Wednesday, October 5, 2011

knit and purl
Some of you are expert knitters. I've seen your work in blog photos, or know personally what you can do. This is our daughter's expertise, the level of work she does.

This is my level of skill. Dishcloths.

future dishcloths

Scarves. Straight row, plain knitting.
love this purple

Pillowcovers (almost finished). I saw this idea in a Pottery Barn catalog, except theirs were cabled. Mine are plain. Simple. (Easy).

Our daughter has been wanting to teach me to make an afghan that has a woven appearance. She has made several, and I love the look. This Homespun yarn has a knubby, comfy, cozy feel, chosen in neutral colors.

We started this one just before she moved out, working on it the day before she left in snatches of time while they were packing the trailer, helping me as I fumbled along, fixing my mistakes patiently and with a laugh (but not at me, the good kind). Knit ten, purl ten, for ten rows, then reverse the pattern.
Purl. Sounds like the name of a white, long-hair, fluffy cat. "This is my kitty, Purrrl."

It took me awhile to grasp the purl stitch, but I got it. I knitted and purled happily away, through the evening. No, I'm not very fast. At bedtime, I got to the end of a row, on the circular needles. Uh-oh. It was attached by a strand of yarn several inches long. No idea what I had done.

We were up early the next morning,  ready for her dad to take her to the airport to catch a 6:45 flight. I had promised to make her breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes. When she came downstairs, I sheepishly showed her my goof-up. She laughed. Again. This time, I think, at me. What can I say... I asked her, "Do we have to pull it all out, or can I just cut that piece?"  I think she rolled her eyes.
"No, you can't cut it. I'll fix it while you cook, no problem. It will be easy. Quick."
Easy for her...She proceeded to reverse knit, backwards. I asked, "What are you doing?"
"It's easier to reverse knit than pull it out and then catch all the stitches."
Embarrassing. I struggle to knit forwards and she sits there knitting backwards. Impressive.
I had started the row on the wrong end, confused by the circular needles. She showed me how to start the right way.

 I am no expert. But I enjoy doing simple stitches while we watch a movie, or sometimes sitting at my desk, thinking, or at the table while the boys do their schoolwork. I'll pick up the yarn and knit a few rows. It's a good way to fill some idle moments, use my hands and still use my head, letting my thoughts wander as the needles click. Now, I know how to purl, too.

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