Friday, June 7, 2013

Each Day a Gift

Joining the Five Minute Friday group, a free-write five minutes, stringing words into a collage of thoughts.

Five Minute Friday


They say middle age is like the fall of life.

Spring, birth.
Summer, childhood.
Winter, old age.

That leaves an awful lot for fall.

Young adulthood, maturing, grasping life and eagerly exploring your path, finding your way.
Enjoying the fruits of your labors in home, children, family, grandchildren.

That's way beyond one season's capacities.
And too depressing if you are, like me, edging toward those "winter" days.

I prefer to think of each day as a span of the seasons.

The morning springs bright and fresh, eager with possibilities.

The day warms into the work and productivity of summer.

As the family gathers around the table for dinner, the day wanes, the light fades, the work is set aside (even though the washing machine may still be running and there are dishes in the sink). It is time to recollect, to regroup, to enjoy and appreciate all we have, together. Fall is about in-gathering, drawing close, creating a snug haven.

The night, dark and cool, settles over, bringing in the quiet and rest of winter.

Every day is a pilgrimage through the seasons, embracing the gift of life.

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  1. I prefer your view as well, Maureen, because I am well into the "fall" of my life and not particularly excited by the thought of winter.