Monday, November 14, 2011

Belated Veteran's Day

I neglected to plan ahead to do
a Veteran's Day honor to each of you,
(don't worry, this is not all going to rhyme)
to you who have served and worked
so far away from home;
far away from your own dreams
 and goals and hopes and loves;
far away from all that is familiar
and comfortable.
Those of us left at home,
keeping the dreams while you are gone,
keeping the safe and the familiar
while you face the risk and the uncomfortable,
keeping the doors and the hearts open until you return,
thinking of you often, missing you,
frightened for you, but knowing we haven't the foggiest idea
      of the fear you actually faced (not wanting to know),
trusting the Lord for His work to be worked in you..

I have trouble saying it out loud,
the words get soggy when I talk,
especially when the phone rings from Iraq or Kuwait or Japan
or the distant corners stateside: Maine, Florida, Washington, Hawaii to California:
I deeply appreciate the risk and the heart
of the steps you took, the steps you are taking,
to live and serve and love.

Thank you.
Deeply, thank you.
From my heart to yours.

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