Saturday, October 29, 2011

This is my 200th post.
Not an unusual accomplishment, many have done far more. For me, it is an achievement of little steps.

I had no idea what I was doing, really, when I started this blog on 2-11-11. I have learned a lot and had a blast along the way. I wanted to create a format, a platform, to discipline myself to get something written "out there," and often. I love clicking "publish" after I type a post. Not, of course, the traditional sense of getting published, but kind of like a little girl playing dress-up in big girl shoes.

Baby steps. Taking little steps, in baby shoes, falling kerplop, getting up and trying again and again. The little steps matter. Learning to walk and run and jump and skip across the pages, my fingers across the keyboard, the words across the page.

Like tiny seeds that will split open, sprout and grow into a productive plant, these words are planted here to grow and develop.

The little bits of random, here and there each week, have added up over time. I enjoy the randomness of picking topics - not set, specific, but open to learning, to change, to paying attention to the small moments, to journal the little details I would otherwise have glossed over, unnoticed. These posts have been a way to celebrate the moments.

 The most read post is Shark Eggs, The second most read is The Rear View Mirror. Do you have a favorite post? Let me know in the comments, below, if you remember one in particular.

Little things matter. Day by day, a little bit, over time, really does add up to a surprising quantity.


  1. Congratulations, Maureen! Two hundred! I'm about to pass the 100th post shortly. Thought of doing something to celebrate. How about writing my 101st post!

    Like you, I'm trying new things and stretching my writing - for joy - and to have a place to retreat to - being touched by the inspirations of others - like YOU!


  2. Yup - writing the next post is a great way to celebrate, good idea. It was interesting to see which posts were read more - no idea why some over others, but it doesn't matter. Keep writing!