Thursday, November 10, 2011


Do you know what a murmuration is? Our daughter sent us this link. I did not anticipate how spectacular it would be. Amazing - I hope you enjoy watching it.      (click on number 5, murmuration)

What do you think? Isn't that incredible?
We had starlings when we lived in Central California. I didn't like them because they bullied away the little birds. We would see this kind of thing on a very, very small scale, maybe twenty birds, blending and shifting and swirling around, rising and falling.
 These on this video were part of a migration movement in Scotland, a powerful, beautiful sight. I love the gal's face at the end, her speechless giggle.

These birds, in their intricate dance, remind me of the song we used to sing in church, "Lord of the Dance."

"Dance, dance, wherever you may be,
I am the lord of the dance said he
And I lead you all, wherever you may be
And I lead you all in the dance, said he."

For the verses, click here 

My husband sang this song, all the verses, to our squalling babies as he walked the floor with them. The tune, adapted from "Simple Gifts," has a sing-song lilt.

The babies would snuggle into his shoulder, add a few sobs for effect, then drift off to sleep to the murmuring rhythm of his voice. Not your typical nursery rhyme sleepy song, but it sure worked for all of them. Fond memories.

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