Monday, June 10, 2013


"I will grow."

This little bean plant, for whatever reasons, is having a difficult time finding its way in life.
Most plants will sprout from the seed and come up with the stem curved like your finger bent at the knuckle. It slowly unbends, pulling the tiny first leaves out of the dirt and stretching up toward the sun. The beans around it all grew tall. This one couldn't seem to make that first stretch. It kept growing, though, over the week, under ground.

Its leaves began poking up before we left for the weekend. When we got home yesterday, it had formed a full circle and brought its stem and leaves around towards the sun like it should.
I poked at it and tiny roots had formed to establish it in the ground as it made its final curve upward.

The other beans around it are taller and have fully formed leaves. If plants had runts, I guess this would be it. Its determination is an inspiration to me. Even if you are having trouble finding which way is up, keep searching, keep growing, keep pushing through the dirt around you. You will find your way.

The last two weekends I had the opportunity to go on several garden tours. I loved seeing the blooms and the plants in this less than convenient environment. Our last frost was a month ago. In four weeks, these plants have flourished and grown and bloomed. Again, an example of determination as these plants take their opportunity to stretch for the sun and grow and offer beauty.

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  1. Maureen,
    You have the most interesting illustrations. The curly-Q bean sprout is how I feel lately. Thanks for the encouragement to keep looking up - to search and grow. Life can be a maze of issues.

    The the orange chinese poppies are a favorite flower of mine - rarely seen in gardens here. Wow, just four weeks? The plants have indeed sprung up in haste.

    Here in Pennsylvania it has been raining and raining - a haven for slugs on the strawberries. Your sunshine looks so nice.