Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Road to Success

A building we drive by has a sign out front where they post cute and clever quotes. Usually they make me smile or nod in agreement. The one up there now says,  
"The road to success is under construction."

I am puzzled by this. What does it mean?

Is the path, the road to success by way of a detour?

Is the road bumpy and full of potholes and  rough edges?

Does a road closed sign block the way?

Do those who are successful have a hard path to follow?

Do those who want to be successful ever really make it, or are they always working at it?

What is the definition of success, is that built along the road, as we travel the path?

If the road is under construction, perhaps we need to go another way. What would be the destination, if it isn't success?

Are there other roads we could choose as we build toward success?

Hard Hat Required, life can be tough.

Another thought would be to be more tolerant of those around us, those who are all (like us) under construction themselves, in the process of improvements and upgrades. I couldn't find a picture of the sign, but I remember seeing one on the highways, something like, "Highway Workers Present, Use Extra Caution." It would be good, I think, to keep the perspective that those around us are also under construction on their personal roads, and to use extra caution around them.

What do you think this quote would mean?

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