Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Folded Page

Something interesting I have noticed: when I pick up a piece of paper to write a note, or start a list, I fold it in half. Not sure why I do that, just an observation that I do it. Perhaps a half page is not as intimidating to fill as a whole blank page. My favorite planner and spiral bound journals are half page size. Significance? Probably none.
That is why I like this little book, folded from one piece of paper. If it looks complicated, try it, it really is simple to make.

Fold the paper (I also like colored papers, another of my quirks), the long way.

Fold the paper the short way.

Fold up each end to meet in the middle.

Fold it the long way again; with scissors, trim a very narrow cut between the folds, point A and point B.

Hold the edges of the paper, push the center towards the middle, forming a diamond or box shape.

Push the ends all the way together, making a cross shape.

Fold it together in the middle, flattened to make a page on each side, then fold in half.

These are great little books to stick in your pocket to take along for jotting down notes, writing ideas, inspiration, to-do lists, shopping ideas, making sketches, quotes or whatever.

I have mailed little books like these to our grandchildren (I want them to appreciate snail mail-- envelopes and a stamp), pasting magazine pictures on each page with pictures of the letters of their names, a word on each page, a small drawing on each page, or whatever the moment inspires.

My penchant for the folded page is happy with these little books, coming up with lots of uses for them: the people to invite for the holidays, a Thanksgiving menu, decorating ideas, to-do lists, character or quote ideas...
How would you use one of these books?

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