Monday, June 24, 2013

A Summery Welcome

Welcome Summer

Come on in!

Our daughter put this wreath together this weekend - a bright and summery welcome for our front door.

The wreath is from an idea she saw on Pinterest - a dollar store swimming noodle held in a circle by duct tape.  Clever - I see many wreath possibilities in the future.

Makes me smile when I see the cheerful greeting at our door.


  1. Your daughter did a nice job! It's very cheery. :)

  2. Hi Maureen! Lovely to catch up with you again! And, such a joyful welcoming door you have as we step fully into summer. Had to turn on the air conditioner here in South Jersey today. Feels much better, but I won't think that when I get the electric bill. I was sharing your blog with a young artist friend who is working on illustrating a children's story I wrote. She is very talented and her work reminds me of your daughter's work - so we visited her blog, which, it appears, she hasn't checked into for 8 months and removed all her gallery pictures. What is she up to? Did she get a job? The young artist I'm working with is only 17 years old and self taught, too. She is homeschooled and not so sure she want's to go to college for art - or at all. Looking to take an alternate route to a career. An outside the box thinker. We shall see. But, I thought I'd inquire. I hope my young friend will start her own art journal blog. Best to you!!

  3. I've been needing something summery for my front door. I'm pretty creative about making my own wreaths, but it still ends of costing too much. I am excited about the noodle idea and seeing what else I might find at the dollar store for decorating.
    Your wreath looks lovely. I couldn't tell if your door was white or blue, but if it's blue it looks summery too.

    1. The door is blue - a good background for the wreath colors. I love the simple idea of a noodle wreath, too. The kids' flip flops, the flowers, the noodle - all very inexpensive. She nailed the flip flops on to the wreath, used stuff we had in the garage or my sewing pins to make it quick and easy and simple.