Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome Fall

Welcome to Fall

I enjoy the cluttery decorations of the fall season, now through Thanksgiving. Then, out comes all the Christmas clutter, with its fun memories, old and new. In January, all the stuff gets put away for a streamline, clean slate for the new year. But, for now, we can douse the shelves with fall stuff and enjoy it. I don't get into Halloweenish decorations, but anything for fall - the colors, leaves, flowers, candles, dried grasses, gourds and nuts and seedpods of fall are beautiful - inspired art to decorate and spread around the house.

How do you decorate for fall?


  1. I like your autumn clutter very much - how you "douse" your shelves.
    Karen A.

  2. I am becoming more minimalist as I get older - a blank shelf is so much easier to dust without all the cute stuff on it. Empty space is so - inviting, but it is a constant effort to keep stuff cleared off. For Fall and Christmas, though, the clutter stays!