Saturday, July 21, 2012


Saturday is my unofficial day for posting a quote. One that has been mulling around in my mind, one that I would like to have great words of wisdom to add to, but the quote says it all - better than anything I can add to myself. Like I'm rambling on about right now.

This is from Louis L'Amour's A Memoir, Education of a Wandering Man. He intended to write an autobiography, but he was working on this book when he died. It became the life story he left behind.

They all had dignity, a certain serenity and pride that was theirs completely. They might be poor, they might be eking out at the last a precarious living, but they had dignity.
They knew where they had been and what they had seen and done, and were content. Something was theirs, something within themselves that neither time passing nor man nor hard times could take from them."

May we all find this dignity in our own lives.

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