Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Traveling Light

     A library sale. The books at a thrift store. A book sale anywhere.  Amazon on-line. If you're looking for me at the store, I'll be in the book section  (or the plant nursery, but that's another story). I do not enjoy shopping, unless it involves books (or plants). I love books, of all different types, with knowledge and adventures and advice and inspiration and humor and vicarious life and wisdom hidden between their covers.  
     I found this little gem, Traveling Light for Mothers, by Max Lucado, at a library sale. It's a cute little book, only 5x5 inches, but don't be deceived by its diminutive size.  It is power packed. This book is the inspiration behind this blog, and behind the direction I've been setting in my life.

     After I'd read the book several times, I took the theme of each chapter and listed them in my journal on the front page.  I listed the spiritual side, like letting go of past hurts and regrets, and the practical side; getting rid of stuff, clearing out the closets and cupboards of hidden stuff.

     For me, this continues to be a very revealing exercise, and it opens up ways to pay attention and put actual footsteps to my thoughts. I have re-copied this into each new journal as I fill up the old ones for several years now, adjusting a few points as I go, but the list has stayed pretty much the same - always new levels, new layers, more progress to be made in the process of learning to travel lighter through life.

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