Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living Lighter in 2011

1-11-11.  Great day for the first post to my blog.  Traveling Lighter.  I love thinking about that phrase.  Keep it simple.  I travel a fair amount each year, and it's a challenge to fit all my stuff in carry-on bags. Necessary clothes go in the suitcase. All my important stuff goes into my beat-up, old briefcase.  Especially, all the books, notebooks, magazines, pens, papers and extra books (in case I have more time) that I want to take.  Some trips I can read a whole book during airport waits and flight times, and I have to be prepared for extra time, while still traveling light.   The solution?  Take smaller paperbacks.

This year, losing weight is my big focus.  Less weight, more fitness.  Exercising six days a week with a DVD early in the morning and going for a walk in the afternoon increases my activity level.  Planning ahead for meals and snacks helps me with a sensible eating plan.  Some days are much better than others, but I'm working to achieve consistency.  Trim, fit, lean.  Traveling lighter, not just with my carry-on bags.

Living lightly at home is another challenging skill.  It takes consistent effort to keep the out-go of stuff greater than the in-flow.  Especially around the Christmas holidays.  I love to keep some empty space.  A shelf or a cupboard that isn't full to overflowing.  Empty space is restful and relaxing.  An art to achieve in our home.  Joy and relief with less.  I am working to know where and what everything is - no disguised, hidden stuff.  Edit.  Thinning out.  Pruning for more productivity and simplicity.

Traveling lighter.  Less weight.  More fitness.  Less clutter.  More space.  More focus for what is really important.  Living lighter in 2011, my goal for the New Year.

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