Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kale Chips

This may sound like a health-food faddish thing, but they are actually yummy. I showed them to our fourteen year old. He took one look at the dark green leaves and said, "Yuck." I told him they were good, to close his eyes and think about eating a potato chip. He tried it, eyes scrunched tight. He munched and said, "Not bad." From our picky eater, not bad is pretty good.

Kale Chips
Wash a bunch of kale leaves. With scissors, cut out the ribs and cut them into chip size pieces.
Dry them well.
Spread on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper.
Sprinkle one tablespoon olive oil over them, and sprinkle with seasoned salt. Toss lightly.
Bake, 350 degrees 10 to 15 minutes until edges brown and they are crisp.
The only tricky part is to make sure they are crispy crunchy, not burned.

Fair warning: Check your teeth after eating these, before you give someone a big toothy grin.
You have been warned.

Bettcha can't eat just one!

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  1. I just made these! Oh-my-yummy-goodness!! :)