Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Five Second Decorations

If you are short on time, want a pretty decoration, or need a quick hostess gift, try these, from the inspired room: epsom salt snow candles. Could it be any simpler? A no-brainer for the holidays when our brains are already on overload. The first time I saw these, I wondered what she added to the epsom salts to make them look so sparkly. Nothing. Just the way it is. Brilliant!

Just for fun, I actually timed making one of these. Aside from washing the jars and drying them, and having the stuff collected on the table, a candle took five seconds to make: dump in some epsom salts, don't even bother leveling it so it looks like drifts, stick on a votive candle - could it be much faster than that?

 I bought a new carton of epsom salts, the white votive candles, and did up seven jars in less than two minutes, with enough salts left over for the next episode of ingrown toenail. Not bad for something that will last us through the season.

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  1. Thanks for this great idea - love candles, how simple and pretty.