Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shoe Secret Idea

This is going to sound a little weird. Maybe a lot weird.

Do you love the look of wearing flats with no socks, but your feet or shoes get all smelly stinky? Mine do. (Is this too much information?)

I tried nylon no-show stockings. They show.

I tried toe socks. They worked well with clogs or mules, but not flats. The TSA agent at the airport asked me, straight-faced, if I found a half price sale on socks.

I tried no socks, but can't get past the smelly stinky.

I tried ankle socks. They just look funky with flats.

I saw somewhere on one of my random browsings on-line, to tuck used dryer sheets in shoes to keep them smelling fresh. Hmmm, wonder how that would work if I wore them?

I tried this, and strange as it sounds, it really works. I tuck the dryer sheet around my toes, and slip on the shoes. No show. I have worn them all day. It may sound uncomfortable, but it is not. And, best, at the end of the day, the sockless sock goes into the trash. No washing, no lost sockies. No stinky smelly. And, with all the laundry we do, there is a "fresh" supply of these little gems. Instead of throwing them into the trash by the dryer, I stick them in my shoes in the closet until the next wearing, and then they go to the trash.

What do you think? Will you give it a try? Plenty of hot weather ahead to go without socks!


  1. I totally love this!! I'm going to do it because I wear flats so I'm not taller than my husband :) And those are cute shoes.

  2. i love that idea. i put the 'used' dryer sheets in the drawers to keep that fresh smell lasting!