Monday, July 23, 2012

Time Sensitive

The title that came up in my email box included the phrase, "Time Sensitive." I get it. This one is urgent. Needs immediate attention. Read me first. Take action. This is critical. Do not ignore.

I confess. I skimmed it, then ignored it. Sorry.

We all have to make choices with our time. Time sensitive is a phrase that should explain all our days. Everything we do should be time sensitive. Aware of how we use our time. Attentive to the moments fleeting past us. Absorbed in the beauty of today. Alert to the needs of those around us.

If you are still with me, still reading, I am not talking about super productivity, working, filling every minute of the hours of the day. Clean the bathroom, and enjoy the smell of clean, the wiped down counters. Weed the garden, and cut a flower to appreciate in a jar next to the kitchen sink. Scrub the sink, and admire the shine. Read a book to the child, and snuggle and talk and giggle. Take the time to thrive.

Perhaps this is a secret to mastering time and not be mastered by it. Enjoy. Appreciate. Be awake to the beauty and the joy of all that is around you, from the sky above to the blooms below to the faces you see.

I want to be time sensitive. To the things that really matter.


  1. Sometimes enjoying the moment is hard for me. I'm too focused, to intense. And then, I light a candle, my husband brings in a bouquet of wildflowers, a tiny hand knocks at my door and I'm reminded God wants me to make time for joy.

  2. Amen, to all the above :)

  3. Oh yes! To be fully in the shut my laptop and look them full in the face when the grandkiddos are talking...