Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smaller Portions

We parked in the thrift store parking lot to drop off three bags of stuff we collected from our continual thinning out. It seems counter-productive to go inside and look for a few things, but, with some specifics in mind, we went through the door. Chair? No. Lamp? No. Shorts for the boys? Yes, because they were on sale that day, although they hadn't been on the "look-for" list. (I completely avoided the book wall). Small bowl? Yes.

As a visual reminder of portion control, I  wanted to find some small bowls, about one cup size. Won't be tempting to fill the bowl more than I should, whether it is cereal, lunch leftovers heated up, or rice or soup. This pair, for three dollars, is bright and cheery. They will be pleasant to pull out of the cupboard with a gentle reminder to watch the quantities, eat less food but more often, keeping the balance and making progress in my weight loss goals.
I fall into the trap of thinking I am doing good if I miss a meal. It happens, over and over - I get busy, time goes by and I forget to eat. Then, I get so hungry I snack on something with the quantities way out of proportion or eat too much at meal time, especially dinner. Not eating is really undermining my efforts to lose weight. Go figure. Instead, it is better to eat a little, knowing I can eat again in two or three hours. This way, my body doesn't go in to starvation mode and throw my system out of whack.
The times I eat like this, small but more often, consistently, I have lost more weight, faster. Somehow, I had forgotten this method and had fallen back into the eat nothing/eat way too much pattern. With, of course, no weight loss.

Measuring my food each time is tough - maybe I'm just lazy. Having these little bowls will help me visualize my portions and limit my intake. Added with exercise, I should see results.
How do you manage portion control?

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