Friday, June 21, 2013


Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Five Minutes to write, to listen as the words flow, to hear the voice, to sound out the rhythm.


Much, too much of life's music, I miss. Focused on the discordant chaos I see, like a grotesque surrealistic painting, my perspective becomes twisted and warped.

My wave petunias are being ravaged by caterpillars They munch away, gnawing at every stem and petal until the shreds of past blooms hang limp and ragged. Someone complained to me recently about the birds shredding her petunias. When I noticed the blackbirds hanging around my pots, I watched out the window.  One stood guard on the back steps, the other hopped along the edge of the pot. It reached in and plucked - not a stem or piece of bud, but an inch long green worm. The birds instantly became my friends. A few moments later, their family, mom, dad and two little ones danced around on the lawn, the mom stuffing yummy green worm into the baby's open mouths.

How often in life do we misunderstand the enemy? How often do we see incorrectly? How often is the very thing we think is destroying the beauty and music of life actually part of the beauty and rhythm and music of this wonderful world the Lord has gifted to us? Perspective makes all the difference. Watch, pay attention, hear the rhythm of days and seasons and give and take. If we listen, the rhythm is there.


  1. Hello -- My name is sarah. lovely flowers and great analogy as to how and what God wants from us. I am coming over from:

  2. Wow. How very true! Thanks for reminding me to pay more attention.

  3. Dear Maureen
    This is so true! The whole of nature is in tune with the rhythm of its Creator! We just need to stop and tune in to that song of life as well, and we will see that a beautiful world exists around us.
    Much love XX