Friday, July 20, 2012

Enough is Enough

Five Minute Fridays - time to write fast and furious and for fun. Timer ticking, words flowing, computer keys clicking, thoughts flying. Five minutes, with Today's topic, Enough.

Ready, Go!

Plenty enough to go around. Yet, so many do not have enough. And often, I think I don't have enough. If I had just a little bit more of [whatever] it would be enough.
Enough of what?
What is it that would make it all enough? We make Christmas lists, or birthday lists, or browse through a catalog looking at the things we "need." Then we get them, and they are not enough.

Enough. Satisfied. Content. Peace.

I am reading The Prosperous Heart, by Julia Cameron. Again, and again, I fall into the trap of thinking enough is about things or money. It is not. I am learning, it is about a contented, peaceful satisfaction. In enough. It is about the joy of making choices that create a deep, rich fullness of life.

That is enough.

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  1. One of life's hardest lessons is learning to value joy over happiness. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. Not only do we continue to learn life, with all it's downs (and ups) is enough, we are enough. Thankfully, we have friends, like you, who help us remember. Quilted blessings, Nita

  3. "It is about the joy of making choices that create a deep, rich fullness of life."
    I think this could be one of the secrets to having and being enough.