Friday, July 27, 2012

Beyond and Back

Today's Five Minute Friday (with the gypsymama) word is Beyond. A bunch of us, writing free and easy, for five minutes, sparking the light of the words onto the screen, attempting to see, allowing the light to reveal a piece of truth into our days.

Go Beyond.

Today's post from Danielle LaPorte, her truthbomb #74.
"Go through your wish list and next to each want think about where you already have that quality or experience in your life."

This is like taking the binoculars, turning them around, and looking at myself through the end that makes everything look tiny instead of magnified. Shrunk, instead of amplified. Here instead of out there.

Rather than seeing across the valley, beyond the distance into the details, looking within. Finding, in the here and now, the truth of what is. Rather than looking out there for something that isn't, finding what is here.

And being grateful for it. Seeing the beauty of it. If I took those binoculars, settled them on all that is here - wow, what a view! The best view isn't out there, somewhere, in the distance, it is here. Here, at home, with these guys, living out this situation, here, today, with faith and love and joy.

The beyond, it is here.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Thanks for the great post! Coming from Five-Minute Friday. Love the binoculars visual...