Sunday, July 29, 2012

Journal of Mercies

"Frances Ridley Havergal kept a journal of mercies. She had a record book, and she crowded it with her remembrances of God's goodness. She was always on the lookout for the tokens of the Lord's grace and bounty, and she found them everywhere....
Many a complaining life would be changed into music and song by a journal of mercies. Many a fear can be dispersed by a ready remembrance. Memory can be the handmaid of hope. Yesterday's blessing can kindle the courage of today...We are to harness the strength of their experiences to the tasks and burdens of today; and in the remembrance of God's providences we shall march through our difficulties with singing."
                                                                         -John Henry Jowett
                                                                          My Daily Meditations 

joining Deidra and others for a quiet Sunday

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  1. Yes, "memory can be the handmaid of hope"... a nice phrase/phase to be planted in my heart.

    Thank you.