Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Heart of Traveling Lighter

The heart of traveling lighter
        is traveling with a
              light heart.

I write about traveling lighter.
Not because I am "there," (just ask our kids who helped us pack it all up at one end, and unpack it on the other end).

I write because it is my journey, my direction, my destination, the road map I follow as I go.

I have learned traveling lighter is not just about the stuff, the things that weigh me down.

It is more about my heart. The fear, the worry, the cares of this life.

A light heart takes the fear and translates it into Trust.

A light heart takes the worry and translates it into the abundance of Love.

A light heart takes the cares of this life and translates them into speaking Grace, saying words of gratefulness.

A light heart, free (some of the time, anyway - attempting to be), free from fear and worry and not burdened by stuff, travels lighter. 


  1. Your post really blessed me today. I believe the Lord wants us all to have a light heart. I appreciate the reminder.

  2. I still have much to learn about this, but it gives me a good goal, a reminder to myself when my heart is feeling "heavy." "Lighten Up."