of motivational experts and presented it in a 30 Day course.  Each day covers a short video, with a written section and a mini project to apply the lesson.  It is free, check it out at
It is good to be exercising the mind and stretching my life skills as well as physical exercise.

Spring trees at our local park

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