Monday, June 3, 2013

See With Your Heart

In the June "Westways," the western AAA magazine, an interview with Andrea Bocelli sparked my interest. Described as a legendary Italian tenor and musician (piano, flute and saxophone), his style is opera, classical, pop, ballads, and his popularity worldwide.

I quote from the article (an interview with Bekah Wright).

"...I feel that your land and my land have peaks of beauty in common..."

"If I had to choose an itinerary, I'd take in the beauty, magic, and unspoiled countryside of my region [Tuscany] from horseback."

"I have many passions: horseback riding, boating, swimming, and reading. I'm also a boxing fan."

These quotes may not sound overly impressive. Re-read them from the perspective of being said by a man, blind since he was twelve years old.

I use phrases such as, "to see, to really see something." In order to really see, we have to see with our heart, not just our eyes. True vision is seeing with your heart. What does it mean, to see with your heart? Something beyond the physical mechanics of light bouncing through the eye to the brain (overly simplified). The heart, understanding, making connections with the physical world, interpreted through the spiritual? How would you define it?

Here is a man who sings, not just notes and melodies and words, but he sings with his heart. Sung from his heart, his voice reaches and touches other hearts.

He says, "For me, music is joy. It's a way of giving lightness to life."

No matter the darkness in life, we can, somehow, find a way to bring light to others.


  1. Such a perspective us "see-ers" may never fully grasp. I think a new sense should be added...the heart sense. He is an amazing man! Thanks so much for sharing. Love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart (linking after you at Ann's) I love your Counting the gift list!

    1. The heart-sense, I love that! Makes more sense than having a sixth sense.